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The Ultimate Guide For Hiring Japanese Translator In Seattle

Posted by Ethan N. on June 15, 2023.

Why is Seattle seeing an increase in the demand for Japanese translation services?  Seattle, the largest city in the State of Washington, is one of the most picturesque and multicultural cities in the country. Its lakes and verdant woodlands coexist with its tall skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology.

Everyone requires a translation service to assist them with the verbal exchanges required by human interaction and communication with people from other nations and cultures. As a Japanese to English translation agency that supports Singaporean firms across a wide range of industries, it is clear that savvy enterprises in Singapore need our services.  The best instructions for hiring a Japanese translator in Seattle are provided here.

1. The demand for Japanese translator in Seattle

Japanese spoken

The only nation in the world to designate Japanese as its official language is Japan. Japanese is spoken by about 120 million people who reside in Japan and by an additional 3 million people outside of Japan. Brazilian, U.S., and Philippine populations of Japanese speakers make up the majority of the Japanese diaspora. Japanese-speaking groups, however, are widespread and not restricted to any one area.

Japanese education

The U.S. Intelligence Community requires people to be fluent in reading, writing, and/or speaking Japanese as one of the languages. The American government has invested in a number of programs, such as FLAS and Fulbright funds, to create individuals who are proficient in Japanese at the ILR Level 2 (ACTFL Advanced).

Japanese has benefited from the curricular and programmatic support provided by the National Foreign Language Center (NFLC), which aims to advance the quality of foreign language programs at individual colleges and institutions as well as at the K–12 level.

Japanese brands in Seattle

Seattle is growing as a place for businesses to prosper by translating their products to Seattle. However, working with a Japanese translator in Seattle is essential to a precise and effective translation due to the complexity of the language.

We are aware of how irritating it might be for an established company to get a subpar translation. Therefore, to complete your projects, you must hire Japanese translators in Seattle who are knowledgeable, completely qualified, and capable of providing Japanese translation services in Seattle with the highest standards of quality and punctuality.

Hiring Japanese translators on digital platforms such as Upwork, Fiver

There are various ways to hire a Japanese translator in Seattle. Some job searching for businesses on social media and employment boards. Here are a few examples of websites like Upwork and Fiver where you can locate translation jobs. 

These websites connect companies with independent translators. These websites were developed with the express intention of providing Japanese translation services. These sites receive requests for translation from businesses. The website assigns the task to a qualified translator who has signed up on the website. 


2. The Challenges of hiring Japanese translator in Seattle

Cultural aspects

Japan is frequently regarded as having a more “Western” culture than other Asian nations. There are undoubtedly numerous parallels when compared to the United States, but there are also many cultural contrasts between Japan and Seattle, U.S. 

Depending on whatever part of Japan you mean, this generalization may not be accurate, but overall, Tokyo in particular is known for having a colder social climate than the majority of American cities. When speaking to or about one another, people usually stand a good distance apart and utilize their last names with honorifics. This is illustrated by the many methods used in customer service. Ideal customer service in Seattle is typically cordial and welcoming. It is formal and unobtrusive in Japan.

Non-expertise in translation

Japanese statements frequently require cultural contexts since the language is so ingrained in its social conventions and culture. As an illustration, the connotation of some words is sometimes hazy and ambiguous, resulting in the literal definition of a Japanese word differing from its underlying meaning. For instance, it may not be obvious from a Japanese expression whether it refers to a person of the female or male gender or if the subject of the expression is singular or plural. Because of the uncertainty, an accurate translation would require knowledge of the text’s cultural background in Japanese.

This has the drawback that errors may be introduced if the revisor has limited experience or is not an expert in that particular sector. You require a Japanese translator in Seattle who is fluent in both the source and target languages as well as knowledgeable about the jargon used in your industry.

You should think about communicating your organization’s style to translators before hiring them.  Although employing a specialist Japanese translation in Seattle might help you accomplish the assignment more quickly and successfully, it is sometimes disregarded as irrelevant.

Do you favor a younger, more laid-back attitude while communicating, for instance, or do you employ formal business language? Would you rather say “client” or “consumer” than “customer” or “shopper” instead?

If your translator has knowledge of your industry, it will speed up word selection and aid to maintain your translation consistent with the image of your company.

Non-native Japanese translator in Seattle

It is not sufficient to merely translate the material into the target language. Additionally, it needs to be localized to meet the requirements of the intended audience. Only if the audience connects with the translation will it be effective.

What is considered acceptable in one may be considered taboo in the other. For instance, the word “fanny” is frequently used and considered neutral in US English (as in “fanny pack”), whereas it is frequently considered to be sexual slang for women in British English.

Therefore, to avoid any localization issues, ensure that any Japanese translator in Seattle you engage are native Japanese speakers before you hire them. Perhaps the most crucial step when hiring translators is to evaluate them before you begin working with them.

Insecure freelancers

Your freelancer showed you some examples of the work he says he has done for other clients. What is the assurance that he is speaking the truth and that the work was actually completed by him? 

To boost their chances of being employed, freelancers can very easily fabricate all of their information. While some of them are simple to recognize, many others are popping up who are skilled con artists who can even forge their own personal documents! How will you recognize these people? And will you ever give such persons access to your company?


3. GTE Localize provides the top-notch Japanese translation services in Seattle

GTE Localize offers professional Japanese translation services by a Japanese translator in Seattle. Japanese document translations are required for marketing, business, legal, and immigration-related reasons. Any personal documents submitted with a visa application will be translated into certified Japanese.

We offer quick and accurate Japanese translation within deadlines since we have a skilled staff of translators for more than 60 languages and a professional DTP team to handle any project that requires brochure typesetting.


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