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Make Your Content Multilingual With A High-Rated Online Russian Translation Service

Posted by Chloe G. on September 25, 2022.

The promising Russian market attracts a huge number of foreign brands, resulting in a huge increase in the need for online Russian translation services.

After Bengali, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi, English, Spanish, and Chinese, Russian is the eighth most spoken language in the world with over 154 million native speakers, making the Russian-speaking market one of the biggest markets and may greatly expand your reach. It’s crucial to have a precise online Russian translation service in order to reach a larger local audience. To help you grow fast in the Russian market, we’ll go over the main points about online Russian translation services in this blog.

#1. What should you notice about the Russian language?

To get success in the Russian market, you should know some essential tips about the Russian language and Russian localization. Here are some vital things you should know before starting your online Russian translation services.

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Russian is the official language in 4 countries

Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan all have Russian as their official language. In many former Soviet nations, including Ukraine, it is regarded as the de facto language of communication. These include Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, and Estonia.

It is important for your business to choose the right market and target it with the right Russian translation and localization plan. Choosing the right market from the beginning will help you save tons of time and money.

Russian is derived from Old East Slavic

The forefathers of current Russians spoke Old East Slavic dialects, which were connected to other East Slavic dialects, up until the 14th century. Old Church Slavonic, which was also spoken, was widely used in Kievan Rus.

Some English words are of Russian origin

Bolshevik, Cosmonaut, Mammoth, Pogrom, Samovar, Sputnik, Taiga, Tsar, Ushanka, and vodka are a few interesting examples. You should notice these words for your Russian translation projects. 

Russian surnames vary by gender

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First names, family names, and patronymic names—the father’s name plus the suffixes -ovich for sons and -ovna for daughters—make up Russian names. Therefore, if a father named Ivan has a son and a daughter, the patronymic names of the children will be Ivanovich for the son and Ivanovna for the daughter.

To deal with this challenge, you need to count on a native Russian linguist or a reliable Russian translation and localization agency that has years of experience in the industry for your next Russian translation and localization projects.

There are some Russian untranslatable words

Have you ever encountered a questioner? The Russian language wonderfully characterizes a person who does it, whether it be at work or through a film. One who asks too many inquiries is referred to as a “Pochemuchka” by the untranslatable word.

You should make a guideline and set clear needs from the beginning for your linguist so that you can take qualified Russian translation and localization projects.

Russian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet

With the exception of a dozen additional letters created to reflect Slavic sounds that were absent from Greek, the Cyrillic alphabet is quite similar to the Greek alphabet. In the early Middle Ages, Cyrillic was originally written in Russia.

Russian is a complex language, it is needed to choose a professional translation agency to work on your Russian translation and localization projects.

Russian nouns have genders

Except for nouns that specifically refer to a living thing that has a gender, like “doe” and “buck,” all nouns in English are gender-neutral. Nouns in Russian can be masculine, feminine, or neuter. Sometimes a noun’s gender and the gender of the item it refers to are the same. Gender is frequently fully random, so it will frequently be necessary to memorize the words and their genders.

When it comes to Russian translation and localization, your brand needs to use Translation + Editing services or Translation + Editing + proofreading service for your Russian translation and localization projects to avoid any possible mistakes, and get the best outcomes.

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#2. Benefits of online Russian translations

A translated Russian website will bring you a lot of benefits. See the details below.

Improving conversion rates 

According to CSA Research, about 76% of users like to read and buy stuff in their native tongue. In comparison to websites that are only available in one language, a multilingual website improves the on-website rate. When you translate your website into Russian, your bounce rate will go down and your conversion rate will go up. Russian-language websites give customers the impression that they fully comprehend every step of the purchasing procedure.

Boost your online sales and revenue

Your website will reach more target audiences thanks to online Russian translation services. Because a proficient Russian translation expert delivers your audience the information they desire and can easily understand entirely on their own. People will trust and like to buy things on a Russian website. So if you offer online Russian content, your sales and revenue will be improved and boosted in the market. 

Increase the time invested on a website

Google will assess the amount of time a person spends on a website as they interact with all of the information, including all pages and documents. If a person spends a lot of time on your website, they have generally already found what they were looking for. This demonstrates that online Russian translation service not only gives a better user experience but also aids in achieving SEO benefits.

Enhance customer centrism

The most important factor in developing a customer-centric strategy is online translation. If your competitors do not offer high-quality content in visitors’ native tongue, they will not feel appreciated and recognized.


#3. Ready to get started on your online Russian translation services

When your content is properly translated into the Russian language, you will notice that your local client reach improves. With the help of expert Russian business translation for your content, your brand will have a greater online presence and attract more loyal Russian visitors.

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Through online Russian translation services, you can expand your company’s market internationally. Since GTE Localize is one of the best translation companies on GoodFirms, we are available to help if you intend to translate your online content into/from Russian. Being a reputable Russian translation service provider, we have a thorough understanding of the translation market and have collaborated with numerous businesses such as Facebook, Google, Tiktok, etc, which has enabled us to meet all of your online Russian translation requirements.

To get a 1:1 consultation for your online Russian translation services, get in touch with our team now.