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The Complete Guide To The Best English To Chinese Translation Services

Posted by Ethan N. on February 15, 2023.

In recent years, China has become the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP. The Chinese market is more enriched, sophisticated, and fierce. Thus, English to Chinese translation services have grown rapidly. There is a growing demand for Chinese language translations in various different regions.

What factors have led to the growing demand for Chinese translation services? Why is human-generated is important to Chinese localization? In this blog post, we will explore and give you a comprehensive guide of English to Chinese translation services.

1. Demand for English to Chinese translation services is rising

In China’s Growing Economic Importance

China is the largest recipient of foreign direct investment in the world as of 2020, receiving inflows of $163 billion. Furthermore, the government has also promoted high-standard opening-up. For example, businesses do not have to register with authorities from December 2022.  

Therefore, companies from all over the world are looking for ways to tap into that potential market after the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2022, a lot of countries invest in numerous industries such as high-tech, manufacturing, electronics, etc.


In line with the growth of global investment, the need for accurate and reliable English to Chinese translation services have grown as businesses attempt to make their presence known in this huge market. 

Remember that you will be able to communicate with customers throughout their shopping journey, Chinese translation services are important to make sure they understand the message that you deliver. If you can not provide accurate translations, you risk losing out on potential business opportunities due to miscommunication or cultural misunderstandings.

The Rise of Economic Globalization

The world gradually becomes more interconnected due to technology and global trade agreements. China has maintained bilateral investment agreements and Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with over 100 countries, including Canada, New Zealand, Austria, etc. 

It opens chances for both Chinese businesses and international companies to reach the market and customers widely. This has resulted in an increasing demand to translate webpages, documents, and other materials into Chinese.

For example, McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, has translated all content on its website to Chinese in order to adopt the native language as well as show an understanding of culture and customs. 


As a result, businesses now require high-quality Chinese document translation services and translation of websites into Chinese to communicate with their target markets effectively and accurately. This increasing need for accurate translations has fueled the growth of English to Chinese translation services, especially. Therefore, it is no surprise that Chinese translations have become more sought after as companies look to expand their global presence.

Chinese Cultural Exchange Programs

Cultural exchange programs between countries are more and more popular as people strive to learn about different cultures around the world. Over 4,000 various cultural events took place in Chinese cultural centers, and over 8 million people were directly involved.

However, these programs often entail students or travelers to read or speak Mandarin fluently to understand historical and cultural information. It means the high demand for professional Chinese translators increases to help them expose cultural nuances and communicate effectively with locals during their stay abroad.

The English to Chinese translation services companies can be a  liaison between locals and foreigners to build meaningful connections. 

2. Online machine translation with ease

Google Translation


Google Translate is one of the most popular free translation tools in the world. It can translate over 100 languages and all content across websites with just a URL or an unlimited number of words in text form. 

Moreover, the tools can automatically detect the type of language you insert, making it become the most interactive online translation machine. It is able to translate from English to Chinese and vice versa easily.

Google Translate provides five Chinese keyboard input methods such as Pinyin, handwriting input, voice, etc. Until now, Google Translate can be the best for translating into the Chinese language with foreigners.


Baidu is the top-notch search engine in mainland China. “Faiyi” in means translation (翻译). This online machine translation allows you to search words or translate paragraphs with no word limits. It makes become the best online translator developed by a Chinese company.

The Chinese translation tool can translate nearly 200 languages and help users from different regions of the world easily access the information. There are additional features provided by Baidu, such as photo-to-text translation and audio-to-text translation, in their mobile app.

Bing Translator is an online translation tool powered by Microsoft. Similar to Google Translate, Bing Translator can translate between Chinese, English, and many other languages. It can translate text inserted manually into the input field, or translate websites using a URL. If you click the speaker button, the translation will be spoken to you.


These are three popular translation machine tools that can assist you in translating from English to Chinese in the fastest way. However, for some important documents such as financial documents, contracts, or legal materials, online translators can not help you translate accurate information with subject-matter terminology and localized context. We are highly recommended to use English to Chinese translation services with human-generated content to deliver quality translated content while maintaining the original meaning.


3. The importance of humans for English to Chinese translation services 

Additional words to fit with the context

To make a translation appropriate in the context, the translators can add more information. For example, when translating “ease the tension between the two countries” into Chinese, translators can add the word “situation” (tense situation) to make the translation complete and clear meaning. A proper translation is “缓解两国之间的紧张局势.”

As can be seen, no translation machine can automate adding information or words to make a sentence to be accurate and comprehensive.  

It is also important when expressing culture-specific words because an additional explanation is needed to help readers who aren’t familiar with the source culture. Moreover, Chinese culture is unique and diverse with 3,600 years of written history. The translators need to have a profound understanding of the Chinese language and customs to know how to add information that avoids offenses.

Detour translation

Due to the largest differences between English and Chinese, you can not directly translate word-by-word on online translation tools. You need to hire professional Chinese translators to help find another way – make a translation “detour”.

For example, the source language may prefer affirmative statements (“Staff Only” in English), meanwhile, the target language is much more natural to use negative statements for the same meaning such as 闲人免进 (“Non-staff not allowed” in Chinese).

Obviously, the phrase can be translated literally but the result would be natural as the Chinese idiom. In these cases, the English to Chinese translation services are necessary to translate the phrase as normal Chinese native uses. 


Repetition can not be indispensable to presenting the style of writing and speaking of Chinese people. In English, pronouns such as he, she, it, etc., the speakers used to avoid repetition by referring to things that have been already mentioned. However, the Chinese normally repeat the original words rather than replace them. 

For example, in the sentence “George put his bag on the table, which is in the middle of the room”, a Chinese translator will repeat the word “table” where English replaces it with “which”. Repetition can also be crucial to preserving the style of a source text in which the author repeats specific words to create a certain effect.


Localization simply requires making the whole range of company marketing tools in Chinese. While most companies have achieved this for basic information such as the company website, localization is far from complete with regard to more technical and product-specific information.

For example, international brands normally localize their brand name into the Chinese language to gain the impression of the target audience. This strategy would strongly push their presence in the wide-ranging market. Many world-famous brands have succeeded in boosting their brand name in the Chinese language but retain the originality of their nature.


In line with Chinese localization, the business must also adopt marketing to fit with cultural nuances and customs. For example, Coca-Cola created an iconic campaign in Australia with the idea of printing 150 popular names on product labels and other promotional material to encourage customers to share their “coke”. 

However, the same campaign wasn’t working well in a conservative society like the one in China. That’s because the Chinese regard first names as of great cultural significance and wouldn’t be okay with them appearing on the front of a Coke bottle.


As such, Coca-Cola has no option but to adapt its product localization campaign to fit the Asian market. Firstly, instead of printing actual names on its bottles in China, they localized the phrase such as “close friend” or “classmate”.

There is no replacement for human-generated translation, the translator can make the statement become more natural, accurate, and appropriate to the cultural context. Machine translation is easy-to-use and costless but it still translates word-by-word in some cases. To make sure your documents are professional and obey the Chinese authority, you need to find reliable English to Chinese translation services. 

4. GTE Localize provides top-notch English to Chinese translation services

With proven experiences in English to Chinese translation services, GTE Localize provides 100% linguistically native Chinese translators who are talented, professional, and highly skilled to come up with high-quality solutions.

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