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How Much Do Indonesian Translation Services Cost?

Posted by Anne Q. on December 07, 2021.

The demand for translation services for the Indonesian language has increased significantly in recent years to serve the work of both international businesses and individuals. When it comes to Indonesian translation services, besides quality, Indonesian translation costs are the second-most important factor that every company pays heed to. Minimizing costs is the goal of many businesses when implementing an Indonesian translation project. The hard question is How can you reduce the Indonesian translation costs for your projects? To find the answer to this question, you first need to understand which factors affect the costs of your translation projects first.

So, in this post, let’s discuss different factors that have a direct influence on the price of an Indonesian localization project.

Types of Indonesian Translation Services

The first factor that you need to consider is how many types of translation services there are and which type of service is suitable for your business project. When it comes to Indonesian translation, most translation agencies offer three main services:

First is TO service (Translation Only). For this service, one translator translates your source content into Indonesian and then self-review their own translation to eliminate errors. This is the cheapest of the three services of Indonesian localization. Since only one translator handles the whole content, it is likely that some errors are not detected. We only recommend this service for internal uses.


The second type of Indonesian localization service is TE (short for Translation and Editing), which is more expensive than the first service. As the name implies, this service has the involvement of both translators and editors. After a rough translation of the information of the original text, the translator will correct the style and nuances of the translated Indonesian version. One experienced editor will also review the whole translation again before delivering it to clients. TE documents have high accuracy and can be used for external purposes. 

The last type of service, which is also the most expensive type of Indonesian translation service out of the three, is TEP. TEP stands for Translation, Editing, and Proofreading. After finishing translating and editing, a proofreader will revise the whole text again to guarantee the consistency and smoothness of the project. While the highest quality can be guaranteed, high costs might be a drawback of this service.


Language pairs

Indonesian translation costs are also affected by language pairs. Source and target languages ​​having a similar sentence structure and equivalence in writing such as the alphabet or origin will be easier to translate, which means it requires less time to translate and lower costs. 

Since Indonesian is also made up of the Latin alphabet and Indonesia exchanges and cooperates economically with foreign countries, some words of the Indonesian language are also borrowed from English. For example, a rice cooker in Indonesian is still “a rice cooker”. Therefore, for Indonesian translation into English or French, or German, the cost will be lower than Indonesian localization and translation into Korean, Chinese, or Japanese.


Project Volume and Word Repetition

To calculate the costs of Indonesian translation, you also need to know the project volume and word repetition. In most cases, the Indonesian translation cost is calculated per word. Thus, the higher the number of words is, the more money you have to pay. 

Even when the project’s volume is similar, the costs might not be the same. You should take word repetition into account. Currently, most companies and translators use translation support tools called CAT tools when doing a translation project in any language, even Indonesian translation. With many useful features, CAT tools help translators avoid translating the same words twice.


Words that the translator has translated before will automatically be used for the next project, ensuring the consistency of the translation and saving time when translating into Indonesian. What’s more, you don’t have to pay the full price for these repeated words. From the matching ratio of words in a document, the translator or translation agency will offer different costs to customers. A document with a low word repetition rate will cost you much more than one with a high word repetition rate.  To see how CAT tools are used in Indonesian localization and translation projects, you can learn more here


Content Complexity

The cost of Indonesian translation is also affected by the content of the source text. The content is diverse in many fields and topics from basic to difficult. For basic or easy documents and materials, the cost of Indonesian translation will be lower compared to documents containing a lot of specialized words or slang. In addition, if you ask your translators to be able to translate words in a more creative way, e.g. translating poetry or advertising slogans, the cost of your Indonesian translation project will be higher because it is much more complicated.



The final factor that affects the costs of Indonesian translation is the deadline. Regardless of the field, you must pay attention to deadlines. The faster you want to translate Indonesian, the higher the cost is. If you are in hurry, the content will be allocated to more translators to make sure the deadline is met. More linguists equal more costs. 


Thus, if you expect to save costs, make sure to always plan ahead to avoid extra costs from urgent Indonesian translation services.


Let’s Summarize

In short, calculating the costs of an Indonesian translation project is far from an easy task. To accurately calculate the price, it is necessary to consider various factors. Understanding how each factor influences the project cost will help you well prepare for a cost-effective Indonesian translation. We hope this article has given you useful insights into Indonesian translation services. Good luck with your upcoming translation project!

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