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How To Get Right Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services (P2)

Posted by Chloe G. on November 02, 2021.

After part 1, in this part 2, we will continue to show you How To Get Right Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services.

Human translation is the only right option. But, among in-house translators, freelance translators, and translation agencies, which one is the most time-saving choice for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services? 

#2. In-house translators, Freelancers or Agencies

In-house Translators

A team of Vietnamese translators within your company (in-house translators) will save you a lot of time when you have projects that need urgent handling on a regular basis. You’ll only have to put up the effort and time to recruit them once. Because in-house translators typically work with you for a long time, they are more likely to be familiar with your company’s services/products as well as your brand voices, ensuring consistency and accuracy in Vietnamese eCommerce translation services.

However, this option is only cost-effective if your team regularly has a high number of Vietnamese eCommerce translation projects.

Freelancer Translators

Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

Working with freelance translators may be a good choice if your volume is small. They usually have lower charges than translation services because you can deal with them directly.

You must handle all the coordination yourself. There is a limitation to the types and number of translation tools and localization management platforms that freelancers can offer for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services.

Finding suitable translators may take a long time and effort. It requires you to take time out of your busy schedule to sift through listings of freelancers, recommendations, or websites for freelancers trying to find someone that suits your specific needs and budget.

Translation Agencies 

Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

Professional translation companies have large networks of translators, thus short deadlines are not a problem,  it’ll save you tons of time for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services. Translation agencies are always completed by professional native translators, resulting in high-quality translations. Their account manager will help you with all the translation processes. You can just give them the sources and then receive the translated texts in a short time.

Translation agencies use termbases, translation memories, and other technologies that support and streamline the work, reducing translation costs for you. They offer a wide range of services & many types of content & many specified industries, with numerous Vietnamese language pairs. Therefore, you can order any industry translation instead of wasting your time finding specific freelancers or in-house translators.

You can concentrate on projects that require your unique skills while the translation agency handles the Vietnamese eCommerce translation services. 

Even urgent tasks can be handled quickly with an experienced translation partner. Response times are fast because large and urgent jobs can be divided and coordinated among numerous translators. This enables huge translation projects to be completed on time, while still ensuring uniformity and excellent quality. Major projects include comprehensive manuals, massive websites, software translations, and much more.


#3. Tips for speeding up the translation process 

  • Texts should be submitted in editable format to translate more quickly. For example, For your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services, If the information is in PDF format, it must be processed before being translated, slowing the process and perhaps increasing costs.
  • Plan ahead. When ordering a translation, you should let your translation agency know your preferences and all additional requirements as soon as possible after placing your order. As a result, the translation agency will be able to follow your directions from the start.
  • Choose the translation agency with technology applied such as CAT Tool, …  to enhance quality control while optimizing translation costs.

In conclusion, You should hire a translation firm to save time and preserve professionalism for your Vietnamese eCommerce translation services. They will take care of all your translation needs in the most straightforward way possible and provide you with an account manager to consult with whenever you need, all for a minor price increase; it’s well worth it.


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Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

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