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Ultimate Guide to Recruit Excellent Translation Partners for Your Indonesian Translation Projects

Posted by Anne Q. on January 07, 2022.

With the position of the largest economy in Southeast Asia and 16th largest in the world, Indonesia has so many advantages to becoming a desirable market for companies and corporations all around the world. As the process to conquer this market demands a lot of careful actions, people take consideration in finding excellent partners to deal with their translation and localization projects.

Knowing the fact that the need for Indonesian translation projects in Indonesian is on the rise, GTE Localize would like to provide this article that it would be possible for our clients to take steps and make a good choice of Indonesian translation service’s provider.

Step 1. List Some Prospective Indonesian Translation Partners

Besides Google which is a rich source to find plenty of qualified freelance translators and translation agencies, using your professional network is also a reliable source to search for good Indonesian translation’s providers. To be more specific, you can ask around your network (e.g. your colleagues or friends) for a recommendation for a good Indonesian translation agency or translator.

A list of ideal Indonesian translation partners is essential to not only decide on suitable ones but also to make good references when in need.

Find Prospective Indonesian Translation Partner

To refine the data, some standards can be set up as recruitment criteria to save time and energy:

#1. The Language Combinations

In some cases, not only the Indonesian language but the other language in the pair requires selecting a regional or global translation agency because of its scarceness and difficulty. For example, regional agencies can manage translation between Indonesia and a common language like English. However, as for Indonesia and rare languages such as the Hungarian one, a global translation agency providing you with plenty of language pairs is a better solution.

#2. The Types of Indonesian Translation Services

To have the best search result, you need to be clear on the translation services that you are looking for and which ones are offered by your potential Indonesian translation partners. The more clear your demands, the higher chance you will find suitable translation partners.

#3. The Indonesian Translation Agency’s Portfolio

Considering the portfolio or CV from start to finish help to save time. By setting up this standard, you do not have to spend time reading inexperienced, unqualified or unrelated partners.


Step 2. Compare Their Competences

Once finishing the list of potential partners, you continue to sort through the names according to some specific points as below.

#1. Consider The Rate They Offer

Before making a decision, make sure that your budget is affordable for the rate of translation. If your requirements are clear, the translation agency can provide you first with an estimated price based on your language demand and your deadline.

#2. Read Reviews and Feedback 

This is absolutely the best material to know more about the agencies as well as their service’s quality. People can evaluate not only the ability but also the experience by reading feedback from previous customers and collaborators. As you better know about their projects in the past, you can have a better look at their working procedures and processes.

Reviews and feedback provide a general view of the Indonesian translation service’s quality

Reviews and feedback provide a general view of the Indonesian translation service’s quality

Take a look at GTE Localize’s profile as an example of an agency with positive feedback.

#3. Experience Their Client Services

This kind of service can be seen partly via the support and responses to customers on the Internet. The quick and detailed answers can show that the company pays much attention to the client’s experience as well as puts effort into the first impression. This is a good point, however, other direct interactions still need to be carried out to have further evaluation.

#4. Check Their Certifications

Certifications are an indispensable requirement for translators and those who perform professional translation services. This can not only prove their language and translation proficiency but also guarantee their responsibility in the project.

Certified translators have specific certifications 

Certified translators have specific certifications 

There are some certifications concerning Indonesian translation such as at least a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in Indonesia or related language and the ISO 17100:2015 – Requirements for Translation Services. Besides, certified translators normally achieve international accreditation of the American Translator’s Association and translation agencies with an expert team are licensed with ISO 9001:2015, which shows that they perform as professional individuals and systems.

#5. Evaluate Partnerships and Memberships

A company of prospects always expands its partnership and membership via a large and profound relationship in a professional network. As a matter of fact, the network is unrestricted in terms of field or scale.

Sometimes, you can get better knowledge about the financial state of the company by examining its relationship in the industry. To put it another way, the more partnership and membership they engage in, the more potential they seem to update and develop.

#6. Review Their Currency and Payment Methods

Obviously, each country uses different currencies and prefers dissimilar payment methods. There is a need to investigate the way of payment that is convenient for both sides but still ensure the speed and security of cross border transactions. In some cases, foreign exchange transactions are unavoidable. Therefore all of the money-related problems are important considerations.

Top popular payments in Indonesia

Top popular payments in Indonesia

Concerning Indonesia, the currency in circulation is Rupiah Indonesia and cards together with bank transfers are dominant payment methods in this country


Step 3. Request an NDA 

Signing an NDA-Non-disclosure agreement is an obligation to protect your confidential data from being leaked out. This is a regular step to which professional translators get accustomed.


Step 4. Require a Test

A short translating test with no more than 300 words can be of use to check the level of relevance of word choice and writing styles, which make great contributions to the localization in the target market.

Combining the factors in step 2, not only can you decide on the most suitable partner for your projects but you also have in hand some backup selections in case of need.


Step 5. Kick-Off The Project

At the beginning of and during the project, regular communication with constructive attitudes needs to be maintained when making adjustments or editing out of something for sake of the final satisfactory results.


Step 6. Have A Backup Plan

Prevention always makes you ready for any unexpected troubles. Therefore, you should draw up some other names of ideal partners from the list of step 2 to make preparation beforehand for any improvisation.


To Sum Up

For all of these steps above, GTE Localize takes pride in the fact that we can guide you through them all to get you to successful Indonesian translation projects. As being a professional Indonesian translation agency with qualified and well-trained Indonesian translators,  GTE Localize brings you high-quality Indonesian translation services on a multi-field scale and a wide range of translation solutions together with multidisciplinary localization.


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