As you may already know, at the end of this September, linguists from all over the world have the reason to celebrate. The World Translation Day which falls on 30 September annually is a special occasion to celebrate the importance of language translation and express appreciation to those who bridge the gaps of languages and cultures through their linguistic work.


In the past, 30th of September was known as the day of St. Jerome who was praised for his work of Bible translation from original Hebrew into Latin. St. Jerome is also considered as the patron of all translators and interpreters. It was not until 1991 that the idea of International Translation Day was presented by Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs, according to TAUS. Each year since then, FIT chooses a theme for the holiday. Last year’s theme was “Translation and Diversity”. For this year 2018, the FIT council has announced the theme is “Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing time”.


As the theme suggests, 2018 International Translation Day highlights the role of translation in promoting an understanding of the intangible cultural heritage of others to enhance mutual respect in our fast changing world.


Thank a translator 


It is no doubt that without translators and interpreters’ work, our world would be a much smaller place. Regardless of increasing talks about machine translators, the human influence in localization is still significant, which can be seen through the amount of technical and linguistic expertise translators at work everyday to connect the world. 

So, let’s send a grateful thank to every translator you know on the incoming 30th of September.


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