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Top 8 French Localization Tips For Your Business 

Posted by Chloe G. on July 29, 2022.

Your expansion and marketing efforts should not concentrate on just one language but rather perform a localized strategy if you want to promote your company and attract new clients. The French language and French localization should be your top focus out of all the options.

French is used by about 220 million people globally and is a highly attractive economy in Europe nowadays. French localization involves modifying and adjusting information to fit the culture and taking into account regional nuances carefully. 

French localization will help you avoid making common mistakes and assist you in promoting more appealing messages for your diverse French customer base, then increase the overall conversion rate of your global customers.

This post will show you the top 8 essential tips for your French localization project.

Check out the French consumers

Top 8 French localization tips for your business 1 - Check out the French consumers

It is a mistake if you did not translate and localize your website and content for the French market as an international company. Customers who speak French expect eCommerce sites to be available in their language, thus your effort will be valued because it is obviously respectful. French consumers favor aspects like clarity, respect, politeness, and promptness, so pay attention to them.

French consumers appreciate a local experience and tend to seek it. Although many French people speak many languages including English or Spanish, the majority of them won’t shop at an online website that doesn’t communicate with them in French and doesn’t establish a local presence, including native prices and payment methods.

If you want to engage the French community, it is a must to offer professional French localization and translation. To assist you in choosing a good and trustworthy translation company from our experience in the industry, we have written a blog post here. Check out and get a trusted localization partner for your business.

Additionally, you must pay attention to your target audience and select a suitable brand voice for them. Since eCommerce in France is flourishing, it is a must to build an online presence by translating and localizing your website into French. 

For more information on the benefits of French website localization, you can read more in this post.


Understand the French market

Top 8 French localization tips for your business 2

The French online market is highly promising. It was worth $114 billion in 2020, and by 2026, it’s expected to be worth $203.57 billion. Online marketplaces are a huge industry in France. 25% of all French online shoppers regularly use Amazon, Auchan, Cdiscount, and Vente-Privee. However, the French online industry has a fascinating niche. It’s not simply controlled by big shops; brick-and-mortar tiny boutiques still play a vital role. Because there are fewer mid-sized merchants, there is scope for cross-border e-commerce to flourish.

Apart from building your own website, you should also build an online presence on the above popular eCommerce sites using Franch localization to reach out to the most online customers possible. It is based on your business strategy but you can bring an advantage edge for your brand.


Perform creative marketing campaigns based on French localization

The French love art, wine, outdoor coffee, social network, state-of-art design, and their native language. To achieve your sales goal in this market, it is important to win the heart of French customers. 

Samsung localization is an example of creative marketing based on insightful French localization. The company aimed to merge its devices into French daily life.

For example, Samsung hosted an art exhibition event at the Petit Palais museum that touched the French feeling and integrated its products into French culture. The Korean business displayed artwork in the Petit Palais museum, bringing to audiences the intricate details of famous paintings like La Joconde on the screens of Samsung 3-D TVs. Over 600,000 people came to the art exhibition in its first month.

From this case study, you can see French localization matters a lot for any business in this Europe market. Using French localization is the first step for your business to build more relevant activities such as email, website, blog, event, ads, etc., then expand and get more achievements.


Follow laws and regulations in France

France has a long history of protecting customer privacy, which is reflected in the country’s eCommerce laws and regulations. Online enterprises must adhere to the 1978 Act, La loi Informatique et Libertés, 2019 Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés, in addition to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Make sure your data policies adhere to the most recent GDPR requirements as well as French-specific requirements.


Notice mobile market

Mobile shopping in France has quickly grown as a fast-growing trend. Mobile devices like smartphones account for over 48% of all internet purchases. Be careful to optimize for mobile use when localizing for France, or you run the risk of missing out on a crucial segment of the French e-commerce industry.


Know popular payment methods in France

Top 8 French localization tips for your business 4

According to J.P.Morgan, credit and debit cards are the leading payment methods in the French market. Visa, Mastercard, and Cartes Bancaires make up the majority of the market share. All these payment methods should be included in your website with detailed content and localization.


Other tips for your French localization

You must translate effectively and localize even better to be successful in France. Here are some other useful tips for your French localization and exploration:

  • The French are famous for looking for discounts. Before making an online purchase, French consumers often research prices offered by different vendors. Research your competitors and set your price accordingly. Additionally, strive to publish your product on French websites that compare products.
  • Major e-commerce holidays in France are Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. Be notice and offer relevant French translation and localization for these holidays.
  • Quality of service is valued and prioritized in the French market. So it is vital to highlight the quality through the translation of client reviews, client lists, case studies, customer stories, etc.
  • French clients appreciate cost transparency. They want to know all costs before check out and prefer to get an order’s delivery time tracking information. Your brand needs to plan and prepare French translation and related content to engage with French customers efficiently.


Are you looking for a reliable French localization service?

As you can see, there is an expanding French internet market. This indicates that you have access to millions of prospective internet customers when you enter the French market with your material professionally localized.

Although localizing for France might seem complicated, you can complete this step with the assistance of the qualified experts at GTE Localize. 

Top 8 French localization tips for your business 5

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