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How To Find The Best Chinese Simplified Translator?

Posted by Ethan N. on June 26, 2023.

Chinese translation services, ranging from website localization to document translation in the sectors of law, marketing, engineering, medicine, etc., are increasingly in demand since China is so important to the global economy. But your needs for Chinese simplified translators will vary from personal usage to corporate use. 

This article will provide some guidance to assist you sort through the choices and pick up the appropriate Chinese translation services providers for your projects.

1. Searching For Online Chinese Simplified Translator 

1.1. For Machine Tools 

Basic text translation is one of the first and most popular uses when people find themselves in China. An online Chinese translation tool can be what you need to ask a query, decipher a menu, or do anything else comparable. You would just need a simple text translation in these cases, which should be correct, but it is not the end of the world if it is not.

Here are two notable Chinese simplified translators that you can easily find on the Internet.

  • Google Translate: This tool has probably been familiar to you. Whether you operate the downloadable version that enables use on your phone or the online Chinese translator, Google Translate can translate from Chinese into many other languages, and vice versa. 
  • Baidu: In China, Baidu is by far the most popular search engine. Chinese people will search on Baidu for topics they are interested in, as the way Western people use Google for almost everything. Since Chinese is the native tongue there, Baidu Translate will undoubtedly have an advantage when it comes to translating between Chinese and virtually any other language.

1.2. Human Translators 

There are business-focused Chinese simplified translators available if you want anything more than a simple text translation.


As more and more businesses want to serve the Chinese market, they are searching for ways to ensure that Chinese consumers and investors can access their websites or other business information. This refers to translation at a professional level that will take into account both the target language and the intended business outcome. 

If finding human translators for Chinese translation services is one of your top concerns, reaching out to a business writer on sites like UpWork and Fiverr might be the suitable solution. Both of these concentrate on finding affordable methods to have content created in the native tongue of your choosing, and they frequently start with previously published material.

If you want to take this path, you should hire a native speaker who is familiar with both the language and business writing. How well the translation of your material turns out depends on both of these.

2. Collaborating With Chinese Simplified Translation Agencies 

There are many local and foreign translators that can translate your material into simplified Chinese. Make sure you are selecting the appropriate Chinese for your consumers based on your market.

You should extensively investigate your resources and acquire a sense of their work, just like you do with anybody you engage to perform translation work, then follow these basic steps below.

2.1. Google Search 

There are many translation firms having skilled Chinese simplified translator, with easily accessible websites/portfolios and comprehensive services available. You may easily find your translation partner with a straightforward Google keyword search. You will be given recommendations for the localizing medical service you require.


2.2. Ask For Friends or Network 

Asking friends and coworkers for referrals might help you choose a high-quality Chinese simplified translation agency.

If you already work with a Chinese translator for one language pair and you need to translate your materials into additional language pairs, you can ask them for a referral. Due to the small size and close-knit community of the translation profession, they probably know someone who would be a good fit.

2.3. Review on Goodfirms or Proz 

Customer reviews are without a doubt the best source of information to learn more about a Chinese simplified translator from a translation agency. People can evaluate someone’s experience and skill by reading feedback from previous clients. With a better awareness of their prior projects, you can assess their working procedures and methodologies.

The fair and public review platforms you should trust are GoodFirms, Clutch, and Proz. For example, you can consider GTE Localize as a trustworthy organization with positive ratings by looking at its GoodFirms and Clutch profiles.

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3. Must-Have Features Of A Professional Team With Chinese Simplified Translators

Hiring competent Chinese simplified translators is one thing, but successful brands will require more than just linguists from translation companies that will oversee the majority of their content creation. It is recommended to determine whether your enlisted agencies offer the following qualities.

  • Community of linguists: The agency needs a wide network of translators and other language experts since various projects will need various kinds of translators.
  • Full-range language services: Any project will typically need a combination of various language services in addition to translation, including localization, adaptation, interpreting, subtitles, voiceovers, automation, and many others. The translation is typically one of the most important language services needed.
  • Up-to-date technology: Leading translation technology is used by the best translation services to complete projects more quickly and consistently. These language technologies include terminology management, machine translation, and translation memory, among others.
  • Advanced translation methods: Experienced translation companies continuously innovate and improve their translation workflows to increase productivity, shorten turnaround times, and lower costs without sacrificing the quality of the translated text.
  • Project management: A seasoned project management system that offers a high level of openness and keeps businesses informed at every stage of the translation and dissemination of their material should be in place at a translation firm.

4. Conclusion

If you are selecting a reputable team of Chinese simplified translators, our knowledgeable staff at GTE Localize can help with any project that needs Chinese translation. On every Chinese translation project, from simple documents or websites to technical and specialized translations, GTE with committed project managers to guarantee excellent results at affordable pricing.


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