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How Many Languages Spoken In Russia?

Posted by Ethan N. on December 16, 2023.

It is very simple to presume that only one or two languages are spoken in a place that one is unfamiliar with. In some incredibly little nations, this might be the case, but Russia is the world’s largest nation in terms of land area. Russia is home to 160 distinct ethnic groupings, each of which roughly 120 different languages spoken in Russia. Despite being a nation that is part of two distinct continents, Russia has an equally remarkable linguistic diversity as an ethnic diversity.

1. 5 Most Common Languages Spoken In Russia



As the second most widespread language in Russia, Tatar has approximately 4.2 million native speakers. The language’s origins can be traced back to the Mongol invasion of Rus, which had a profound impact on modern Russia’s political and cultural history. Tatar is now extensively spoken throughout the country and not just in the Tatarstan republic of Russia, but also in its neighboring republics, including Bashkortostan, Mari El, and Udmurtia.

Regarding the rest of the world, China and Poland also have Tatar as a minority language. The language was originally written in Arabic script, but now has two official scripts: Latin and Cyrillic. Only the Cyrillic script is used in Russia. It also has many different dialects, the two main ones being Western, also called Mishar, and Kazan, the literary language. 


In addition to the Chechen Republic, Ingushetia and Dagestan (the republic with a record of 14 official languages!) also recognize the Chechen language as official. There are more than 1.3 million native speakers of this language. The language is also used in North Ossetia, Georgia, and even Jordan, outside of its own country. The writing system of the primarily Islamic region was formerly Arabic-based, but it has subsequently changed to Cyrillic.



Bashkir is Russia’s third indigenous languages spoken in Russia, spoken by around 1.1 million people. It is closely related to the Tatar language and spoken throughout most of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), from the Urals (Chelyabinsk, Orenburg, etc.) and the Volga Region (Bashkortostan and Tatarstan) to neighboring nations (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and so on). The language known as Bashkir is utilized in print, media, and education. It is the co-official language of. Northwestern, Eastern, and Southern dialects are the three main categories of the language.


Ukrainian is an official language in a different nation than the other languages spoken in Russia. Because the two nations had a Soviet background, Russia uses it. After Russian, it is the second most spoken Slavic language worldwide and the 26th most spoken language overall. In Russia, 1.1 million individuals identify as native speakers of Ukrainian. Remarkably, a sizable population of native speakers lives in the Komi Republic and Chukotka regions of northern Russia. While Russian and Ukrainian are able to communicate pretty effectively, Ukrainian vocabulary is actually more similar to those of Belarusian, Polish, and Serbian. 


The sole language of the Oghur branch to have survived is Chuvash, which is spoken mostly in the Chuvash Republic. Despite this, there are not many parallels between Chuvash and other Turkic languages. More than a million people in Russia speak it, and it is recognized legally in Chuvashia. It is audible throughout Siberia, the Volga and Ural areas. The language, which was first written in Arabic script and then the Old Turkic alphabet, is now written in Cyrillic and is utilized in media and educational institutions.

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Given that many languages are spoken in Russia, there are around 258 million Russian speakers in the world, according to Ethnologue. If you merely listen to your business in Russian, people will find it amazing that you are presenting it in their mother tongue. It is a common desire among multilingual individuals to receive services in their native tongue. If this request is fulfilled, it would not only benefit them but also make them feel more connected. A variety of products and services are available that specify the kind of company that they may include. If those products and services are offered to individuals from a specific location in their native tongue.

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A certain company now uses the Russian language as an easy approach to communicate messages. If the firm engages in a certain industry, the translation mode facilitates easy communication between the company and Russian speakers and those in Russia.

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If a certain kind of business wishes to take its operations worldwide, it will need to translate, and if that translation is currently being done into Russian, it will undoubtedly aid in that expansion. The significance of the languages spoken in Russia has led to the use of this specific strategy by several businesses to grow globally, and this trend is only growing in the present day. It only takes hiring specialized translation services to help with accurate text translation, which will enable a firm to operate smoothly and effectively through its website.

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