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Any content written for the healthcare industry requires a high level of precision since the life and health of a person may be at risk. Healthcare translation, therefore, also needs to reflect this prioritization on accuracy. As a language service provider, we at GTE Localize understand how vital it is to be precise when working with materials related to healthcare.


Types of Healthcare contents:

GTE Localize cover a wide variety of healthcare documents. Such documents include but not limited to:

  • Patient medical histories
  • Hospital employee manuals
  • Hospital & insurance reports
  • Information & directional signs
  • Public health websites
  • Brochures, booklets & pamphlets
  • Patient service agreements

Our linguist qualification:

For healthcare translation, our translators and reviewers:

Are native-speaking translators with certificate of fluency in the target language, qualified to a MBA or MsC degree (subject matter experts) in healthcare-related fields (medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, medical device manufacturing and more)

Have minimum 05 years of experience translating healthcare documents for many top healthcare organizations (Anthem Mamcom, Amerigroup, Health Net, Aetna, MetLife, etc.,)

Are well-familiar with various document types (patient medical histories, patient service agreements, brochures, booklets, etc.,)


language Pairs we serve:

 English to Vietnamese

 English to Korean

 English to Japanese

 English to Chinese

 English to Burmese

 English to Thai

 English to Khmer

 English to Malay

 English to Lao

 English to Indonesian

 Korean to Vietnamese

Japanese to Vietnamese

 Chinese to Vietnamese

 Thai to Vietnamese

 Khmer to Vietnamese

Some of our experience:

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Tranlation samples:

Translation of healthcare on Trados Studio(English to Vietnamese)

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