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GTE Localize offers a wide range of linguistic services, including:

GTE Localize has a pool of industry-specific experts and translators. Our linguists can cover almost every domain, ranging from Life-Science, Business & Legal, Manufacturing & Engineering to IT & Software and Education.

To see if your domain matches our expertise, please check out our previous project list or contact our team for support.

To have the exact price of a translation project, we take many factors into consideration:

  • Project volume: In most cases, we give the quotation per word. The number of words is the most precise indication for the effort our linguists put into the project.
  • Language pairs: Some language pairs are less common and harder to find high-qualified linguists, therefore, the price per word might be more expensive. For example, a Vietnamese translation project’s price is from $0.04/word while that for a Japanese project is from $0.11/word.
  • Service required: Some projects only require Translation Only (TO), others need both Translation and Editing (TE), or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). The more steps a project need, the higher the rate is.
  • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain also affects the price of the project. General topics are charged less than high-expertise content.

Please contact our team for a quotation for your project.

The price given in the quotation is the all-in price, including the fee for managing the project. You don’t have to pay any extra fees.

It depends on the volume, content types, required services, and other project-specific factors. In general, we can translate an estimated 2,000 words per business day, given it’s a standard Translation and Editing job performed by one translator and one editor. For example, a 10,000-word-project will take around 5 business days to translate and edit. In case of urgency, we will assign multiple linguists for on project.

To get the exact delivery time for your projects, please contact our support team here.

We accept payment through Bank Transfer, Cash, Paypal, and Payoneer. Accepted currencies include US Dollar, Euro, and VND.

To guarantee the accuracy of translation projects, 100% of our linguists are natives of the target languages with long experience in translation.

Our linguists are required to possess the following qualifications to be qualified for any translation projects:

  • Bachelor’s degree in translation from leading universities.
  • At least 5 years of professional translation experience.
  • A deep insight into a specific domain as well as the local culture, lifestyle, and demands.

9. Will the data from clients’ documents be kept confidential?

To be qualified for a project, interpreters at GTE Localize must meet the following requirements:

  • High Proficiency in both source and target languages.
  • Bachelor’s degree in translation and relevant domains.
  • At least 5 years of professional interpreting experience.
  • Good public speaking and problem-solving skills.

Other than the interpretation fee, clients are expected to cover the transportation fee and meal for our interpreters, if any.