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How To Succeed With Indonesian Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on November 22, 2021.

More people are opting to work as translators all over the world. This trend is not exclusive to the Indonesian translation field.

It requires patience and effort to become a skilled translator for Indonesian translation services. In this blog, we will cover how to become a translator for Indonesian translation services.

How to Improve Your Language Skills to Become an Indonesian Translator?

#1. Become fluent in Indonesian

From formal discussion to casual talks to obscure phrases concerning a variety of topics, you will need to know the Indonesian language inside out.

It’s also a good idea to brush up on your language. Many people only have a rudimentary comprehension of their mother tongue and are unable to coherently explain how it works. You should improve your language’s knowledge to better comprehend how it operates and how foreigners approach it. To succeed with Indonesian translation services,  you must be fluent in Indonesian.


#2. Get a bachelor’s degree in the Indonesian language

While you can attend a translation school and earn a Bachelor’s degree in translation, many people choose to take a different path. For example, you should major in banking if you want to work as a translator in a bank. To be able to translate properly, you must first know what you’ll be translating – and the right knowledge base may help you with that.

Improve your writing abilities as well. To become an effective linguist, you should not only know two languages but also write well. Simply speaking the Indonesian language does not ensure that you can write it fluently.


#3. Take Indonesian translation classes

Indonesian translation requires great skills; a professional linguist makes minute changes to the text they are working with to perfect it, taking into account the audience, context, and culture. You should take Indonesian translation or interpreting classes if you are a student or simply if you live near a college. This educational background can assist you in selling your skills to hiring managers.

Seek out opportunities to provide Indonesian translation or interpret work on campus for anybody you can if you’re still in school. It is essential to get started as soon as possible so that you may gain experience and make suggestions for when you need them in the future.


#4. Live in Indonesia

Indonesian Translation Services

Going to Indonesia where Indonesian is an official language is the finest way to gain a passion for it, a true awareness of it, and to experience its nuances and idiosyncrasies. You will discover how the Indonesian people truly speak, learn regional phrases, and gain a true sense of how the language operates in its natural state.

The longer time you spend in Indonesia, the better your Indonesian language will become. Just make sure you’re interacting with locals rather than other foreigners! 


How to Find Indonesian Translation Jobs?

#1. Participate in job forums

Indonesian Translation Services

Job ads for freelancers serving Indonesian translation services can be found on websites like Proz and Translators Cafe, and they may be precisely what you need to kickstart your job. Some are free, while others charge a price; for the record, the ones that require money are usually more profitable in the end.

There are other translation agencies like GTE Localize where you may take a test, have your skills assessed, and be placed in a pool of linguists to whom customers may seek for work. Try these websites to increase your income when you are fluent and have your CV set.


#2. Get an internship

Indonesian Translation Services

Internships, whether paid or unpaid, are a common path for most Indonesian linguists to develop skills (just like many other jobs). You could be hired as a full-time staff member when you complete your internship.

Escort interpreting allows unskilled wannabe interpreters to work with more professional interpreters. If you are interested in speaking rather than writing, ask for any possible job if they have to shadow programs.


#3. Market yourself

The majority of translators work as independent contractors rather than as staff members. You will work on Indonesian translation projects here and there, picking up work as it comes in. As a result, you’ll need to promote yourself all over the place. Who knows where the next work, even if it is only for a few hours, might be?

Start with law firms, hospitals, police stations, government agencies, and language agencies. Charge low price, especially if you are just beginning, or if you have a few suggestions under your belt.


#4. Choose direct mailing

Indonesian localization companies are continuously on the hunt for qualified linguists. Briefly state your personal contact information, as well as your Indonesian language and fees, and get a sample Indonesian translation. The longer your letter gets, the less likely it is that readers will read it all the way through.


How to Achieve Success as an Indonesian Translator? 

#1. Maintain a competitive pricing strategy for Indonesian translation services

You may charge more and more as you gain knowledge and experience, whether it’s per word, per hour, per piece, or anything. Maintain competitive prices that are comparable to those in your field.

Also, make sure you’re charging a suitable fee. Several linguists observed a drop in the fees they might charge that clients were ready to pay in 2009 when the economy was struggling. Make sure your charges are acceptable for the period, industry, and qualification, and experience.


#2. Pick the right software for Indonesian translation services

Every linguist should have used computer-assisted translation (CAT) software – and no, Google Translate isn’t one of them. For any projects you plan to work on, it’s a good idea to install suitable CAT tools.

CAT tools can not only help your translation accuracy but also reduce the turnaround time, cut down costs for customers, etc. You can see more here.


#3. Stick to your strengths for Indonesian translation services

Let’s imagine a corporation approaches you and asks you to translate an article about late-nineteenth-century machines. You should ensure that every translation word is accurate, so stick to your niche instead. In addition to feeling better about your work, you’ll be better at it.

Constantly try to broaden your scope of knowledge, but don’t go too far. Do you specialize in labor, pregnancy, and delivery medical reports? Let’s begin learning about pediatric care and writing articles about it. Gradually expand your knowledge base to include additional relevant activities. From there, you may stretch out.


Work with GTE Localize as an Indonesian Translator

Indonesian Translation Services

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