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Environment and geography are everyone’s business. They play a crucial role in the development of many other areas of science. However, the language barriers, culture diversity and extensive specialized knowledge which spread across the globe bring about the real challenges for individuals, organizations and incorporations working in these fields. Environment translation is thus considered as the solid basis to help people break all the barriers, become more precise and effective in communication within this field.


Types of Environment and geography contents we’re dealing with

We cover a comprehensive range of environmental and geographical areas which include but not limited to:

  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Policies
  • Alternative Energy
  • Renewable resource
  • Recycling
  • Pollution Control

And so on.


Our linguist qualification


For environment translation, our linguists:

Have Bachelor Degree in translation with years of experience collaborating with top companies working on environment.

Have minimum 05 years of translation experience working with environment-related documents such as technical manual of the environmental treatment products, projects about environment protection, etc.


language Pairs we serve

 English to Vietnamese

 English to Korean

 English to Japanese

 English to Chinese

 English to Burmese

 English to Thai

 English to Khmer

 English to Malay

 English to Lao

 English to Indonesian

 Korean to Vietnamese

 Japanese to Vietnamese

 Chinese to Vietnamese

 Thai to Vietnamese

 Khmer to Vietnamese


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