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How to Use CAT Tools in Indonesian Translation Services 

Posted by Chloe G. on January 18, 2022.

The demand for Indonesian translation services is gradually increasing as more and more foreign companies enter this country. 

Due to its strategic location with the giant economies of China and India and a young and expanding population, Indonesia has become a promising destination for any foreign business.

If you are tapping into this lucrative market, there will be a lot of content needed to be translated and localized.

To meet the needs of accurate Indonesian translations in a significant volume, you should seek the help of CAT tools to speed up your work and increase productivity.

Many companies doing business across the globe employ a CAT software solution as part of their global strategy to automate their translation processes from beginning to end.

What Can CAT Tools Do for Indonesian Translation Services?

CAT indicates “Computer-Aided Translation” or “Machine-Assisted Translation.” CAT tools are indeed the use of computer systems that allow you to edit, manage and store translations, then make the translation process more accessible and more fluid.

The following are the five most important advantages of CAT tools:

  • Speed: CAT tools can accelerate translation speed. The more repeat phrases/terms in a document, the higher the improvement. 
  • Consistency: Specific words that have already been translated and checked for accuracy would be moved from the Translation Memory (TM) and used consistently throughout, even for various projects and translators.
  • Ability to share: Will your project need the collaboration of some translators simultaneously? You can manage the CAT benefits of speed and consistency using a Cloud-based application.
  • Better for technical papers: Because technical, medical, financial, or legal documents may have a high degree of duplication, TMs may be filled quickly and efficiently when utilized on these types of documents.
  • The format is no problem: It doesn’t matter what format a project requires. If you select the right tool, your project gets the above benefits.

The below are five recommended CAT tools that you could use for fast and high-quality Indonesian translation services.


# Memsource for Indonesian Translation Services


It’s a cloud translation platform favored by many companies throughout the world. It has powerful translation tools that make the translation process more manageable, especially for projects with multiple languages.

It has many features, including support for 50 file types and attributes like project management, translation memory, and terminology management. 


# SDL Trados Studio for Indonesian Translation Services


This is the most recommended CAT tool translation with a significant market share. It is complete software for big translation projects, which manages translation services, editing, quality assurance, localization, machine translation, and managing terminologies.

Big companies often request translators to work with reliable CAT tools like SDL. Thus it will be a good value if you select SDL for your Indonesian translation services.


# Smartcat for Indonesian Translation Services

Smartcat is particularly useful for localization projects since it lets you keep all assets in one place and optimize the translation process. Smartcat also helps you effectively estimate the cost of localization projects and save and reuse content for plans.


# Memoq for Indonesian Translation Services

Memoq is one of the most popular CAT tools in the market. It includes several useful features that benefit a team of translators and result in higher quality output.

For example, it offers a fast spell-checker, and it allows translators to collaborate on the same project even if they are using other tools like Trados. It also has built-in quality assurance features.


# Matecat for Indonesian Translation Services


Another excellent tool for handling translations and localizations is Matecat. Unlike some other AI solutions in the market, Matecat does not require ongoing licensing costs and has a virtual interface that any user can work with. It is basic enough for any translator to use.

Matecat also provides excellent assistance and makes it easier to complete rush translations.


Pick a Pro Translation Company

CAT tools may be handy for rapid and easy Indonesian translation services; however, CAT translation tools are not capable of localizing a website, translating lengthy or colloquial texts, picking up on idioms or humor, or producing error-free legal documents in another language. 

It would help if you never took shortcuts for essential translations since it’s easy to recognize when a machine has translated a site or document. It sounds raw and stilted, and at worst, it can entirely miscommunicate the idea.

Thus, if you need to translate crucial papers, you should opt for a competent Indonesian translation services provider that combines both experienced human translators and CAT tools in their procedure.

At GTE Localize, we use the highest quality CAT tools to help us speed up our turnaround times and produce the best quality at the best possible rates. Having an office branch in Indonesia, we also benefit from the extensive cultural knowledge of experienced native linguists. 

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