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How to Reduce Turnaround Time for Your Thai Translation Projects?

Posted by Anne Q. on January 11, 2022.

As the saying goes “time is gold” or sometimes, “time is money”. Time is of great importance when it comes to the deadline of a project, especially in such a specific field as translation. Time can exert considerable influence on the success of your project. As a matter of fact, everyone would like to cut down on the delivery time to receive the best-translated results within the shortest time possible.

On the understanding that turnaround time is an issue of major concern to those who care about Thai translation services, GTE localize would like to provide this article in order to help you lessen the turnaround time as well as avoid any postponement for your upcoming Thai translation projects.

Factors Affecting The Turnaround Time of Thai Translation Projects

To begin with, let’s check out some elements that can act on the turnaround time of a Thai Translation. Once being aware of these problems, it will be possible to find out the solutions for the reduction of Thai translation turnaround time.

#1. Types of Translation Services

There are three popular Thai translation services including Translation Only (TO), Translation – Editing (TE), and Translation – Editing – Proofreading (TEP). Each type of service provides different translated processes which play a decisive role in the length of the delivery time for projects. The more processes the services have, the longer it takes to complete a translation. Should you want to better understand these factors, you can have more information via this article.

Types of translation services

#2. Project Volume

The length of time it takes to complete a project is corresponding to its size or amount of words. As a result, more words demand a longer delivery time.

Since the Thai language does not separate words by using spaces in a sentence the translated version may be three or four times as long as the original written in Thai, which leads to the extended time for Thai translation as compared to other languages.


#3. Technical Translation with Complex Terminology

The complexity of technical translation takes more time to look for the precise words that can describe the translation in an exact and understandable way.

In particular, the Thai language is a rare language, therefore it is fundamental to make reference to dictionaries and other reliable sources to come up with the best translation.


#4. The Difficulty of The Language Combination

To put it simply, common languages always have advantages of quick translation thanks to their popularities and available references. In contrast, the uncommon language pairs depend on English as an intermediate, which means the process of making translation among the three languages takes a lot of time with the participation of more translators.

Thai language pairs

As its difficulty has been proven through the high position in the difficult languages report of The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), the Thai language is absolutely a complicated language that demands much effort as well as time to reach a high-quality translation.


Tips to Reduce The Turnaround Time for Thai Translation Projects

When knowing the leading factors to turnaround time, may you search for some points to take into account? It’s obvious that every language has its own particular features when it comes to translation services, so let’s take a look at some exclusive solutions to speed up your Thai translation projects.

#1. Translation Tools and Repetition Level 

Not only human but also computer-assisted tools (CAT) or Translation memory (TM) is used in translation services to optimize performance. As mistranslations can lead to numerous consequences in money and credibility, these tools come to the aid of avoiding mistakes, making sure of consistency and saving time in translation processes.

CAT Tools

By automatically recognizing the words, phrases or sentences that have been used and then collecting them as a dependable glossary, the repetition mechanism and translation tools is the way out in dealing with the turnaround time of Thai Translation.


#2. The File Format

The source languages can come in some kinds of forms such as visual infographics, personal incomprehensible handwritings or any other presentations that must be scanned or replicated by desktop publishing performances. Pertaining to projects with visual content like website or video localization, it requires an even longer period of time to process the source documents.

Popular File Format for Thai Translation

Some popular file formats in use

For a language with a twisted letter system like Thai, the mentioned forms are troublesome to translators and also make them occupied with irrelevant activities to translations. This means that it takes more time-consuming steps before starting to make the translation’s main processes.

To deal with these problems, you should provide the translators with the source document in the appropriate forms that facilitate their translation performance, which partly accelerates the time of accomplishing the projects.


#3. A Well-Prepared Plan

Making a good plan can help you to draw up an estimated turnaround time and complementary backups based on the 4 factors that affect this point in time.

For example, thanks to the knowledge of the 3 types of translation services, you can make clear requirements and set up suitable standards for your Thai translations, which prevents any kinds of misunderstanding or delay.

Plan for Thai translation projects

Better to have a well-prepared plan

Moreover, as you know that technical translation with complex terminology can take up a great deal of time, you had better prepare beforehand a glossary of terms for the translator.

Besides, a commitment of delivery time can be put forward in the plan as an adjustable suggestion in order to meet the deadline while still ensuring the accuracy of the translation.


#4. A Professional Thai Translation Services Provider

The best solution is to choose a qualified Thai translation services provider that makes a certain turnaround time along with the best translation’s quality. There will be no need to worry about the time since this is a standard of the first to be met up.

As for this point, GTE Localize is your best choice. With not only a profound perception of the Thai market but also a competent translators team, we provide high-quality Thai translation services for a wide range of documents within the optimal turnaround time as requested. Check out our Thai translation services to speed up your project right now!

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