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How To Find A Good Document Translation Services In London?

Posted by Ethan N. on June 21, 2023.

Businesses in the UK are already aware that English isn’t the only language spoken in the world. When selling goods or services abroad, accurate document translation services in London must be used to guarantee that the text’s meaning has been properly transformed into the target language and that the translation is tailored to the target market.

When selecting a translation agency, you can be concerned about maintaining your brand consistency, have complicated or delicate tasks, or need specialized experts. With so many alternatives, selecting the translation that is ideal for you and your business might feel daunting. In this article, GTE Localize has compiled a list of some most important suggestions on how to pick the finest document translation services provider in London to assist you.

1. Why Do You Need Document Translation Services In London?

Due to the advancement of technology, there is a great demand for language translation services in London right now. People in the UK may now rapidly and directly communicate with someone in Japan because of significant advancements in communication. However, the linguistic barrier makes communication between organizations operating in several nations difficult. 

Businesses that provide services in nations where the majority of the population does not speak their native tongue have a tough time communicating with their customers. So document translation service is the answer to this issue.


Businesses may require translations of many different items, including websites, marketing materials, and books, but the most necessary field lies in the back office, which includes certified translations, text translations, legal translations, etc.

All of your translation needs may be met by competent document translation services in London. It is crucial to take the time to seek a reliable and recognized translation service. In order to guarantee that the material is preserved in context when being translated from one language to another, a skilled translation service will be able to examine the documentation from a variety of aspects.


2. Three Criteria To Find Good Document Translation Services In London

Finding a reliable document translation agency in London might be difficult since there are so multiple choices. Here are 3 important points that you should know to find the top translation service available.

2.1. Check for Quality and Experience

As you want to make sure to choose a service that is of the highest caliber, effectiveness, and quickness are clear indicators of quality. 

Quality is shown by careful attention to detail, correct grammar, and appropriate word choice. Moreover, excellent translation agencies use experts. Effective project managers and translators with specific knowledge are examples of this.

Editors are also the key determinants of that standard. Language translation businesses value the services of qualified editors. Document translation services in London can nevertheless exist without editors who are knowledgeable and qualified. 

2.2. Ensure the Service Holds Credentials

Before choosing to partner with a translation firm, learn more about the company. Check to see whether it possesses the required licenses and certifications. Low-quality translation services will operate with lax standards and lack accreditation.

One of the required credentials is from the American Translators Association. Make sure the translation service has ISO certification as well. They should have a degree in translation studies if you check out translators.


These credentials are not only ornaments. They are indicators of a high-quality translation service.

2.3. Competence in Specialized Fields

You need a translation provider with experience in many different sectors. Instead of switching between translation services, it is highly recommended to work with one agency that can handle multiple tasks of the project. It’s also preferable to rely on a translation agency that uses untrained translators rather than thorough research.

Not every business has translators on staff to handle difficult IT, medical, or legal paperwork. Let’s imagine you require an English-to-German translation of a financial document. An English-German translator who is knowledgeable in finance will highly be found at a reputable agency. 

Checking all the subject areas of your papers before choosing a translation agency is a wise decision. In this manner, you can see if the firm employs translators who are knowledgeable about the subject.


3. Top 5 Best Document Translation Services In London

Here is a quick summary of the top agencies providing document translation services in London.

3.1. GTE Localize

As a global localization agency, GTE Localize has a wide range of above five-years experienced translators that can handle your file professionally. 

  • Language: 13 Asia languages, 15 European languages, 4 American languages
  • Main industry: life science, business and legal, manufacturing, software
  • Price: Starting from $0.04/word
  • Technology: G-One system with effective translation and localization management platforms (CrowdIn, Trados, Xbench, etc.)

3.2. The Translation People

The account managers from The Translation People have specific skills in the field of languages. The majority are seasoned translators themselves, and every single one has the required passion for the languages needed for the position.

  • Language: more than 40 languages
  • Main industry: chemical, retail, website, software localization
  • Technology: cloud-based translation management system and client portal with various plug-ins and connectors for CMS integration

3.3. Gengo

Gengo, an innovator in online translation services using crowdsourcing, is famous for the translation quality since all translators using the Gengo platform are carefully picked and put through rigorous testing.

  • Language: More than 60 languages
  • Main industry: E-commerce, travel, leisure, hospitality, media, video games, etc.
  • Price: Starting from $0.06

3.4. London Translations

Established in 2003, London Translations has provided official translation and interpretation services to thousands of businesses to help them expand internationally.

  • Language: more than 20 languages
  • Main industry: life science, legal, technology, manufacturing

3.5. Okodia

With Okodia as your translation services provider, you have access to a wide network of native translators from Manchester, London, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, and other cities.

  • Language: mainly Spanish, German, Russian, French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese
  • Main industry: Science and medicine, audio, tourism

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In short

It might be challenging to choose a partner offering the most valuable document translation services in London. Rates can vary greatly, and for some translation projects, it makes more sense to pay by the hour than by the word. However, GTE Localize provides three degrees of translation that are suitable for any business need in London.

As a provider of specialized translation and localization services, we work only with native or bilingual translators with academic language degrees and native-level fluency. Customers can expect on-time project delivery and affordable rates thanks to technology leveraging strategies and volume discounts. 


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