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How to Boost Your Vietnamese Website in 2024?

Posted by Anne Q. on January 23, 2023.

When entering the Vietnamese market, we are sure you know very well the power of having a Vietnamese website to get closer to Vietnamese target audiences. Now that you have launched your Vietnamese website, the next question is how to boost its ranking in this market.

In our today’s post, we will give you some effective methods to boost your Vietnamese website ranking in Vietnam in 2024.

Before You Start

Before starting to promote your Vietnamese website, you should pay attention to the following factors to maximise your chance of success in the Vietnamese market.

Building a consistent and distinct brand for your website in Vietnamese

Besides visual elements such as logos, images, and website colours, content also shows your brand images. When preparing content for your Vietnamese website, make sure the writing tones and styles match your brand’s voice.

Optimize your website’s UX and UI 

The behaviour of web users in different countries is not the same. Thus, you need to understand the preference and habits of Vietnamese users to make changes when necessary.

Optimize your website's UX and UI 

The ultimate aim is to give your Vietnamese audience the best user experience when visiting your website. To achieve this, you need to answer some questions such as Why do people visit your website? What content do they want to read? or What do they look for first? You should also consider how quickly your pages load and how well your navigation menus are organized.


Make the Most Out of SEO

By incorporating specific keywords, adding alt text to images, and optimizing your heading, you can increase the chance of your website being found on search engines in Vietnam.

Make the Most Out of SEO

Some good SEO practices we recommend you to apply are:

    • Use long-tail keywords.
    • Include keywords with high search demand in your content.
    • Optimize your content for local SEO searches – For Vietnamese websites, optimize it for Google which is the dominant search engine.


Create Engaging and Shareable Blog Content

Creating a blog is a good way to boost your Vietnamese website’s SEO and website traffic, resulting in better search engine ranking in the Vietnamese market. Furthermore, it is effective to promote your company’s services while sharing your extensive industry knowledge and market to earn more trust from potential customers through blog posts.

Do you know that 72.1 per cent of internet users prefer to visit websites that have been translated into their mother tongue? Vietnamese audiences are no exception to this trend. In addition, Vietnam is among the low English proficiency countries in the world. Therefore, having blog posts available in Vietnamese is a must.

Create a blog - website translation

There are two main methods you can apply to produce blog content for your Vietnamese website. First, you can use blog translation services to translate your current content into Vietnamese. In this way, you can re-use what you have made and save quite some time and money. Second, you can hire Vietnamese copywriters to produce new blog content for your website. Either way, you need to make sure that your content is unique. We don’t just mean “not plagiarize” other people’s content when we say “unique”.  Your information, writing styles, and tones must be distinctive enough that readers can’t see on other blogs.


Don’t Forget The Power of Email Marketing

According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing is used to reach customers by 64% of small companies. What’s more, with every dollar you spend on an email marketing campaign, you can receive up to 42 dollars in return thanks to email marketing. In other words, email marketing’s ROI can be up to 4200%. These figures prove why email marketing is an excellent way to promote your Vietnamese website.

email marketing


Make Use of Social Media Marketing

According to Statista, the number of active users on social media in Vietnam is 72 million in 2021 and is expected to increase to over 83 million in 2026. Facebook is by far the most popular social media networking site in this country. Facebook audience size in Vietnam is 74.1 million (as of January 2021). Zalo, Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok are other popular social platforms in Vietnam. All these numbers are to prove the power that social media marketing can bring to your success in this market.

Social media in Vietnam

A simple way to enhance your website through social media platforms is to share engaging and sharable blog posts or content that leads back to your website.


Work with Professional Vietnamese Website Translation Experts

All your efforts to perform the practices we recommend above might all go to waste if your Vietnamese website itself is poorly built and translated. Do you work hard to drive more traffic to your Vietnamese website but fail to generate new leads or sales once your audiences visit your website? Maybe its design is not to the taste of Vietnamese users or maybe the content is translated inaccurately, leading to confusion for your readers. Trust us, if your audiences can’t understand you, they will not buy a thing.

When it comes to Vietnamese website translation, you should never consider using machine translation. Although automatic translation tools give you quick translations at a cheap price, the quality is always questionable. Especially for website content that contains a lot of texts and visuals and requires high accuracy and consistent writing styles, machine translation should never be on your list of options.

Machine Translation

To have a well-built Vietnamese website, we recommend you work with a professional Vietnamese website translation agency. Freelance translators are also a good choice. However, they can only handle one or two steps in the whole website translation process. That means you have to work with different providers and do all coordinating tasks yourself. That’s why it’s not our top suggestion. Vietnamese website translation agencies can handle the entire process, from website internationalization, globalization to translation and localization.

GTE Localize is here to assist you if you are looking for an experienced Vietnamese translation agency to assist you with your Vietnamese website translation efforts. As a professional agency based in Vietnam, we work with the best native website translators and localizers who ensure that your website is well translated and culturally appropriate for the Vietnamese market.

Website Localization Services

Vietnamese website translation services we provide are:

    • Website Content Translation
    • Multilingual SEO
    • Localization Testing

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