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How To Avoid Cultural Mistakes In Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on October 30, 2021.

Vietnamese document translation services can bring tons of benefits for your business in Vietnam.

An accurate Vietnamese translation & localization is undoubtedly important. Without one, your business will appear unprofessional and might lose potential customers.

This article will assist you with everything you need to know to avoid cultural mistakes in Vietnamese document translation services.

What Is Vietnamese Document Translation?

Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Vietnamese Document translation involves translating a document from one language into Vietnamese while keeping the main idea of the document in place. Vietnamese document translation can be applied to numerous forms of documents including letters, email, visas, websites, video recordings, audio recordings, etc.

Vietnamese document translation entails taking into account how the Vietnamese clients think, speak, and behave. It entails abiding by Vietnamese laws, customs, religious beliefs, and traditions. The success of Vietnamese document translation, on the other hand, is dependent on the clients’ cultural knowledge as well as the experience and competence of the translation service provider.

Because Vietnamese document localization must be tailored to the demands of clients and the brand as well as the local culture that the brand targets, there are no hard and fast rules. However, whether you are a client or a member of the localization team, several broad rules and tactics can help you avoid cultural blunders when undertaking localization.

The localization team is responsible for ensuring that product information and business communications are suitable for Vietnamese clients. They should be relevant to the target market’s potential buyers while avoiding any missteps with the communications that are made available to them. A refined approach to translation is required.


Tips to Avoid Cultural Mistakes In Vietnamese Document Translation Services.

#1. Acknowledge Differences

Despite the fact that globalization has been advocated for some years, there are still firms that do not fully comprehend what it entails. It is critical to recognize that each country has its own corporate culture and manner of doing things. Different countries have different standards, mannerisms, and tendencies. They have distinct practices that are unaffected by globalization. Vietnam is not an exception: companies there follow their own local conventions and business practices.

For example, The Vietnamese follow the metric system of measurement (meters, kilometres, kilometres per hour, and °C). And with 6 distinct tones, Vietnamese is a tonal language similar to Chinese.


2. Put Your Trust In Thorough Research

When a firm wishes to go to Vietnam, localization should be factored into its business strategy. Before attempting to conquer Vietnamese markets, it is necessary to conduct considerable research. The success of the globalization initiative is dependent on localization.

The business should have accurate reports and data about local rules, regulations, and laws, as well as local customer behaviour, interests, spending patterns, competitors, preferred language, and local beliefs and traditions.

For example, The family name is followed by the given name in the Vietnamese full name format.

In 2020, SM Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment agencies and the home of popular K-pop idols, is running its retail debut in Vietnam.

Vietnamese eCommerce Translation Services

In the 2000s, The Korean Wave started in a few Asian nations, including Vietnam, and has spread widely since then. In 2019, according to a survey by Q&Me, 51% of Vietnamese listen to Korean pop music, and 68% watch Korean TV shows.

To enter the Vietnamese market, many popular SM idol groups including NCT, Red Velvet, EXO,… introduce themself in Vietnamese with their Vietnamese nicknames created by their Vietnamese fans instead of using their English or Korean names. As a result, their Vietnamese introduction has gone viral and the engagement on SM‘s Facebook page has increased like crazy with thousands of comments, likes, and shares.

Vietnamese localization is a good choice for Marketing channels including documents, sake-kit, websites, etc. 


3. Flags Of Vietnam Should Be Honored

Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Emotions are elicited by flags. It is a national and cultural symbol that is inextricably linked to Vietnamese identities. The translation team should understand the meaning of the flag and how to incorporate it into your brand, marketing initiatives, and products. Vietnamese are happy to wear their country’s colours; they are allowed to utilize the colours of the flag on objects they wear and products they sell.


#4. Have A Native Speaker Translate Your Documents

Translation is a difficult task, and it’s natural to make mistakes when working in a second language. Running the document by a Vietnamese native speaker is the easiest approach to identifying typos, strange language, and unclear passages.

As native speakers, they will be able to see cultural errors in the translation. It’s important not to skip this stage if you’re going to be presenting documents to clients.


#5. Translate Styles & Tone

Businesses in various areas frequently allow their personalities to shine through in the tone of voice they use in their publications for Vietnamese document translation services. This is an important aspect of branding for firms.

When translating documents, it’s critical that the translated texts have the same tone and style in Vietnamese. This could include slang, comparable punctuation, or sentence length.

For example, Vietnamese personal pronouns utilize in a variety of ways.


#6. Work With Professional Vietnamese Document Translation Service Firms

Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Vietnamese document translation is an expensive process, which is why it should be done right from the start. Translators who are localization experts can provide insights into not only the appropriate language to use but also the culture of the Vietnamese market. You would not be investing wisely in localization if you rely on machine translation.

The ideal situation is to work with a translation firm that specializes in your business and products, as well as a strong understanding of the Vietnamese industry and how to communicate effectively with your Vietnamese potential clients.

Professional translators may ensure that your information and messages are translated correctly and accurately, taking into account all of the intricacies of the Vietnamese language in order to convey the intended emotions and context. It is critical to correctly translate your messages from the source language into the Vietnamese language for your Vietnamese document translation services.


In Conclusion

Before planning a Vietnamese expansion, it is vital for organizations to have all of the necessary information. Understanding the Vietnamese market necessitates extensive research. Localizing your website, content, company, and product information is a significant financial investment, so you will need the right resources, from data to people. Make sure that translators are involved in the localization effort from the start, as it is difficult and expensive to make modifications once the project is underway.

On the cultural boundaries of the Vietnamese audience, the localization expert can advise web developers and designers, as well as copywriters. There are numerous factors to consider for successful Vietnamese document translation services.

Translations, pictures, behaviours, and colours that are all optimized for your Vietnamese area and culturally appropriate are vital to your corporate and brand growth.


To Avoid Making These Mistakes, Hire A Professional.

With expertise and training, you can avoid these document translation blunders. That’s why, for the most accurate results, you might wish to engage a professional translation service.

Vietnamese Document Translation Services

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