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How to Use Vietnamese Translation Services to Build Your Social Media Presence in Vietnam?

Posted by Chloe G. on November 22, 2021.

A social media presence brings enormous potential for any business in Vietnam. You may see the benefits of Vietnamese social media here.

People are considerably more ready to follow your company and purchase your goods or services if your social media advertisements and posts are written in Vietnamese, according to MarketingSherpa.

Keep reading to discover 7 tips to build a social media presence using Vietnamese translation services.

1. Understand the demographics of your audience

It is important for marketers to understand the language spoken by their target audience to keep track of them.

Statistics dashboards with customer language information are available on all social media sites. Take a look at this section and adapt your content as necessary.

Do not limit yourself to your current bubble. If you are a U.S. business with a disproportionately small number of Vietnamese-speaking followers, it could indicate that you’re not reaching the Vietnamese market effectively.

Are you looking to expand your company to the Vietnamese language market? For competitive analysis, use Facebook‘s Cross-Border Insights Finder.


2. Prioritize visual content using Vietnamese translation services

Vietnamese Translation Services

Almost everyone understands the visual language. Emojis are a good example. Photos and videos are effective ways to attract a large number of Vietnamese followers. If you’re using videos, make sure to add captions if necessary. 

Be aware of Vietnamese social taboos and cultural norms. Check out tips for localization in Vietnam here.


3. Don’t just translate, localize

What exactly does this mean? When it comes to translating messages, you must pay attention to nuances. In another language, jokes, slang, colloquial expressions, and sayings would not have the same meaning or just make no sense to the audience. Customer trends differ depending on cultures and hot trends, so you’d have to adapt your relevant content.


4. Mind Time Differences

Vietnamese Translation Services

Time differences are an often-overlooked aspect of developing a social media presence using Vietnamese translation services. Various demographics frequently fall into various time zones. For example, In the U.S, 10 a.m. might be the best time to post. However, the same post is most visible in Vietnam around 8 – 10 p.m.

Understanding the styles of the Vietnamese audience helps you to alter your publishing schedules to target your Vietnamese demographics at a suitable time for them. If you modify your post to the timezone of your International demographics, you may be able to slow down the rate at which you lose Vietnamese followers.


5. Emphasize the brand’s culture

Using the Vietnamese language to express cultural pride is a fantastic method to demonstrate to your Vietnamese audience that you’re culturally conscious and that you fully respect cultural complexity. If you want to avoid making any dumb mistakes and errors, make sure you complete your research thoroughly.


6. Offer assurances to consumers

When it comes to languages, the shopping and checkout experience is the most important touchpoint for online sellers. Clients will not buy something if they do not comprehend it. That’s all there is to it.

Vietnamese customers will avoid making purchases that are unknown or untranslated online for fear of making a wrong decision. Besides, they may be convinced by trial periods, samples, and sensible return policies. However, nothing beats conversing with Vietnamese clients in their native tongue. Using Vietnamese translation services helps boost your business sales.


7. Use High-quality Translations Only

Vietnamese Translation Services

Whether you choose to post twice in multiple languages, create a separate social media page for the Vietnamese language, or combine translations in a single post, only qualified Vietnamese translations should be used. If you rely only on Google Translate, you run the risk of saying something inappropriate or even offensive to native speakers.

Experienced Vietnamese translation services can express your message correctly without offending the Vietnamese clients you are attempting to reach. It is certainly worth the money to hire a skilled translation agency to help you market to Vietnamese-speaking groups. 

Using a qualified Vietnamese translation company allows you to deliver your message with the same purpose and persuasion as you would in English. If you rely on a generic translation provider, you risk losing that undertone, and the message will lose its intended impact.


Choose A Cost-Saving Translation Agency For Vietnamese Translation Services

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Vietnamese translation services

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