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How To Find A Good Software Translator?

Posted by Ethan N. on August 25, 2023.

Software translation is essential for improving a product’s usability and a product is more likely to draw local customers if the localization works are given to the skilled software translators. In this article, GTE Localize will go through the main aspects of software translation and how to find the best linguist to handle the software translation services smoothly. 

1. Understanding Software Translation

Making a product available to consumers globally in their native tongue, cultural context, and market environment is known as localization, and software translation is one step in that process.

For the most part, software translation is a language process. It requires software translators to convert the software’s text into another language. It should be possible for people from all over the world to navigate a website or mobile application in their own language and communicate with it.


Because it enables users to easily and pleasantly interact with online or mobile apps in their local language, software translation is crucial. Here are the key advantages of software translation for business:

  • Greater worldwide market reach: With the aid of software translation, companies may target new markets, strengthen their positions there, and increase their share of the global market.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: In combination with the aforementioned, localizing software may help a company build a strong image for itself. After all, consumers remember businesses that make them feel valued and heard.
  • Higher user engagement: Software translation directly affects the user experience, which in turn encourages greater user involvement from regional clients.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Users might feel better when being heard, understood, and appreciated while using apps that are available in their language.
  • Savings on costs: When you translate your software, you save the need to create unique apps from the start for other nations, speeding the development process and ultimately saving money.

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2. The Qualities of a Good Software Translator

Technical Proficiency

If you want your translations to be added straight to the websites or internal programs, the software translators need to be fluent in computer skills. Using translation memory and glossaries will improve the general efficiency of huge projects.

Owning the ability to handle the most updated applications, such as Word and Excel, and knowing how to search online for what information is most helpful for the current translation assignments are some of the soft skills that translators must have

Cultural Sensitivity

The cultures represented through their translations are valued and respected by good software translators. The most effective interpreters are committed to dispelling the myths, prejudices, and other barriers that keep different cultural groups from comprehending and accepting one another. They think that by introducing the world to their enjoyment of language, they can play an important part.


The attitudes and customs that make up different cultures should be well-known to software translators, and they should also be aware of how these things affect language in the long run. Language and culture are always in conversation with one another. The quality and nuance of the translations are eventually improved by translators who are able to recognize this link.

Attention To Detail

No detail is too little when it comes to good translation. The whole meaning of a file can be changed by a single word, letter, or even accent. Professional software translators take care to maintain consistency with materials that have already been translated. It is crucial to follow established glossaries in order to prevent errors when translating particular technical words. It also aids in maintaining the translation style that represents the client’s preferences, whether those are more informal and contemporary or formal and conventional.

Time Management Skills

Professional software translation often involves meeting strict deadlines, and sometimes every minute counts. Clients may contact translators in high-stakes circumstances and want them to finish large tasks quickly.

However, hasty mistakes might result in much more lost time. Customers cannot afford to lose time correcting or editing mistranslated papers. In order to maintain their clients’ satisfaction, successful translators must understand how to strike the ideal balance between speed and accuracy.

3. Where to Find a Good Software Translator (Pros and Cons)

Online Freelance Platforms

There are several internet tools that may help you locate the ideal professional if you need a translation but aren’t sure where to go.

LinkedIn is among the finest places to start. LinkedIn not only links translators with customers, but it also allows you to post translation tasks and gather applications from many translators in one location.


It is also helpful to use Reddit as a resource to find a translator. You must first choose a pertinent community and then publish your job needs there to join. R/translator is the primary subreddit for translation requests.

And Google is always an option. Above its search results, Google includes a helpful translation page. You may then compare the text’s languages to select the one that best suits your requirements. Nothing spectacular, but it will get you going, particularly if money is limited.

Translation and Localization Agencies

Speak with a translation agency as an additional resource while looking for a skilled translator. This is an excellent place for you to start because these businesses typically test their providers. On occasion, you may pre-select a translator from their websites’ lists of translators who have been given pseudonyms. If the volume is high and the turnaround time is short, some of these firms even permit numerous translators to work on the same file at once.

You should seek the agency’s websites and read their customer’s reviews. This frequently serves as a reliable predictor of their caliber since it demonstrates their willingness to put time and effort into their job. 

In short

Even though any translator can translate anything, including the Bible and films, it’s ideal to work with someone who has knowledge of the subject and is able to handle multiple projects at the same time.

GTE Localize has unmatched larger possibilities and capacity, which is evident, among other things, in an exceptionally broad selection of language pairs. Our software translator team is familiar with the ideas and programming languages that were utilized to construct that product. Additionally, our experts with experience in software translation will be more productive and efficient, guaranteeing the greatest quality results.


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