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The Differences between Good and Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services

Posted by Anne Q. on November 02, 2021.

When looking for Vietnamese document translation services, your business must think about finding one decent quality agency that offers services at a reasonable or value-for-money price. However, it is not an easy task to find out which agency is trustworthy enough for you to put your trust in since all translation agencies out there claim themselves as the best.

In our post today, we give you some tips to tell which Vietnamese document translation service is good and which one you should stay away from.

1. Transparency

Transparency is a primary consideration to help you tell if the Vietnamese document translation services you are using or about to use is good or bad. Pay attention to the information provided on the translation providers’ websites. Which types of services and languages are they providing? Is there any proof for their services’ quality (project lists, case studies, testimonials, etc.)? What about the price? Are there clear contact information and locations?

A good translation provider has no reason to keep such important information from you. If you don’t find what you are looking for on their websites, you can always email them for more details. If they still cannot give you a proper answer, it’s the red flag that you should not work with them.

Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services Good Vietnamese Document Translation Services
    • Unclear office locations with only city or country’s name. 
    • Phone numbers do not work.
    • Sloppy websites with a lot of typos.
    • No proof for their previous experience and clients.
    • No rates or prices are mentioned.
    • Clear office locations. Some also include maps and instructions.
    • You can easily reach their customer support via phone.
    • Well-written and designed websites.
    • Project lists, case studies, or testimonials are published on their websites.
    • Starting prices or instant quote features are included. 


2. Opinions

It’s always good to hear what other clients talk about the services’ quality of the translation agencies you are considering to work with. If a Vietnamese document translation agency receives a lot of negative feedback on its translation accuracy, price, deadline compliance, or customer supports, it sounds like a bad one that you should avoid. For quality reviews for Vietnamese document translation services, check out our list of best review sites for translation services.

ProZ Feedback

Translators’ feedback on working with GTE Localize on ProZ

Besides clients’ reviews, it is worth checking out feedback from translators who used to/are still working with that agency. A Vietnamese translation agency with good business ethics not only provides its clients with quality Vietnamese translations but also respect the work of its linguists by paying good rates, on-time, etc. You can visit translation forums such as ProZ, Translator Café, etc. to read these reviews.

Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services Good Vietnamese Document Translation Services
    • The majority of client reviews are negative – late delivery, poor translations, expensive prices, no support, etc.
    • Complaints from Vietnamese translators about late payments (or no payment at all), ridiculous low rate, responsive support during the translation process.
    • Positive reviews from clients about quality, deadline, rate, customer support, how they deal with unsatisfied clients, etc.
    • Good reviews from Vietnamese translators (on-time payments, reasonable rates, good support and instructions, etc.)


3. Price

In the localization industry, price and quality are proportionate directly. If you want experienced and skilled native Vietnamese to work on your documents, you cannot expect the translations to be cheap. You know the old saying “You get what you pay for”.

Translation Price

When looking for translation services, you should ask for a quotation from many language providers to get an idea of how much a Vietnamese document translation project costs. If one quotation is ridiculously lower than others, be aware. It is either because the language provider is underpaying its translators or the translators are inexperienced and underqualified for the jobs (Otherwise, why would they accept to work with that dirt-cheap rate?)

Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services Good Vietnamese Document Translation Services
    • Ridiculous low rate.
    • No written quotation.
    • Ask for additional costs during the translation process.
    • Reasonable rate (compared to the average rate from other companies).
    • Written quotation (with your signature before kicking off the project).
    • No additional costs. You pay the exact amount in the signed quotation.


4. Communication

Another way to spot a bad and good Vietnamese document translation agency is through their communication. Before hiring them, you should test them via email or a phone call. Ask them all the important questions relating to rate, quality, tools, workflow, etc. and analyze their answers. Do they give clear answers to all questions? Is there any question that they seem to avoid?


Besides, you should pay attention to how quickly they respond to your inquiries. When the project runs in the future, some urgent issues may arise which need quick responses from the language provider. If they usually reply to you very late, what is the reason (rather than the difference in time zones)?

Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services Good Vietnamese Document Translation Services
    • Avoid some questions
    • Late response 
    • No update during the translation process or when problems arise
    • Give you clear information for all your inquiries
    • Quick response
    • Give you updates on the project’s progress


5. Confidentiality

A good Vietnamese translation agency will understand how important it is to keep the confidentiality of documents. Thus, they are willing to sign an NDA before receiving any file from you. Even if you do not mention an NDA, they will actively ask if you want to sign one.


Bad Vietnamese Document Translation Services Good Vietnamese Document Translation Services
    • No NDA or confidential policy
    • Willingness to sign NDAs for all projects


Wrap Up

To spot and avoid bad Vietnamese document translation services, you have to pay close attention to details and be aware of all the signs before hiring one. Although this process takes quite some time and effort to implement, we promise it will save your business from a lot of consequences caused by sloppy Vietnamese translations.

If you want to get high-quality Vietnamese document translation services from top-notch translators in Vietnam, contact GTE Localize’s team by live chat, phone, and email or book a 1:1 free consultancy.

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