General Referral Program


Refer a potential client to GTE Localize and earn referral fee


Your recommendation means a lot to us. We appreciate the trust you have put in us when referring GTE Localize to a partner, client or a friend.

To show our gratitude towards your recommendation, we are glad to offer a Referral Program from which you can earn a fee for your referral.


Follow the simple steps below to receive a referral fee from GTE Localize:


Step 1. Recommend GTE Localize to a person/organization that has demand for translation and localization services. We will reach out and consult our services to the prospect.


Step 2. If your contact starts using our services, it’s great for all of us! You can choose to receive the Referral Fee with 02 below options:

          • Option 1: 10% of revenue from that client within the first 1 year
          • Option 2: 3% of revenue from that client for the entire life they work with GTE


Here’s an example:

Revenue from client per year:


Referral Fee
Option 1
(10% for first 1 year)
Option 2
(3% for entire life)
Year 1 $10,000 $3000
Total $10,000 $3000/year

If you have questions, check out our FAQs section:

What services does GTE provide?

Translation; Localization; LQA; DTP; Testing, Subtitling.

How many languages does GTE cover?

Asian languages includes Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic.

How do I notify GTE Localize that I’ve referred the company?

There are 3 ways to notify us about your referral.

    1. Fill in the form provided in this page.
    2. Provide us with the details of the potential client (name, phone number, and email address) to our email
    3. Share the potential client’s information with your frequent GTE Localize’s contact person
Will I receive the Referral Fee in cash or credit for GTE Localize services for future projects?

We pay the Referral Fee directly to you in cash, not credit for our services.

In which currency is the Referral Fee paid?

We offer payments in several major currencies namely USD, EUR, GBB, and SGD. Let us know which one you prefer. If we invoice the client you refer in different currency with your preferred one, an exchange rate will be applied.

How to define the timeframe of 1 year?

We count 1 year from the month of the first invoice billed by us to the client you refer. The time period that does not generate the first amount of revenue will not be counted.

For example, if you refer a client to us in January, but the revenue is only generated from June, then the 1 year period will be counted from June.

When will I receive the Referral Fee?

The Referral Fee you earn from the revenue will be paid once a month, within 30 days after we receive each payment from the client.

How to calculate the revenue?

The revenue is applied for all services provided by GTE Localize to the client except for travel expenses. We do not pay a referral fee for these expenses since they are paid by our clients without any mark-up.

Can I earn by recommending my colleagues in my own company?

Of course. The potential client can be anyone in your connection as long as they have demand.

How to make sure GTE Localize will be transparent on calculating my referral fee?

Each month, we will send you a report exported from our ERP system for paid project’s details and calculation of your referral fee. You always can check and inform GTE Localize if there is any concern.

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