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How To Get Right Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services (P1)

Posted by Chloe G. on October 29, 2021.

eCommerce is one of the fast-growing industries in Vietnam recently. With a revenue of $6 billion in 2020, Vietnam is the 28th largest eCommerce market, ahead of Denmark and behind Finland. To succeed in this potential market, localizing your eCommerce content into the Vietnamese language is the first crucial step. 

By choosing the right Vietnamese eCommerce translation services, you save not only your time but also your money. However, this process is never an easy task for any global business, especially when you need to find the suitable one in a very tight timeframe.

In this post, we will guide you on some tips to get the right Vietnamese eCommerce translation services in a short period of time.

Why Are Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services Needed?

eCommerce is a huge growth in Vietnam. The Vietnamese eCommerce industry, with a growth rate of 51%, contributed to the global growth rate of 29% in 2020. Revenues for the eCommerce industry continue to increase fast. With the rise of the middle class and lagging offline shopping infrastructure in East and Southeast Asia over the years, eCommerce worldwide is expected to grow over the next few years with a number of new markets together with existing markets.

The eCommerce industry includes online sales of physical goods to private end clients (B2C). In 2020, was the biggest company in the Vietnamese eCommerce industry with a revenue of US$553 million, and had a revenue of US$197 million, while had a revenue of US$181 million. In conclusion, the top three eCommerce companies in Vietnam accounted for roughly 15% of all online revenue.

Besides, has been one of the fast-growing companies in Vietnam’s eCommerce market with a revenue of US$0.4 million in 2020. Its revenue growth amounted to 88% in the previous year.  All eCommerce players use Vietnamese on all their platforms.

Shopee, one of the eCommerce giants in Vietnam, is choosing Vietnamese KOLs for their Marketing campaigns and Vietnamese language localization for their TVC advertisements. Shopee seeks to engage more with a large range of customers in Vietnam.

Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

Targeting young KPOP fan customers, Shopee also chooses TWICE, a popular Kpop girl group in ASEAN, for their marketing campaigns. Instead of introducing themselves in Korean or English, Twice introduce themself in Vietnamese. The content of advertisements is in Vietnamese.

Summary, eCommerce is very profitable in Vietnam, so it is vital for your business to use Vietnamese eCommerce translations services.

Things to Consider When You Find Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

#1. Machine translation or Human translation

Within a tight timeframe, you may think about machine translation for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services. With the help of artificial intelligence, machine translation is getting better and becoming more and more indistinguishable from human translation. Google Translate is undoubtedly one of the best translation tools, but is it good enough for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services, and is it really a good time-saving option for your business? 

Machine translation can lead to absurd situations

It takes only a few clicks to get your business content translated with Google Translate. It is quick and easy for you Vietnamese eCommerce translation services, but it may result in hilarious translations or even mistranslations. There are countless examples of bad marketing as a result of the inappropriate use of machine translation. It may be funny to read poorly translated marketing materials, but when it happens to us putting our reputation at risk, it is not funny anymore.

As stated above, Google Translate is not always accurate in its translation. It can make obvious and embarrassing mistakes that cost your business potential customers and partners. It does not incorporate the nuances of languages well enough, and it does not take accountability for any mistakes it makes. We cannot simply retranslate our content using Google Translate hoping for an improved translation. There is only one translation and we have to accept it whether it is good or bad.

Machine Translation Post-editing

Although Google Translate sometimes provides us with disappointing results, it actually does a pretty good job if used correctly. It is quite good, and above all it is free, so why bother looking for another solution right? The time and money should be spent elsewhere, we may think. However, it is not reliable enough as a solution to marketing or website translation. We need to make sure that our website does not offend or turn off our potential customers just because we did not make an effort to get it translated properly. Using free or cheap translation tools in an attempt to save time and money may seriously compromise our brand image and customer trust. It is never worth it.

Overcoming the language barrier is a difficult task, and while Google Translate has been showing significant improvement, it is not ready to deal with the complexity of business translation, and it is not designed to replace human translation either, at least not yet. 

Despite being a useful translation tool, Google Translate lacks the versatility to handle technical terms, understand the subtlety and cultural differences of languages, conform to different writing styles or standards, and many other aspects that make translation an artistic process. 

Machine Translation vs Human Translation

Human translation is simply a better choice

Fortunately, we do have another option regarding translation, which is to hire a professional translator who can give us high-quality Vietnamese eCommerce translation services that meet our expectations and satisfy our customers. Professional translators are well equipped to help us deliver the right marketing messages on a global scale, taking into account the cultural differences of our target customers. 

Another advantage of hiring professional translators is that we can request them to revise their translations or make changes if necessary. By the way, it saves neither time nor money to translate your marketing content with Google Translate first and then have it perfected by a translator. In contrast, it will only make the work harder for the translator and end up costing us more in the end.

Professional translators can easily translate our entire website into different languages so we can spread our marketing content to customers all around the world. They help us avoid making silly or even offensive mistakes that cause our existing or potential customers to switch to another competitor. For Vietnamese eCommerce translation services, It is worth our money to make sure that our content is interesting and, most importantly, understandable to our global customers.

One of the weaknesses of machine translation is that it does not take language nuances into account, and this problem can be easily solved with professional translators. One benefit that we may overlook is that they will comply with any privacy policies in their contracts and keep our information secure as they translate. We will no longer have to worry about privacy as we copy and paste our confidential marketing content into Google translate or another translation tool on the internet.

Leading Vietnamese eCommerce translation services

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Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

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