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How To Become A Vietnamese Translator?

Posted by Anne Q. on February 24, 2022.

Currently, translators are one of the professions that are attracting a lot of attention from young people, especially in the process of integration and modernization, the demand for translators is also increasing. There are many countries that are developing quite quickly and integrating globally. In order to communicate with them, many businesses still need the support of a translator, including Vietnamese translation.

What steps do I need to take to become a professional Vietnamese translator? How can I be more confident in my interpreting and translation skills? What things do I require to work as a Vietnamese translator? What to equip besides language knowledge? If you are still wondering, please refer to some important points below to become a good Vietnamese translator.

#1. Fluency in the Vietnamese Language

This is a prerequisite that every interpreter should have. The essence of translation is to convey the original language in the form of the source language. And of course, being fluent in a foreign language is a must. Therefore, if you want to become a good translator, you need to always improve your language skills every day. A Vietnamese translator is not only fluent in foreign languages, but also needs to have good foreign language skills in his mother tongue. Most of us think we are completely fluent in Vietnamese but not really. Mastering a language is not easy, even if it is your mother tongue. Very few people can be sure that they speak Vietnamese correctly and well. Moreover, Vietnamese has been in the top 10 most difficult languages ​​to swallow in the world.

Vietnamese translator_Vietnamese language


#2. Understanding of Vietnamese Culture

Knowing a foreign language well does not mean that you can become a good Vietnamese translator. You can fully understand the meaning of the document, but it is necessary to communicate that meaning to the reader correctly and fully. To do that, you need to be good at your mother tongue, use words fluently to be able to translate the documents in the most skilful way.

Knowledge of culture and life, living capital also contributes significantly to your translation. Ignorance can be easily detected through a “silly” translation. Translation work is a job that needs to be careful in every sentence, semantics to each paragraph in the document. Mastering the language is not enough, you need to understand the author’s intention, understand the original messages of documents.


#3. Love for Writing

A good Vietnamese translator needs to know many different styles when translating them from one text to another. It is also important to use punctuation at the right time to make the text more coherent. It’s not just about translating when it comes to translation. You also have to choose your words and intonation carefully, so that the original material reaches the reader with the highest quality and smoothness.

Vietnamese translator_Love for Writing


#4. Relevant Qualifications and Certification

A translator needs a certification to be able to pursue professional translation. For students who do not have any knowledge of translation. The shortest way to become a professional translator is to enter the majors of linguistics, translation and interpretation at universities specializing in foreign language training today. For a candidate who wants to pursue a professional translation career but doesn’t have the time to learn from scratch, what qualifications does a translator need? Candidates are fully capable of attending a training course in translation and interpretation at licensed centres.

During this time, there are many training centres for translators and interpreters to help candidates solve the problem of Vietnamese translators needing any degree. If you already have a good foundation in foreign languages, why not practice the necessary skills yourself to serve your dream job in the future.


#5. Ability To Use Vietnamese Translation Tools

Advances in science and technology have impacted many aspects of life, including the translation industry. A Vietnamese translator can now not only translate purely in the traditional way but can take advantage of many applications to help improve quality while ensuring progress. Typical among them are the CAT tools – tools that support computer translation, first introduced in the mid-80s. As the name implies, this tool requires professional translators who are able to use available means to get the job done. This includes, in effect, the knowledge and skills related to the use of information and communication technologies and materials that apply to translation (dictionaries, encyclopedias, rules and regulations). grammar, stylistic references, parallel texts, corpus, search engines, etc.).

Other supporting tools such as online proofreading, OCR and QA tools also serve as a productivity tool for your workflow. After translating a file, in addition to reviewing the completed translation yourself, you can get help from a number of proofreading tools that can detect typos from your translation. This will allow you to save even more time and effort. Meanwhile, OCR helps to convert PDF files or scanned images into editable text formats, saving a lot of time for translators.


#6. Work Experience As Vietnamese Translators

What new translators worry most about is the lack of work experience. If you are a novice translator, you may struggle to get paid work at first as clients often do not want their projects handled by translators with no or very little experience.

The solution is that you can start by participating in translation projects of translation companies. The main purpose is to help you gain real work experience and build your working portfolio. Professional translation companies always want to improve the level of staff to demonstrate their ability to partners as well as improve work productivity. Therefore, they invest in a lot of training courses, improve the qualifications and professionalism of employees. And these courses will help “upgrade” your value, making it easier for you to get a better job in the future.

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