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Game industry is one of the fastest growing in the technology sector worldwide. Game localization has therefore become more and more popular with the aim of supporting games’ owner in distributing and marketing their products. Numerous challenges regarding language and culture differences can be found in game localization process. Thus, it requires the utmost care of people who handle game localization projects.


Types of game contents we’re dealing with

Game genres we serve:

  • Adventure
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Educational
  • Role-playing


language pairs we serve

English to Vietnamese

 English to Korean

 English to Japanese

 English to Chinese

 English to Burmese

 English to Thai

 English to Khmer

 English to Malay

 English to Lao

 English to Indonesian

 Korean to Vietnamese

 Japanese to Vietnamese

 Chinese to Vietnamese

 Thai to Vietnamese

 Khmer to Vietnamese


Our linguist qualification

Our translator all have Bachelor degree in translation and are native speakers of the target language.

GTE’s translators and engineers have intensive experience in gaming sector and are familiar with specific game genre. Most of them also have passion for games and high technology products.


Game Localization Process at GTE Localize

Analysis: After receiving the files from clients, GTE’s localization engineering team will be in charge of analyzing them to customize the best approach to extract translation asset as well as find out repetitions and matches. One of the key metrics in analysis is the total word or character count. This will be solved by the localization tools used by our team of engineers.

 Preparing translation assets: If the quote is accepted, we will have to prepare a translation termbase of common game terms such as the names of main characters, location, items, quests with their appropriate translation in target languages. Translation memory will also be taken into consideration.

 Linguist recruitments: GTE Localize offers translation service in a comprehensive range of industries but this doesn’t mean we use the same linguists for all jobs in a certain language pair. Regarding gaming sector, we only utilize translators with experience in a specific game genre.

 Audio/Subtitling: Depend on the request of the clients, audio or subtitling will be involved in the localized games. For games with a lot of audio, subtitling is considered as the best choice as it is cost-saving and time-saving.

 Desktop Publishing: For games with images that need to be localized, this step is crucial. It may require adjusting font sizes, using acronyms or resizing fields to fit the strings that have changed length after translation.

 Quality Control: This step is taken after both translation and editing are accomplished to ensure the final translation is error-free.

 Reintegration: The last step will be handled by our team of engineers. They will reintegrated all the translated text, new audio (or subtitles) and localized images with the remaining asset and make sure the final localized product be in the same format as source.


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