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German Localization: 6 Essential Things To Focus On

Posted by Chloe G. on July 26, 2022.

Many companies are deciding to grow internationally in this age of globalization to establish a global presence. To truly stand out in the German market, German localization is frequently required.

Germany ranks tenth in terms of usage of the internet. Besides, Germany is the most populous country in Europe with the biggest economy. Since Germany offers a sizable market opportunity and acts as a gateway to the greater European market, many businesses look to it for growth. 

In this post, we’ll give useful German localization advice for increasing your presence in Germany.

Learn about German language variants 

German localization 2

Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, Luxembourg, etc all speak German as their official language. German is spoken in three regional dialects: Standard German, Swiss Standard German, and Austrian Standard German.

If you use standard German content, German-speaking customers can understand it. However, companies that are serious about connecting with the locals in a German-speaking nation must go above to take into account the nuances and sensibility of other cultures by performing not only translation but also localization. 

A professional German localization service can assist you in reaching out to local German regions effectively and accurately. Over years in the industry, GTE Localize can help you with all localization needs and demands in any German market. We have German translators, subject-matter experts, and resources to translate and localize any elements of your projects including content, visuals, law requirements, etc.


Know German market

The German economy is high-developed and any companies attempting to enter it might face both advantages and difficulties.

  • Germany’s infrastructure is reliable and effective, making this market’s logistics outstanding. Home delivery is preferred by 87% of Germans, over various shipping options.
  • German consumers seek out products of the finest quality at reasonable prices. Consumers are more likely to be committed clients once they have used a brand and come to trust its quality and level of service.
  • Customer retention depends on their loyalty, yet it can be difficult to change their current choices. German consumers have high standards, so you’ll be in for a rough ride if you enter the market without being fully dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Understanding the German market is vital for any business reaching out to local German customers. To engage more German clients smoothly, you need to understand not only the language but also the German market. In case you are not sure about anything, you can get in touch with a professional German localization and translation company to help you with any specific requirements.


Consider Germany consumers

German localization 3

German people now purchase online more than ever before across the world. However, customers behave differently in many nations. Localizing for a new market requires understanding how your potential consumer shops. What you should know about German consumers is as follows:

  • According to DHL USA, Germany has numerous rich people which are more than 82 million consumers with high incomes.
  • According to Paypal, 82% of Germans will check the terms & conditions of the sale before making an online purchase.
  • Online buyers in Germany are probably urbanites in their 30s to 40s. They are still young enough to be seen as innovative and tech-savvy, yet old enough to still follow traditional German consumer behaviors.
  • In their digital transactions, Germans are smart as they are careful. They will require stronger assurances regarding the security and privacy of any information they provide to businesses.
  • By appealing to their basic values of quality, reliability, safety, and reliability, you may win over German customers.
  • Germans are sensitive people. Your customers’ experiences matter because there is so much competition in a developed market like Germany.
  • German-language websites are far more likely to generate sales, and local currencies and payment methods are more appealing to Germans.
  • Germany is the European nation that returns the most goods, so be ready to manage a huge amount of potential returns.


Understand what Germans buy

In Germany, traditional consumer goods including devices, fashion accessories, footwear, and books are most popular. German audiences put a priority on high quality, fair price, and a superior customer experience.

In light of this, the following infographic reveals the popular online German purchases:

German localization 10

From these insights, you will know how to choose the most relevant option and content to translate and localize for the German market. Here at GTE Localize, we can support all types of content across all industries. You will be in good hands with our B2B German localization solutions.


Be mobile-friendly

German localization 5

Statista reported that mobile devices are hugely popular among German customers. The percentage of smartphone users in Germany is around 75%. In 2023, there will be 62.6 million smartphone owners in Germany, a number that has only increased in recent years. German customers favored Android phones over iOS phones by a wide margin. Mobile technology is heavily used by Germans. The number of smartphone users is still rising quickly.

If you want to offer German content to German customers, you should take into account the mobile version for your content, image, layout, etc.


Check out popular social media platforms in Germany

In comparison to several other nations, Germany has a lower adoption of social media. According to Index Mundi, 37% of the population is over 55. Social media tends to be avoided by older Germans due to worries about data protection. But the use of social media is rapidly increasing among younger workers. Social media platforms have increased people’s knowledge of international goods and services. German users frequently use Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Xing as social media sites.

This is vital to offer German social media translation and localization. Social media will make you closer to German customers and increase your brand awareness fast. To get more details about social media translation and its benefits, you can have a look here


Mind other tips for German localization

You should think, behave, and talk German when in Germany.

  • Start by creating a German translation of your website, app, etc. You will have a platform to host German content for internet and social media traffic as a result.
  • Make sure your site has an ELV (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren) payment option for your German visitors. ELV is favored over other payment options by many Germans.
  • Employ German native speakers to respond to consumer inquiries. Emails, web chats, or social media platforms can all be used for this. Make sure that every member of your customer care team is well-versed in your product.
  • Data-driven, high-caliber material is crucial. Keep in mind that your appeal to your German audience will increase as you come across as more competent and genuine. 

The German market has many challenges. However, you can overcome them easily with a help of a trustworthy German localization service.


Need a professional German localization? 

Your material will connect with a German audience if the German localization processes are successful. It will take patience, money, and time to succeed in the German market. However, the size of the nation’s consumer market and the high level of disposable income among Germans will make it worthwhile.

Working with qualified translation providers who are well-versed in the German language, culture, and context is crucial when localizing your website or app for a language other than English, such as German. 

As one of the top translation and localization companies on GoodFirms, GTE Localize will bring the most high-quality and budget-effective German localization and translation services for any global business across numerous industries. You can get cost-effective and fast German translations by 100% native translators, subject-matter experts, and dedicated project managers.

To learn how we can assist you with entering the German market as successfully and painlessly as possible, get in touch with our German localization team now.

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