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GTE Localize Follows Three Classic Triangle – “Quality-Deadline-Cost” to Deliver Translation Services, Says CEO Brian Dao

Posted by Anne Q. on November 24, 2021.

As a competent translation company, GTE Localize provides services in all major languages to many businesses. It is a Vietnamese translation company with offices in Singapore and Indonesia, which was founded in 2017. GTE Localize’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, it is a member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA).

GTE Localize is a leading translation and localization agency offering various services like translation, localization, and other services like multilingual SEO, desktop publishing, localization testing, media localization, and a lot more. GTE Localize initially was started only as a translation and localization agency. Still, after five years, the firm has progressed well to become a global agency and offering services in different linguistics. The firm has handled 4000+ projects per year with 200+ B2B Clients worldwide.

GTE Localize has specialized knowledge in around 1200 native linguistics worldwide. The firm has offered services to various industries like life science, IT & software, manufacturing & engineering, and business & legal services. With comprehensive understanding and thorough knowledge, GTE Localize has served clients with the best solution. Due to their expert services and outstanding knowledge, almost 80% of clients of GTE Localize come back after receiving services. The progress of GTE Localize made the GoodFirms team interview the CEO of GTE Localize Brian Dao. Through this, the veteran GoodFirms team got to know about GTE Localize in detail and their services.

Brian Dao

Brian explained that GTE Localize is a translation and localization firm, and he is the CEO, yet he has been working for multiple roles in the last four years. He handles roles as an account manager, PM, and sales & marketing manager. In addition to this, being a CEO, he is also responsible for managing strategies and supervising the company.

Moving further in the interview, Brian shared his idea behind starting GTE Localize. He stated that back in 2017, after he had worked for two companies in the translation and localization industry for almost three years, he realized that the industry suited him. However, Brian’s expected values could not be found in the industry. Hence, the idea for starting a firm popped up, and Brian decided to start his own company, GTE Localize.

Since GTE Localize started, the firm has been working professionally hard to deliver exceptional services because they work with two different models. The company has a team of in-house linguists to work on languages frequently requested by clients and 1200+ freelance translators from around the world. These freelancers also go above and beyond to deliver professional services by meeting deadlines.

Furthermore, GTE Localize has the advantage of having all of its linguists have more than five years of experience working as full-time translators. As a result, GTE Localize’s translation services are extraordinary and unparalleled.

After realizing the importance of technology, GTE Localize created its management system. G-One is the name of the technology, which includes a translation management system (TMS), a vendor portal (VP), and a customer relationship management system (CRM).

The dynamic and talented team specializes in languages like Chinese translation, Lao translation, Malay translation, Hindi translation, Burmese translation, Spanish translation, and various other languages. Although the firm works very hard to deliver any services, the differentiating factor of GTE Localize is that they work hard to outperform themselves in the competitive landscape. Plus, all the services they offer are at highly competitive rates by following the triangle Quality-Deadline-Cost. And the team pushes themselves to the maximum to fulfil all of these.

GTE Localize focuses on quality by following a good process or a strict management procedure. Plus, to improve the work quality, the firm also focuses on training and evaluating the linguistics and the operational team. The deadline management system of GTE Localize is also very appropriate. GTE Localize has a dashboard where all their projects are mentioned, and before two hours of the deadline, the project’s colour turns yellow, which reminds the team of an upcoming deadline. The projects delivered on time change to green, and for those delivered late, the colour is red. This efficient way of handling projects makes GTE Localize deliver every project on time.

The firms’ pricing plan for delivering projects comes with different pricing plans to be flexible for the clients. All services by GTE Localize are offered at the best possible rates because they promise to make sure that the clients receive value for each dollar spent. By catering to the needs of various industries, GTE Localize has become one of the specialized translation firms.

Siew Woon Lee, Office Manager at RTB House gave a 5-star rating to GTE Localize for their excellent translation work.

GTE Localize reviews on GoodFirms

This is the reason most of their clients are repetitive or based on recommendations. After a client signs a contract with GTE Localize, the firm’s excellent team of salespeople and project managers are always up to the minute to help clients whenever they are stuck. The transparency, commitment, and dedication of GTE Localize have made them rank as one of the top translation companies in Vietnam at GoodFirms.

After reading the brief interview of GTE Localize CEO Brian Dao, click on this link to read his detailed interview.

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