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How Can Vietnamese Website Translation Services Boost Your Sales Up To 3 Times More Than Competitors?

Posted by Chloe G. on October 25, 2021.

Vietnamese website translation services are a crucial step if your business wants to grow fast, get more customers, conversions, and sales goals in Vietnam.

Assuming that there are two companies that provide similar services, features, and target audiences. The only thing different is that one website is in your native language, while the other is in English. Which of the two websites would you choose to visit? You will open a webpage in your native language in this scenario, as with the majority of people.

In the digital era, you will get only 3 seconds to attract your customer to your website. Only one small change can give a big competitive advantage. A great company doesn’t spare anything that makes them different from others.

Here are 5 reasons why you should translate your website to suit your target market:

    • Boost your revenue by 25% over your competitors (Source: CSA Research) 
    • Gives your company a distinct competitive advantage. 
    • Make your business unique compared to monolingual websites
    • Obtain a competitive advantage over your competition
    • People will be interested and feel comfortable with your website since a website in their native language provides customers with a sense of exclusivity.

But language is not just language but a whole culture, so website translation is never enough. You have to do much more if you want to localize a website. To reach a larger audience, we recommend that you overcome language and cultural obstacles by localizing your website content for local clients.

When your website can adjust your message to an audience with a comprehensive cultural background, it’s known as website localization. As a result, your target customer will be able to comprehend what you perform.

Using website translation services to create a multilingual website can help your business increase sales. The benefits of having Vietnamese translation services for your website are as follows:

Expanding Your Business in Vietnam

In today’s globe, commerce is no longer limited to national borders. It now has a global presence. There’s no denying that doing business on a global scale is difficult, but using simple techniques makes it easier.

Investing in online translation services to create a multilingual website is one of the simplest and coolest methods to tap into the worldwide market. And Vietnam is a lucrative market for your company with Vietnamese translation services.

With a population of 97 million people, Vietnam has had one of the world’s fastest-expanding economies over the previous two decades, averaging 6.5 percent GDP growth. Vietnam’s Internet economy, which has grown at a rate of 38% annually since 2015, was valued at $12 billion last year. According to some research reports, it is predicted to reach $43 billion by 2025.

Here are the top 7 leading e-commerce players in Vietnam in the first quarter of 2021:

Vietnamese Website Translation Services

How Can Vietnamese Website Translation Services Boost Your Sales 3 Times More Than Competitors?

Last quarter, Shopee with a localized website set a new online traffic record in Vietnam, with 63 million monthly visits. According to data compiled by Malaysian online buying aggregator iPrice Group, the Singapore online shopping platform outnumbered the next two combined, Vietnamese businesses Mobile World (29 million) and Tiki (19 million).

Summary, it is vital to use Vietnamese website translation services in Vietnamese market.

Increase Brand Awareness

A multilingual website boosts brand recognition. People will treat your brand as an international brand if your website supports multiple languages. As a result, the value of your brand will rise. Your sales will naturally increase as your brand equity grows.

Brand Awareness

To target a niche market in the local market, it is preferable to employ the local language. Your customer will feel more at ease once they have a clear understanding of your brand. As a result, they find it easier to communicate.


Build Trust by Vietnamese Website Translation Services  

The way your audience engages with your brand is heavily influenced by translation. It is said that 65 % of Vietnamese consumers prefer to buy from websites that are available in Vietnamese.

It appears that localizing your website increases your chances of selling.  

The study demonstrates the importance of languages in building a relationship with your customers. When you talk in a language that your audience understands, you have a better chance of gaining their trust.

Misread words, communication blunders, concealed information, and extra expenditures will not be a concern for your audience. They’ll trust you if they comprehend all of your terms and conditions. You can improve your online and offline reputation, raise brand awareness, and increase sales.


Improve Your Google Ranking in Vietnam

Google has 200 ranking variables, according to Neil Patel, one of the most famous SEO strategists in the world. A translated website is a crucial consideration among them. Your website’s keyword, meta tag, and title can all be translated to help it rank on Google’s first page.


If you want to accomplish local SEO, the translated keyword and headline are the most important factors to consider. As a result, online website translation services allow you to establish multilingual websites and earn Google’s trust. 

Improve your Google ranking, and your business will get more website traffic, conversations, and sales.

With a market share of 92% in Vietnam, Google is the most popular search engine, so your business should use Vietnamese website translation services for your business.



In today’s world, Vietnamese website translation services are critical for any corporate organization wishing to reach a variety of local languages. Localizing a website is a complicated procedure that should be handled by high-quality translation companies. 

Vietnamese Website Translation Services

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