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How to Find the Perfect Partner for Your Indonesian Technical Translation Services?

Posted by Chloe G. on January 20, 2022.

Indonesian technical translation services might bring you tons of benefits if you plan on entering Indonesia.  

Accounting for 3.5 percent of the world population, Indonesia is one of the most promising markets for foreign investors. To access Indonesians, you have to speak the same language as them. The general English proficiency of Indonesians is low, as EF English Proficiency Index ranked it #74 over the world; you have no way but to communicate ideas in the most frequently spoken language in the country. 

In this article, we will discuss the secret to finding a good fit partner for your Indonesian technical translation services that facilitates your success in this market.

Why is technical translation so important?


All companies seeking to expand their market share in Indonesia must engage in 2 essential actions to capture the attention of local audiences:

  • Differentiated marketing strategies
  • Writing and translating specialized texts

According to CSA Research, 76% of online customers prefer to purchase items with information in their native language. Furthermore, 40% of people will never buy from websites in other languages.

That means it is essential to ensure that assets, contents, and documents are translated into Indonesian to meet the expectation of the audience, and in many cases, to follow the legal requirements of the local country.  

When it comes to hiring Indonesian technical translation services, it’s no longer just about knowing the language; it’s also about understanding the document topic. As international companies in Indonesia’s industrial and technology sectors grow, the demand for hyper-specialized translations is increasing accordingly.  


What factors should you consider when looking for a technical translator?

1. Proven experience in the specific technical domain


Given the necessity of precision and a complete comprehension of the terminology, a technical translation with industry expertise is required. It’s best to go to a reputable Indonesian technical translation services provider with solid references from other businesses in the same field.

They’ll be aware of potential issues and errors to concentrate on these factors for a high-quality, quick translation.

In terms of qualifications, it’s recommended to look into the degrees and certificates of the translation agency. EN 15038 or ISO 9001 are standards that apply to translation companies and demonstrate that rigorous quality control requirements are maintained.

2. Mastery and use of CAT tools


Consider how much time and work it would take to manually translate and manage a knowledge repository that millions of devices contain. Suppliers that use CAT tools (computer-assisted translation) in their procedure will do tasks faster and more accurately.

In particular, text repetitions are very common in technical translations. The CAT tools’ translation memory makes it easier and faster to perform the task. Furthermore, they are in charge of maintaining terminological consistency within a project and across projects for the same customer and allowing for quality checks. This function is essential in the case of technical translations.

3. Project management and quality control

Communication between customers and their Indonesian technical translation services provider is critical, including the process before the actual translation. If the provider wants to produce a high-quality translation, the customer’s needs and terminology must be considered. These things require effective project management and quality control.

The project managers deliver specific instructions to the translators and give all information, glossaries, and reference documents provided by the customer, ensuring that the translation meets the client’s requirements. On the other side, the Indonesian technical translation services must utilize quality control tools to ensure that the technical documents are accurate throughout the translation process.

4. Transparency and scalability


When picking an Indonesian technical translation services partner, you should spend time comparing quotations to see which offers the best mix of price, delivery time, quality, and scalability.

The best translation service providers will assist clients in determining whether human translation, machine translation, or a hybrid model integrating both are suitable. The flexibility of Indonesian technical translation services providers to adapt to each client’s translation needs and demand, which may change over time, is very significant.

Finally, looking at a work sample is the most effective approach to genuinely evaluating a translation solution’s quality. Thus, hiring a large-scale provider at first is not recommended; the best thing to do is spend a small budget to examine the results before committing to any translation partner.


You can count on GTE Localize for Indonesian technical translation Services

To obtain accurate translation output for technical papers, you should always consider using professional Indonesian technical translation services.

GTE Localize, based in Indonesia, is a competent Indonesian translation agency that will help you complete effective Indonesian technical translation services at a competitive rate. 


We combine human resources, technologies, and CAT tools to provide you with the best translation version. 

We work with a network of local Indonesian linguists who have significant knowledge of the Indonesian language, culture, and customers. You can learn more about Indonesian technical translation services here

Case study of Indonesian translation services from GTE Localize

  • One of the leading global producers of quality commercial and industrial application wind sensors

GTE Localize has had the chance to cooperate with them for Indonesian technical translations. They have a unique vocabulary like “photosynthetically active radiation,” “pyranometer output,” and “integrated silicon absolute pressure sensor” to describe its inventory of products.

Our job was to seek translators who were fluent in both the technical language and how it was applied to the products and the common ways of expressing those terms in Indonesia, so the company’s manuals could be accessible to many Indonesians.

  • A protective uniforms manufacturer

Last year, we helped a company that makes protective uniforms for public safety professionals. With solid experiences of assisting hundreds of businesses win globally, we understand that translation also needs localization.

Thus, we assessed the appropriateness of numerous photos and diagrams used in their manuals, as well as a variety of acronyms like HAZMATWMD, or DECON that required additional translation.

So, are you ready to conquer Indonesia? Contact us for customized advice on this lucrative market for your company.