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Posted by Chloe G. on August 31, 2022.

For the majority of businesses, French translation and localization are becoming more crucial in the French market. You need to work with the best French translation company if you want to guarantee that your information is translated properly and accurately. However, picking a Professional French translation company to deal with might be challenging. A pool of hundreds of professional french translation service providers could make you feel overburdened.

If you’re wondering how to pick a professional french translation company, read on. To assist you in finding the best French translation agency, we’ve put up a list of the top five criteria to look for.

Vital notes for French localization & translation

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Given how ubiquitous and adaptable French is as a language, any company that wants to grow within the francophone market would profit from French localization. Here are our top recommendations for localizing content when approaching markets that speak French.

  • French is spoken by 300 million people worldwide.
  • After English, French is the second most common language used in diplomacy.
  • After Mandarin, French is the fifth most spoken language. Arabic, French, Spanish, and English
  • The fourth most popular language on the Internet is French.
  • The third most common language used in a business is French.
  • The second language used in worldwide media is French.
  • More than 29 nations throughout the world have French as their official language, including Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cote D’Ivoire in Africa and Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, and Luxembourg in Europe.
  • Canadian French differs from its European “mother” in several subtle ways, including grammar, stylistic elements, vocabulary, and even pronunciation. The vocabulary from other languages that are frequently found in Canadian French (sometimes blended with English) and the penchant for slang and informal manner are two significant differences from standard French, which is, in essence, more formal and friendly.
  • The French have a reputation for seeking offers. The rates supplied by several suppliers are frequently compared before French customers make an online purchase. Do some research on your rivals before setting your price. Attempt to publish your product on French product comparison websites as well.
  • The three biggest e-commerce holidays in France are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. For these holidays, take note and provide necessary French translation and localization.
  • In the French market, customer service quality is recognized and given top priority. It is crucial to emphasize quality by translating customer testimonials, client lists, case studies, customer experiences, etc.
  • French customers value cost transparency. They prefer to have information on an order’s delivery time tracking and want to be aware of all expenses before checking out. To effectively communicate with French clients, your company needs to plan and create French translations and relevant content. 
  • To read more french localization guides, you can check out our post.


GTE Localize – A trusted French translation company for your business

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To satisfy your translation demands, GTE Localize will always have the best traditional French translators and subject matter experts. For the benefit of your company’s operations, GTE Localize provides a wide range of professional French translation services. Our objective is to consistently outperform your expectations in all of our services.

#1. 100% native French linguists

Our native French speakers who have at least five years of professional linguist expertise handle all of our French translation tasks. Additionally, they have an extensive understanding of the subjects they translate into and familiarity with a range of French translation materials.

#2. Cost-effective translations without hidden costs

As a high-rated French translation company, GTE Localize guarantees to deliver top-notch French translation services within your price range. We make sure that every cent you give us is used wisely. In other words, we provide the best translation quality at the most affordable price.

#3. Strict quality control

For all of our projects, GTE Localize actively conducts a Quality Assurance round or an internal LQA round to guarantee that you get the best caliber French translation (for high-volume projects). These extra processes won’t incur any more costs for you because GTE Localize will cover them.

#4. Lifetime warranty

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GTE Localize is a cost-saving French translation company that adheres to all French translations produced by our qualified translators and assures the caliber of our French to English translation services. We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our French translation services starting from the day of final delivery. Our experts will address any problems with your French translations.

#5. 24/7 customer service

Whether you contact us by phone, chat, email, or another method, we always do our best to respond to you quickly. In addition, we can work with you through our Project Managers, each of whom has extensive competence in their area. It can improve your work’s accessibility and help you establish a long-lasting working relationship.

#6. Technology-assisted translation projects

We are aware of how crucial technology is to a productive and efficient workflow. To deliver high translation quality for every French to English translation project, we employ the best procedure and translation tools. We support all CAT Tools available on the market and work with numerous localization management platforms like Crowdin and Lokalise to provide you with consistent and expert French to English translation solutions.


French translation cost

The price of French translation services is influenced by some factors. The following three important variables directly affect the rate:

  • The project’s scope: The number of words in your source documents is often used to determine a French translation quote.
  • The service level you choose: We provide three levels of French translation services: translation only, translation + editing, and translation + editing + proofreading. The cost will increase as your French translation project requires more steps.
  • Content type: The price of our French translation services depends on how difficult the original material is to translate. Documents with a high level of specialized knowledge are more expensive than documents without.

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Engage with French customers with a reliable French translation company

We have seen throughout this article what makes an effective content localization strategy for entering French-speaking markets, with its layers of content processing and adaptation to streamline the workflow and connect with a new audience, addressing particular coordinates like purchasing habits, customer behaviors, and cultural differences for the specifically targeted geographies.

As a recommended French translation company on GoodFirms, We at GTE Localize are quite proud of our broad range of expert localization services for a variety of content categories, from exact texts to original writing. Our professional French localization services are offered by multilingual content SMEs who are native to the market’s top language combinations. They will walk you through each step of the challenging localization processes and give you a platform to speak internationally through the appropriate content that is catered to your needs.

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