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How To Find A Professional Japanese Language Translator In The U.S.?

Posted by Ethan N. on May 30, 2023.

Despite being a small country, Japan continues to be a significant economic powerhouse with 126 million residents, leading to the need for Japanese language translators in the West and particularly in the U.S. 

Your company can gain much from discovering ways to get into Japan market if you partner with professional Japanese translation providers. This blog post will list out the main steps, helping you discover the best translation agency for your Japanese localization project.

1. The Demand For Japanese Language Translator In The U.S.

1.1. The Increasing Number of Japanese Residents

According to a poll published on December 2022, there were 557,034 Japanese citizens living permanently abroad. This number has grown over the previous 20 years, nearly doubling from 285,705 in 2002.

However, the poll found that the overall number of long-term residents decreased 6.9% from the previous year to 751,481 as many Japanese who had previously lived overseas returned to Japan because of the COVID-19 epidemic. There were around 1.3 million Japanese citizens residing abroad in total, both as long-term residents and permanent residents, a 2.7% decrease from the previous year.

North America was home to the majority of Japanese nationals (almost 50%), followed by Western Europe (16.2%), Oceania (13.7%), South America (11%), and the rest of Asia (7.7%). With around 220,000 permanent residents, the United States led the list by nation, followed by Australia and Canada.


A number of factors, including foreign marriages, persons who choose to stay after being posted for employment, or a better setting for raising children, may be contributing to the continuous increase of permanent residents living overseas. As a result, Japanese language translators might have the best opportunities to reach more employment options in other countries, especially in the U.S.

1.2. Relationship Between The U.S. And Japanese Governments

With the Japan-U.S. Security Arrangements at their foundation, Japan and the United States are close friends that share basic values and strategic objectives. In accordance with the alliance, Japan and the United States collaborate closely, sharing tasks and responsibilities not only on bilateral but also on regional (Asia-Pacific) and international matters.

This partnership is the bridge between the two countries’ economies, leading to the need for Japanese language translators of transnational partners more than ever.

2. Criteria To Choose a Professional Japanese Language Translator

To make the process of selecting a skillful Japanese language translator easier, you should consider the aspects below.

2.1. Japanese Language Proficiency 

The key is to select a translator who has received proficient accreditation from a reputable organization. Hiring someone with the proper credentials ensures that they will accomplish their duties properly.

It might be difficult to find a random translator that charges low rates since they could only be familiar with the vocabulary of the language you need a translation for. Along with the qualification, you should confirm that the individual is familiar with the language’s jargon, particularly as it relates to your business. If you are translating a fantasy novel, you wouldn’t want to engage a legal document specialist.

2.2. Culture and Customs Understanding 

Your initial thought when entering the Japanese market could be to translate your documents and other information so that Japanese viewers can access it. However, just translating individual words into Japanese might not be sufficient. To make modifications or adaptations as needed, the Japanese language translator also needs to be aware of Japanese culture and customs. By taking this step, you can ensure that your material is appropriate for Japanese audiences and won’t insult them.


2.3. Translation Experience

A Japanese language translator’s experience increases with the length of time they have been in the industry. A translator has made mistakes throughout time and has learned from them. Additionally, they have experimented with many methods and identified the most effective one for them. They are therefore capable of doing whatever task you give them.

Both manual translation and the use of translation programs like Google Translate are skills that experienced translators possess. Their depth of knowledge will guarantee superior outcomes.

Moreover, you must review a translator’s prior work before hiring them. You can see how skilled they are at their work from this. But before you decide whether a translator is the best choice for your project, consider how you want your translation work to be completed.

Along with looking at samples, you should also look up references or previous clients of the professional. You can find out if the previous work these individuals completed was good or not by getting in touch with them.

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3. Where To Find Japanese Language Translator

3.1. Crowdsourcing

Some independent translators provide Japanese translation services on their own as opposed to being employed by a translation agency.

Freelance Japanese translators frequently act as middlemen for translation jobs by becoming members of a translation firm. However, in recent times, websites that connect translation requests with translators, such as Upwork and other crowdsourcing (cloud translation and social translation) platforms, have made it easy to directly request translators. 

Today, platforms like crowdsourcing (cloud translation and social translation) make it feasible to request translators.

3.2. Google Search Engine

Although not exclusive to web searches, the secret to effectiveness is to employ both more particular keywords and more general, generic phrases as search cues on Google.


Search terms for Japanese translation agencies and translators include “Japanese translation” or “Japanese language translator”. Additionally, the search might includes terms like “Japanese translation agency/translator rates,” “Japanese translation agency/translator requests,” “Japanese translation agency/translator estimates,” and “Japanese translation outsourcing”.

3.3. Japanese Translation Services Providers

In the Japanese translation market nowadays, directly working with a translation agency can be the best option to find out native Japanese language translators. And GTE Localize can promise to adapt to all of your requirements.


We provide you with top-notch Japanese translation services at affordable pricing with a rapid turnaround thanks to our pool of native Japanese speakers who are professionals in a variety of fields. So, do not hesitate to book a 1:1 consultation and a free test to receive the best quote from our committed experts!