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How to Start Your Vietnamese App Localization?

Posted by Ariel D. on June 08, 2022.

More than 5 billion people, around two-thirds of the world’s population, own a mobile smartphone, and by 2030, this figure is predicted to reach 95%. This point might greatly affect your Vietnamese app localization when there are many mobile devices in this potential market.

Today’s article would reveal a few reasons why Vietnamese app localization is essential and how you can apply it with iOS and Android platforms.

1. What is App Localization?

Mobile devices have transformed the way people spend their time, so the process of tailoring mobile apps to a certain country’s market, language, culture, and use is known as app localization.

01 Vietnamese app localization

It’s a procedure that must be carried out properly to have a significant influence on your app’s success. A human translation service will guarantee that your Vietnamese app localization takes into account the market, culture, humor, and linguistic peculiarities.

To have the best preparation, conducting market research is a must-to-do step. Consumer behavior and goals, as well as your rivals’, should be understood. It may also suggest that you should consider altering the name of your app in a specific country.

Consider China, the world’s largest market for iOS and Android apps. Many major corporations, including Nike, Pepsi, and LinkedIn, chose to transliterate their brand names when localizing. Market visibility must be able to read your brand name in the local Chinese script. The more you adapt to the market behaviors of local consumers, the more likely you are to succeed.


2. Why Should You Apply for Vietnamese App Localization?

It’s more than a simple language translation when it comes to app localization, and Vietnam is a flourishing market to invest in.

2.1. Political Stability and Favorable Legal Systems

Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s most politically stable countries. The Communist Party of Vietnam, which rules the country, does not tolerate internal or foreign criticism. The political stability of the Vietnamese market is a significant benefit that attracts many international investors.

02 Vietnamese App Localization country

Furthermore, the Vietnamese government promotes international investment by enacting tax and other incentive policies. Although having more chances to enter this market, businessmen still need to be cautious when selecting Vietnamese app localization and translation services.

2.2. The Internet’s Development and eCommerce’s Rise

In 2023, the number of Vietnamese people who use the Internet is predicted to reach 75.7 million. This growing tendency creates a big potential for international firms, particularly in the areas of gaming, applications, and eCommerce.

Furthermore, according to Google and Temasek, Vietnam’s e-commerce economy is booming, ranking second in Southeast Asia. In 2017, this business had 3.2 million annual online buyers and generated $6.2 billion in revenue. In 2020, this value is expected to exceed ten billion dollars.

However, Vietnamese customers are more inclined to buy things from websites that speak their local language than those that do not. Companies have no choice but to translate and localize their web presence to Vietnamese to get into this market.

Therefore, the quality of your Vietnamese app localization determines its visibility and acceptance. It entails adapting a product or service to fit the demands and expectations of international customers.


3. How To Manage App Localization?

3.1. With iOS App

03 Vietnamese App Localization iOS

Apple, as you may be aware, has been prospering for many years. The App Store is currently available in 175 countries and 40 languages. Apple’s tools and technologies, including Xcode 11, Apple APIs, Unicode, and Auto Layout, will enable you to translate and localize your app to support many languages.

Here are the steps to handle Vietnamese app localization with the iOS platform.

  • Step 1

You must first determine whether your target audience is Vietnamese people, their behaviors, and whether or not your product will be viable in Vietnam.

If you’re a bike-share app, for example, you’ll probably target bike-friendly nations, even if their market isn’t the biggest. Localizing your information into the appropriate languages will increase overall app usage.

  • Step 2

You may share your localized mobile app with a restricted set of users and beta test its performance before launching it. This allows you to enhance the app’s translation before releasing it to the general public.

  • Step 3

You would have a better chance of having your software discovered on Apple’s App Store if you localize it well. Don’t forget to localize the keywords, app description, and screenshots for each language that you wish to see on the App’s Page. It’s also worth noting that changing the app’s name and keywords to match the target language boosts engagement significantly.

  • Step 4

When your program is downloaded, the process of localization does not end. Both app discovery and interaction should be tracked in the future.

For developers, Apple provides App Analytics, which allows you to filter data by the areas into which you’ve grown. Once you’ve recognized challenges or opportunities from the data, you may and should always adjust your strategy or add extra translation activities.


3.2. With Android App 

04 Vietnamese App Localization Adroid

Android smartphones are used by millions of people in more than 190 countries. If you identify Vietnam as the target market, Vietnamese app localization for Android smartphones will massively boost your user base.

The Software Development Kit for Android already includes a list of localization libraries. Number formatting, date and time formats, plural and gender norms, and so on are among them.

Remember to utilize standard Android nomenclature for UI components like Notifications, Options Menu, and so on. Using Android keywords consistently simplifies localization and improves the end-user experience.

Before you start localizing your app, have a look at Google’s localization guide. Always remember to localize your goods to rank on the App’s page with suitable keywords, app descriptions, and photos.


4. Get Successful Vietnamese App Localization with GTE Localize

Vietnamese app localization provides you with a global reach, a large number of downloads, and an excellent return on investment. So if you’re seeking an agency that can offer the best-in-class app translation and localization services, GTE Localize would be one of the top options.

With more than 1,200 expert translators and groundbreaking technology, we can provide a budget-saving solution but still help your app reach the right target.

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