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How To Choose A Suitable Vietnamese Translation Service Provider In Australia?

Posted by Chloe G. on November 01, 2021.

There are a lot of Vietnamese translation service providers in Australia out there online. Therefore, it can be hard to choose the right one at first. But if you make sure you follow these 10 tips, you may be confident in selecting the right company for your Vietnamese translation services. 

1. Request References From People In Your Network

Asking is typically the most effective approach to finding a dependable source. Admittedly, somebody in your network may already know and recommend a fantastic translation company. If that’s the case, it’s always a good idea to ask a few follow-up questions to see if they found the company to be dependable and steady, as well as how satisfied they were with the quality of the translations.

You can also look for case studies and references on the company’s website, or if you want to go even further, contact the company and request a list of customer references, you can email directly.


2. Understand The Procedures & Work Processes

Translation and localization companies have efficient processes in place to handle the translation assignments they receive from their customers, allowing them to keep track of each assignment as well as all of the languages that their customers’ materials need to be translated from and into. Such procedures aid the agency’s translation duties, allowing them to be finished as soon as possible. Customers may often track the progress of their projects and see all of the current and completed translations that they have entrusted to that firm. Understanding the procedure & work processes can help you follow your translation projects.

Some questions for your agencies:

  • How many steps do their localization services require?
  • What is the turnaround time for your Vietnamese translation projects? 
  • What is the translation working process for your Vietnamese translation services?
  • How long does it take to complete the Vietnamese translation services?


3. Supported Technology & Cat Tools

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are widely used for project translation due to their numerous advantages. To improve your translation‘s quality, CAT tools are a must. 

They do not only translate terms consistently but also reduce costs for your translation because you may pay less for previously translated repetitions & segments. Besides, the bilingual format of CAT tools enables the translators to analyze the source and target translations at the same time, resulting in better translator performance.

If your translation company applies technology like CAT tools for their projects, they may provide smart and efficient procedures for your Vietnamese translation services. 

Some questions for your agencies:

  • Which CAT tools do they support?
  • Besides CAT Tools, do they use other technologies?
  • Which file formats do they support? 
  • Do they use localization platforms?


4. Accredited And Certified Company

Vietnamese Translation Service


Look for agencies that have sophisticated and comprehensive workflow management systems if you value consistency and quality. For professional translation services, you should only consider translation agencies that have had the ISO 9001 or ISO 17100 certification. In addition, a trustworthy agency is a member of some global translation associations including the Globalization & Localization Association (GALA), Elia, proZ


5. Check The Industry Specialization: Case Studies

Whatever your industrial sector, expertise requirements, and specialization are, it’s critical to work with a translation service that specializes in your business. If you’re concerned about an agency’s experience in your niche, request case studies of their work with previous customers in your industrial sector, and make sure the case studies are for projects in languages you’re interested in.


6. Sign NDAs

You should ask your translation agency to sign a nondisclosure contract before working with them for Vietnamese translation services. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the agency to confirm that the appropriate documents have been signed, or have them provide copies of the signed documents from staff members responsible for managing your project. It is reasonable to ask agencies to have their translators sign your NDA directly.


7. Check the Reviews  

First, you should read all reviews from previous customers on the website and Google business site, and other related pages. To find a good agency for Vietnamese translation services in Australia, you can read all reviews from and

Vietnamese Translation Service

Second, it is important to read the reviews from translators who have worked with the company you are considering. If that company is a trustworthy Vietnamese translation service provider, they will treat their translators well. For more information, check out  ProZ.


8. Have Office in Vietnam

It is vital to consider the agency office. If you are looking to enter the Vietnamese market, you should work with an agency that is located in Vietnam to ensure that both your local and global teams have direct contact during their respective business hours.

If you want to sell products in Vietnam, working with a company that has its office in the area can help ensure that both your local and worldwide teams have direct contact throughout their respective business hours.

The offices that work in the same regions as your target audience will be able to better access talent and negotiate better prices. Request direct contact in Vietnam to ensure they aren’t merely virtual office dots on a map.


9. Ask for Translation Rate

From the previous step, you can make a shortlist of potential Vietnamese translation service providers. Make sure all your candidates meet all those requirements.

Every organization promises to provide you with the best Vietnamese translation services at competitive prices. But what you should search for is not the one with the cheapest rate, but the one that provides the best quality for your budget. Choose a translation company that offers the most competitive rate with high-quality results within your budget. 

Some questions for your agencies:

  • How do they calculate translation rates for a Vietnamese translation project?
  • Which payment methods do they accept? 


10. Check Customer Service

Vietnamese Translation Service

When you ask for a quote, pay attention to the questions the translation company asks you and try to figure out how consistent they will be in servicing you. For example, Do they use CAT tools for your Vietnamese translation services? What is their procedure for giving a second edit to a translated communication piece? etc.


Choose Trustworthy Vietnamese Translation Services

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