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How to Boost Your Social Media Channels in Thailand Through Thai Translation Services?

Posted by Anne Q. on January 17, 2022.

There is a great preference for social media in the Thai population, which leads to the high penetration rate of these platforms in this country. It comes as no surprise that Thailand is an ideal target market for developing social media channels to make a real shot in the arm for increasing sales and engagement rates. Thanks to the use of online social media content combined with Thai translation, this aim can be more easily fulfilled than ever. 

This is also the topic for GTE Localize’s today article that helps you to find out the best solutions to boost up your channels via social networks along with Thai Translation Services in the Thai market. 

What Do You Need to Know Before Translating Your Social Media Content into Thai?

First and foremost, it is essential to look at some important and specific factors when it comes to promotion in Thai social media. As you have come to understand them, you can make the right decision to reach local audiences in an effective way. 

#1. Know Which Social Media Sites are Popular in Thailand

With 133 per cent of the population owning mobile phones and 70 per cent of the population using Facebook, Thailand is absolutely a mobile-first country as well as an obsessed fan of social media. This circumstance facilitates the fast and sustainable growth of marketing and localization by means of social platforms. 

Most-used social media platforms in Thailand_Thai translation services

Most-used social media platforms in Thailand

Of all these sites, the dominant positions belong to Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram which all have the ability to share Thai language-translated video content in common. To save time and maximize reach, you can download your Instagram Reels with Thai language or subtitles and then share them seamlessly on TikTok and YouTube. By making the best use of these social sites combined with Thai Translation Services, you get the most successful method to make your content’s extension better.


#2. Know Your Thai Audience

thai translation services - audiences

Knowledge about the target audience is a decisive factor that contributes to the success of a marketing strategy. That is to say, some typical characteristics such as age, gender, location, hobby, time-of-use rate, etc. make up the customer’s insight and consequently affect directly to your performance. 

To deal with this, you need to take time and make efforts in doing profound research to identify and evaluate potential customers, then draw up a well-prepared plan with careful step-by-step processes to conquer the target market.  

As for Thailand, the young age structure can be considered as an advantage for international marketers who want to penetrate this market because the young tend to catch up with the worldwide trends on social media via popular hashtags or top trending lists. Therefore, knowing your audience’s liking means you own the golden opportunity to pioneer the hottest and latest content in Thailand by translating them into the Thai language. 


#3. Produce Attractive Visual Content

There is no doubt about the better results that can be brought about when using visual content. Although you can choose a lot of visual forms to liven up your messages such as infographics, images,… video marketing still plays a major role in conveying what you want to express. In 2020, people spend an average of 84 minutes a day watching videos and the consumption of video content will continue increasing in the future according to the estimation of Marketing Charts

Thailand, clearly, will not stay out of this tendency as the data recorded in 2018 showed that over 57 per cent of the Thai population watch online video every day. The more they watch, the higher demand they make for Thai translation services.  

social media behaviour on social media

Social Media Behaviours in Thailand

Together with the endless creativity and unique ideas that break the old order of Thai advertiser, visual content – in particular Thai translated videos – have a very promising future ahead.  


#4. Emphasize The Brand’s Culture

Thailand is famous for its unique and exceptional culture, which can be emphasized partly by the representation of the native language. To put it another way, using Thai translation is an optimal way to show your respect and love for Thai culture. In this way, the audiences have a good impression of your brand as the one that puts effort into localization with respectful movements. 


#5. Offer Assurance To Consumers

Using Thai translation services to approach Thai audiences is an intelligent way to demonstrate your guarantee of intense understanding and wide knowledge about their country. The best way to convince customers and gain credibility is by conveying your messages in their native language.  


How To Use Thai Translation Services To Increase Your Social Media Engagement in Thailand?

#1. Don’t Just Translate, Localize

Performing any kind of language translation requires appropriate cultural integration. This means merely translating is not enough, there needs to be a total localization in time and in culture as well. 

The update for popular terms in the field, region, age, or any relevant cultural words such as slang, colloquial speech, expressions, abbreviation, or even the latest trending memes, jokes, and internet language can help your translation make sense in the right context. 

For example, young people in Thailand prefer to use “555” to mean “funny” since this number has the same pronunciation as “hahaha”. When knowing this, the translator has no difficulty in finding the right meaning for the word.  


#2. Use High-Quality Translations Only

A premium translation can assure your engagement in social media thanks to its accuracy and adaptability, which play vital parts in successful localization in Thailand. In other words, the high-quality Thai translation services provided by a qualified provider can help to boost sales as well as engagement rates via social media channels in the Thai market. 

Having an understanding that high-quality translations are of great importance, GTE Localize brings you comprehensive and high-quality Thai translation services. With years of experience in the field, GTE Localize is a reliable provider for Thai translation and localization services that always define our duty is to guide clients to reach the optimal answer for the question of how to boost up social media channels in the Thai market. 

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