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How to Find a Job as an English to Burmese Translator?

Posted by Ethan N. on September 26, 2023.

Are you a native Burmese speaker who is fluent in English?

Do you have a deep passion for languages and words?

Do you also have a solid background in a specific field such as business, medical, technical, or fashion?

If you tick all the boxes, then a career as an English to Burmese translator might be of your interest. If that’s the case, keep reading this blog post as we walk you through the process of getting a job as an English to Burmese translator, from the benefits of being a professional translator for the English to Burmese language pair to how to get more English to Burmese translation projects.

1. Why Choose to be English to Burmese Translation Service Providers?

Before giving you some helpful tips on how to seek a job as an English to Burmese translation service provider, it’s important to go through why this is such an appealing career choice.

  • Growing Demand: Following quick businesses growing in Myanmar and seeking to capitalise on the country’s emerging economy, the demand for English to Burmese translation services has been continuously increasing. This trend can be seen in all sectors, from private businesses to government and non-governmental organisations. Therefore, it’s a great time to start your career as an English to Burmese translator. You will be likely to be guaranteed a stable number of projects and customers if you provide high-quality English to Burmese translation services.
  • Flexibility: One of the most attractive reasons to be a Burmese translator is that translation work can be done remotely. Thus, you have the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want. This is particularly enticing if you prioritise work-life balance.


  • Content Variety: The need for English to Burmese translators spans a wide range of content, such as legal documents, medical writings, marketing materials, and more. Thus, you can find many projects in the area that you specialise in. Also, the variety keeps the job interesting and allows for specialisation.

2. Skills and Qualifications Required

The reap all the perks of being an English to Burmese translator, you will need to acquire many essential skills and qualifications to be qualified for any project. Here is the list of most basic skills and qualifications that you will need to start your career:

  • Language Proficiency: First thing first, to be a translator, you must be fluent in both English and Burmese. Fluency in these languages is required to accurately express meaning and maintain translation quality.
  • Training in Translation: Being born and raised bilingual doesn’t guarantee your ability to be an English to Burmese translator. You will need proper training in translation processes and technologies. You might obtain this through a university degree in translation or translation courses from reputable translation associations such as ATA
  • Specialised Knowledge: Depending on your sector of interest, having specialised knowledge in subjects such as law, health, technology, or business can be necessary and advantageous. This knowledge will make you a more appealing candidate for certain translation projects requiring translators to have specialised knowledge and skills.
  • Proficiency in translation software and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools is becoming increasingly vital in today’s translation profession. The use of CAT tools helps English to Burmese translators boost their work efficiency, consistency, and overall quality.
  • Attention to Details: Translation professionals must be precise and detail-oriented. Minor inaccuracies can have a major influence on translation accuracy.

3. Industry Opportunities

Almost all sectors and industries need help from English to Burmese translation services for their global expansion success. Here are some key industries that potentially have the highest demands for English to Burmese translators.

  • Medical and Healthcare translators are needed to help healthcare providers communicate with Burmese-speaking patients. This is essential for proper diagnosis and therapy or the marketing activities of pharmaceutical organisations or hospitals.
  • Government and Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs): Government agencies and non-governmental organisations frequently are in need of English to Burmese translation services for communications, reports, and other materials relating to their operations in Myanmar.
  • Legal Documents such as agreements, contracts, and patents need to be translated accurately and timely to guarantee the smooth operations of any foreign company in the Myanmar markets. Lack of important legal documents or inaccurately translated legal materials might result in serious issues for businesses in this market.
  • Media and Entertainment: With the popularity of English-speaking media and entertainment programs in Myanmar, the demands for subtitling, dubbing, and translating information for cinema, television, and digital media are also high.

4. The Job Search: Where to Look

There are a variety of platforms dedicated to helping translators find English to Burmese translation projects to work on. Once you sharpen the skillsets required for a translator, check out these platforms to get your first project:

  • Online Job Portals: Most translators and translation agencies are active on translation job ad platforms namely ProZ, TranslatorCafe, and Upwork. You should set up a profile on these platforms, highlighting your abilities and experience. It’s worth checking the platforms frequently as new job ads are posted every day from both customers and translation agencies looking for talent.


  • English to Burmese Translation Companies: Besides posting jobs on online job portals, translation agencies directly post jobs on their websites or job portals. Simply search for a list of translation agencies specialising in English to Burmese and send them your portfolio.
  • Networking: Participating in translation-related online forums, groups, and social media networks is also a great way to find new opportunities. Networking with other translators might result in job leads and collaborations.
  • General Platforms for Freelance Jobs: Along with applying for specialised translator platforms as mentioned, you should consider sites like Fiverr and Freelancer that allow you to create a profile and offer your talents to a global audience.

5. Creating an Impressive Portfolio

Having an impression portfolio increases your chances of being picked by clients and translation agencies, thus improving your chances of having more English to Burmese translation jobs. An effective translation portfolio should include key elements such as:

  • Your education qualifications and certificates in translation and the area you specialise in.
  • Samples of your previous English to Burmese translation projects. Presenting them in the form of case studies can be helpful to showcase your skillsets. It’s also worth noting that you should tailor this section according to the jobs you apply for.
  • You should include client testimonials in your portfolio if you have received positive feedback. Testimonials help to establish confidence and trustworthiness in your skills and English to Burmese translation services.
  • You are recommended to mention all translation tools that you can work with.

6. Networking and Professional Associations

Finding English to Burmese translation jobs requires a lot of networking. It is highly recommended that you engage with other translators and industry professionals to broaden your opportunities:

  • Online Communities: Translators should participate in translation and language-related forums, LinkedIn groups, and social media communities. These are great platforms to make new connections with people in the industry and constantly learn new knowledge and tips from their sharing.
  • Local Events: You can also consider attending local language-related events, workshops, and conferences. These events are fantastic places to meet new clients and partners.
  • Memberships: Registering to be a member of some translation associations can be a great factor in showing your professionalism and commitment to translation, making it easier for you to impress your clients.

7. Salary and Compensation

The rate for English to Burmese translation work might vary greatly based on numerous factors such as your expertise, the difficulty of the project, and the industry in which you operate. In general, English to Burmese translators working with GTE Localize, a reliable English to Burmese translation partner of numerous global companies, are offered good compensation.

GTE Localise always welcomes skilled individuals to join their team if you’re seeking new prospects to work as an English to Burmese translator. Begin your rewarding journey right now by sending our team your CV and portfolio!