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Why Are Forex Website Translation and Localization Necessary?

Posted by Ariel D. on September 15, 2022.

The foreign exchange market was first born in 1976, leading to the appearance of Forex investment. And with thousands of people participating in Forex trading every day, the demand for Forex website translation is increasing recently.

In this article, GTE Localize will introduce four specific reasons why you should make your Forex website multilingual.

Benefits When Applying Forex Website Translation and Localization

According to Google data, the search interest in conventional and transactional financial goods like credit cards and personal loans was outpaced by the exponential growth of more than 90% in searches for investment services, including online brokerages and Forex trading.

With thousands of people participating every day, the Forex market is extremely attractive to investors worldwide. Then, it’s time to think about making your Forex website multilingual due to several advantages.

1. Reach More Online Traders With Forex Website Translation

Around 13.9 million people trade Forex online globally. In addition to 1.6 million of them being in North America, there are 4.6 million in Asia, and 3.1 million traders are situated in Europe. Moreover, although English is the universal language on the Internet, the number of Internet users who speak English only accounts for 25.9% (Statista, 2021).

If you have Forex website translation in Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese — the next most popular web languages after English — consider how many additional individuals you might reach in their own tongue.

Furthermore, despite the fact that the majority of Forex trading takes place in the UK and the US, there are still other nations with different languages that are beneficial for Forex investment.


The best capital gains free countries for forex trading (From:

With people just starting out in Forex trading, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Brunei might be the prospective locations because these countries don’t impose capital gains taxes and have affordable living expenses. South American nations also have less competition among local brokers, so it is far simpler to operate Forex unrestrictedly in South America than it may be in Europe.

Since the modern activity of Forex trading is not location-dependent, and there are several international potential markets for Forex trading, the brokers can reach multinational clients and operate from any nation with appropriate Forex website translation and localization.

It is not recommended to limit your reach to only English speakers. You may expand the Internet audience for your Forex business by making your Forex website translation accessible in numerous languages to attract, interact with, and make your services available to the most significant number of global traders.


2. Enhance the User Experience 

Foreign customers that are interested in creating an account on your Forex website might not be fluent in the general language of English, but maybe they find your content in their native language, which is easy to read and provides the right information.

Since 11% of Forex traders‘ respondents view news and analytical materials as the primary reasons for picking currency pairings, displaying the information in the customers’ native language is a crucial component that improves their trading journey.

As the market entry points for investors, the trading websites and software should thus provide the technical and fundamental analytical tools that traders want, and transactions should be simple to initiate and easy to understand. On the other side, a badly designed interface and poorly translated content could cause expensive order input errors, the situation that no Forex traders want to encounter.

It is crucial that the content on your Forex website translation should be made available in the customers’ local languages, to keep your current clients and draw in new ones. They’ll be more likely to comprehend the situation and view you as their broker with a better user experience.


3. Better Rankings with Multilingual SEO

In the Forex sector, it can be particularly difficult to stand out from the competition, especially if you are a foreign broker. You have to compete against a plethora of regional rivals and might lose local consumers as they prefer to utilize their local search engine and native language to look for the perfect broker.

As mentioned in our White Paper about website localization, if your site is properly localized, your SEO ranking will definitely be improved. Therefore, having a Forex website translation in many languages and adapting multilingual SEO features can improve your ranking in regional search engines.

XM is one of Europe’s largest Forex brokers in 2022, and at the same time, this broker is also famous for being the top global Forex website when accepting currency-differentiated accounts, having both desktop and mobile versions for the МТ4/МТ5 trading platform, and offering 25 language options on the web.


XM – one of the largest Forex brokers in Europe

A Forex website translation with optimized meta-tag data, keywords, and other elements will improve your SEO once you’ve customized your content for various geographic regions. This is crucial if you want traders all around the world to be attracted by your Forex content, leading to organic traffic and conversion increase.


4. Improve Brand Reputation with Forex Website Translation

The Internet played a part in the development of the novice Forex trader, but it also contributed to the industry’s bad reputation. One of the biggest causes of negative publicity for Forex brokers is the natural danger of the game: when traders lose money, they frequently accuse the broker.

Since the options are limited, traders usually research a lot before deciding to start Forex on a foreign website. Reviews, debates on trading forums, press releases, accolades, and publicly available financial information are all the things that traders might be concerned about.

If all related content above is translated correctly into user languages and is accessible to all potential clients, your Forex brand reputation is safeguarded.

Moreover, a broker who runs multilingual websites with customer services in several national and linguistic varieties can promote fruitful connections with the customers. Since Forex trading is conducted around the clock, a broker’s customer support team should be available at all times and be able to respond in the customer’s language.

When you communicate with your consumers in their language, you build an immediate bond and enhance your brand’s reputation.

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To Sum Up

If you just offer everything on your Forex website in just one language, you can lose many valuable clients since traders around the world, from Germany to Japan, are all looking for the best broker. By making your content available in several target languages, you may stand out from the competition.

Whether you work for a stock broker or a Forex business, your material must be presented precisely and consistently. We are aware of how challenging, fast-paced, and competitive this business can be. GTE Localize, therefore, strives to offer dependable, timely, and accurate Forex website translations. Our Forex Portfolio will introduce how we have helped many Forex firms to succeed.

Our experienced Forex linguists make sure that accurate financial and technical phrases are utilized when translating or composing material because they have strong expertise in online trading. Real-time market session dissemination to forums and social media platforms, as well as instant blog and magazine publishing, are all well handled.

To get information on our Forex website translations, you can find out here.

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