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Ultimate Guide to Recruit Excellent Translation Partners for Your Thai Translation Projects

Posted by Anne Q. on January 11, 2022.

Thailand has grown to become Southeast Asia’s second-biggest economy, drawing international enterprises, professionals, students, visitors, and investors. All of them are looking for the best Thai translation services to expand their business.

In this article, GTE will present the most accurate and up-to-date guide for investors to find great Thai translation partners for your upcoming Thai translation projects.

#1. Compare The Shortlisted Thai Translation Candidates

As you can see, the Thai language has a lot of features that are foreign to other language speakers. It necessitates that human translators who have a comprehensive command of the language, as well as cultural and regional understanding, should be assigned to handle Thai translation projects.

Compare The Shortlisted Thai Translation Candidates

As a result, you need to conduct careful research on the Internet, then create a shortlist of 5-7 suitable translation partners. Here are some considerations in order to exclude certain irrelevant or inappropriate Thai translation agencies.

The Company Information

Look on the Internet for translation businesses in your nation that can help you with the job you need. Begin by identifying a small number of organizations and attempting to locate their websites, where you may learn a great deal about them. You may find information about the type of work they often undertake as well as a list of clientele with whom they have worked. This will offer you a better understanding of the areas of speciality where the firm is most likely to work.

You should care about the language combinations they provide, the services they give, or the company’s portfolio or CV. These testimonials demonstrate their real-world expertise in the localization sector, as well as in localizing material in your fields. Those with extensive knowledge in the field may assure fewer errors and higher overall quality.

Certification and Quality

Certification is a documented record of a translator’s or translation agency’s ability to manage translation jobs.

Choose translators who have completed professional language and translation education and training (such as a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation or ATA Certification).

Working with ISO-certified translation agencies is highly recommended since it demonstrates their dedication to following globally recognized standards. Consider translation firms that have received ISO 9001:2015 certification for their quality management system or that have met the ISO 17100:2015 requirements for translation services.

The Company’s Feedback

It’s also crucial to solicit feedback on the company’s efforts. You might inquire of friends or business associates who have already worked with the translation firms you’ve identified. This way, you’ll be able to compile a more comprehensive picture of how much people trust each of the firms you’re looking at. You can search up the rankings, views, and ratings for numerous firms on the above-mentioned portals. All of this information is necessary for you to examine each translation company on your own, so you may contact only those who have been recommended by others.


#2. Your Essential Requests to a Thai Translation Partner

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of prospects, you still need to ask a few possible applicants to do a few brief activities to determine whether they fit your project.

Ask about Their Price and Deadline 

It’s frequently useful to know how much you may anticipate spending for a product or service as a customer. Many translation firms, on the other hand, will only provide a fee for an assignment once they have reviewed the content you need to be translated. This is due to the fact that the difficulty of a translation project varies greatly depending on how technical a document is, the topic(s) it addresses, the language combination used, and so on. By reviewing the material ahead of time, the agency can analyze the files and factor in discounts for repeats and already translated passages.

Keep in mind that an agency’s pricing per word includes more than just the translation; it also includes project management and editing charges. If you’re given a quotation that appears too good to be true, the agency may be skimping on one or more aspects of the translation process, lowering the quality of the translations they provide.

Ask about Their Technology and CAT Tools 

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools are used by professional translation services to translate your materials. CAT tools assist enhance the quality of the translation – for example, by ensuring that phrases are translated consistently – while also guaranteeing that you obtain the best possible price for your translation project, because previously translated segments and repeats are either paid less or not at all.

The benefits of CAT tools will have an impact on the total Thai translation expenditures. Employing automated file transmissions will save money and time on administrative operations. You will also pay for fewer working hours since linguists work quicker and correct with fewer errors.

Ask Them to Do a Thai Translation Test

The easiest approach to assess your translation partners’ skills to manage your projects is to have them take a brief exam. To get more exact test results, the exam should include material and keywords related to real-world projects.

The characteristic of the Thai language is it isn’t based on any hard and fast rules. There are no articles, no verb conjugations, no noun declensions, no object pronouns, and, most importantly, no past tense. Therefore, the test reviewer should ideally be a native member of your internal team who can assess both translation correctness and style/tone fit.

Ask Them to Sign the NDA

Remember to sign an NDA before testing the partners since you cannot afford to have any of your company documents exposed during the testing process. In most cases, a competent translation partner would remind you to sign the NDA or will sign it for you if you ask.


#3. Have a Backup Plan for Thai Translation Projects

In rare situations, the translation partner you intend to collaborate with may fail to fulfil deadlines or provide enough quality. A backup plan is necessary to ensure that the translation is completed on time for your company’s business strategy. It may be a different translation partner on your shortlist that has industry-specific experience in the Thai market to take on the assignment on short notice.


To Wrap Up

If your organization or firm outsources to Thailand or communicates with Thais in any other way, Thai translation is a must. And GTE services can guarantee error-free findings, quick turnaround, and the lowest possible cost to you.

Since hundreds of Thai language translators are part of GTE’s global network, we will only deliver extraordinary outcomes whether you require technical Thai services for product packaging literature, technological manuals, outsourcing instructions, and many more. So drop us a line immediately to receive the appealing offers!

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