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How To Select An Ideal Translation Company For Your Vietnamese Translation Projects?

Posted by Anne Q. on November 22, 2019.

For many companies and organizations, utilizing translation and localization is the very first step in increasing global market share and enhancing client satisfaction. However, it is not an easy task to choose an appropriate translation company to handle your projects. In terms of Vietnamese translation, to ensure that you have found the ideal translation partner, ask them these 5 questions.

#1. Where Do the Translators Come From?

Firstly, clarify that the translators who will be handling your projects are native speakers of the target language. For Vietnamese translation, of course, look no further than Vietnamese translators with experience and qualifications. This will guarantee that your content is not just translated but localized into the Vietnamese language.


#2. How is Your Project Handled? What is the Process?

Before choosing any language service, with Vietnamese translation being no exception, you also need to be sure about the working process.  Ideally, the translation company should appoint a project manager to be your go-to person for anything related to the project. The company’s in-country translators should be able to not only translate but also edit and proofread your content.


#3. Do You Have Any References for Your Work?

Of course, another important aspect to consider when finding an appropriate translation company is whether they can provide samples for their work. Check their website to see if they have any case studies/samples/testimonials for the Vietnamese translation services. This will help your decision-making process in several ways. You may learn about the services the company specialises in, their experience in the industry and the level of their client relationships.


#4 What Differentiates You?

Identifying what makes a translation company different from the other will help you achieve your objectives. Apart from resources and the cost, you might also check up on the technology tools, which speed up the translation process, reduce errors and benefit your organization.