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Your Ultimate Guide to English to Vietnamese Medical Translation

Posted by Ethan N. on July 25, 2023.

English to Vietnamese medical translation requires the services of highly qualified translators with extensive knowledge of certain medical specialties. Vietnamese medical translation must accurately translate the original information into Vietnamese and must be tailored to the Vietnamese reader who will be reading it. Vietnamese medical translators who are effective should have advanced degrees, qualifications, or accreditation applicable to the field for which they are translating. They must be well-versed in the selected medical field(s) and possess the most recent English-to-Vietnamese dictionaries.

1. The Challenges of English to Vietnamese medical translation

Medical Terminology And Language

Because it involves jobs and lives, medical translation needs to be appropriately correct. There is always a need for experts who are well-versed in particular medical and healthcare languages. No matter if the language refers to a drug, a patient’s health, or an illness they are suffering from, it must be precise. The words in medical terminology are specialized and difficult to grasp; they are not used outside of this session. The clients must make sure they are dealing with translators who are the primary subject matter experts. The medical translator needs to be extremely fluent in a variety of languages and should have relevant medical experience in a particular field.

Specialized Community Or Audience

In addition to the fundamental English to Vietnamese medical translation services, only members of the aforementioned specialist community are allowed to speak the languages used in medicine. Only the top group providing translation services for the global healthcare industry can assist. This section includes practice areas and information from the technical, occupational, academic, and professional fields. Additionally, medical translation is only focused on important elements like the user, the user’s field, and the unique medical language-based application.


Abbreviations And Word Compounding

Patient safety, contrast, and heart failure are a few fundamental examples of compound nominal expressions. Medical English frequently uses these words. These related expressions might undergo some syntactic or phrase alterations when translated from English into Vietnamese. Prefixes and suffixes are also frequent, and they are frequently derived from Latin or Greek. 

The field of semantic dispersion varies due to variances in affixes. Doublets can occasionally cause issues because translators must carefully select the phrases used for different audiences. The majority of these words are translations of well-known Latin or Greek terminology.

2. The Significance of Cultural Competence in Medical Translation

A native speaker of the patient’s language must be found in order to provide culturally competent care in this situation. Only then can the healthcare professionals obtain an exhaustive medical history from the patient, learn about potential pesticide exposure from their place of employment, and provide the patient the chance to completely comprehend the medical status of both the mother and the baby.


Additionally, with a translator, medical professionals can engage patients and their families in discussion to better understand their cultural perspectives and preferences for receiving care in English to Vietnamese medical translation documents in order to explain their medical perspective and their own medical preferences. During such a discussion, the family might voice any other wants or concerns.

3.  Building a Solid Foundation: Language Proficiency and Medical Knowledge

First and foremost, you need to be proficient in languages. It’s critical that a translator be at least bilingual and fluent in several languages. in order for him to successfully execute the translation procedure from one language to another. 

Knowledge of medicine is also crucial, in addition to having strong grammar and language abilities. It entails the integration of three elements so that one is aware of the distinction between similar objects and the verb that complements the medical term. A thorough understanding of how the human body functions are also required in the English to Vietnamese medical translation.

4. Specializing in Medical Translation

This query may occasionally be the one that bothers you the most. How Can Translation Issues Be Easier Handled? Finding the correct response to this question won’t be too difficult if you have seasoned translators on your side. The field of English to Vietnamese medical translation is recognized to be broad. Similar to how doctors have their own areas of expertise, these translators frequently have different areas of expertise as well. A hematology expert translator cannot work on medical documents pertaining to oncology or cardiology.

Now is the moment for LSPs to hire medical expert translators with knowledge of various facets of healthcare and medicine. To ensure the highest level of accuracy in the translation of medical records, clients must always be specific in their requests.

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5. The Translation Process: Ensuring Accuracy and Quality

English to Vietnamese medical translations are urgently needed in the realm of medicine. The customer must check the translation company’s assessment of the files quickly before sending them to the translation agency to make sure they are accurate. However, working quickly can result in quality sacrifices. You should engage with a translation agency that has taken precautions to avoid this. For instance, in a translation process helped by machine translation, quality is not sacrificed while speed increases since the translator has more time to focus on the components of quality.


6. Collaborating with Professional Medical Translation Companies

The vital nature of the papers makes English to Vietnamese medical translation extremely difficult and demanding, and it places a tremendous deal of duty on the translators. Therefore, businesses should work with the best medical translation partners who can accurately translate the documents. The translation of medical research into their native tongue is a task that requires expert support from professionals in many different medical specialties, including dentistry, cardiology, radiology, pulmonology, and many more. Foreign-born patients also prefer to receive their diagnoses and treatments in their own language.

7. Conclusion

Making crucially important information available and useful when translating a medical document can have a significant impact on both daily life and situations involving a health emergency, like the one following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Therefore, it is essential to use a professional English to Vietnamese medical translation service that not only has a strong command of the source and target languages but also has sufficient technical-scientific knowledge in the relevant area of medicine. Even if the subject matter that needs to be translated is extremely specialized, the GTE Localize’s staff of language consultants and project managers can assist you in locating the expert who best meets your needs. We are always accessible; if you need an urgent consultation, just get in touch with us.