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Recommended Translation Tools for English to Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Anne Q. on October 29, 2021.

If you are a translator who is looking for great translation tools to improve your English to Vietnamese translation services, this is the right post for you. Our list of recommended translation tools below will not only help you improve your work quality and efficiency, but also help you find more English to Vietnamese translation jobs.

1. CAT Tools

Let’s start with the must-have translator tool that every translator nowadays must have high proficiency in CAT Tools (Computer-Assisted Translation Tools) are specifically designed to boost translators work proficiency and translation consistency and quality. Translators can make use of CAT Tools’ four powerful features namely translation memory, termbase, bilingual format, and its ability to work on any format to reduce the time for translations while increasing the translation’s quality.


How do the four core features of CAT Tools function?

There is a wide range of choices for free and paid CAT Tools out there that will definitely match your specific requirements for functions and UI as well as price. However, when it comes to English to Vietnamese translation services, the choices are narrowed down significantly due to the nature of the Vietnamese language. Vietnamese contains some special accent marks such as à, á, ả, ạ, ã that not all CAT Tools support.

When the source English text is in non-Vietnamese-supported font, the target Vietnamese text might look messy as words with special accent marks are automatically changed into Vietnamese-supported font while the rest is in the original font.

Below are three popular CAT Tools that support well the Vietnamese language and are favored by Vietnamese translators:

SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is one of the most popular CAT tools in the world. It is favored by both translation agencies and freelance translators. It supports all language combinations that are supported by Microsoft Windows, and of course, Vietnamese is included. In terms of features, SDL Trados Studio contains all the essential and advanced features that you are looking for in a CAT tool. However, it only runs on the Windows system.

The license for SDL Trados might be considered a little high for some Vietnamese freelance translators. They have to pay €695 for this software. Meanwhile, the price for translation teams is €2.495. A free 30-day trial is offered.

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MemoQ owns many similar functions and features to its direct competitor – SDL Trados Studio. One outstanding feature of MemoQ is its ability to accept other translation tools which assist translators to change platforms seamlessly. MemoQ practically supports all languages (Vietnamese included) with 10 language choices for the user interface.

The lifetime license is €620 or $700. You have a free 30-day trial before deciding whether to buy the software or not.

WordFast Anywhere

If you are looking for a free CAT Tool to start with, WordFast Anywhere is a good try. WordFast which is the free online version of WordFast Pro and Classic allows many users to collaborate together on its web browser platform. Vietnamese is a supported language in WordFast.

Since it’s a free tool, we should tell you beforehand about its drawbacks: slow operation and bug proneness.

If you are interested in media localization, check out our best subtitle maker tools for Vietnamese translation services.


2. Localization Platforms

Some clients prefer using translation localization platforms that allow them to assign tasks and check progress easily. So it is essential that you as a Vietnamese translator be familiar with these platforms. Some outstanding features of translation and localization platforms are:

    • CAT Tools
    • Workflow Automation Tools
    • Team Management and Reporting
    • Other Supporting Features

For English to Vietnamese translation services, we recommend you check out two popular localization platforms – Lokalise and Crowdin.

english to vietnamese translation services 2



3. Language and Content Editing Tools

Cambridge Dictionary

Undoubtedly, a dictionary is an indispensable friend of a translator. If you are working on a general English to Vietnamese translation project, you can get some translation references from Cambridge Dictionary for the English-Vietnamese language pair. When searching for a word, you can see both its English definition and Vietnamese translation.

english to vietnamese translation services 3

Microsoft Language Portal

If you are providing English to Vietnamese translation services in the field of IT and Software, you should check out Microsoft Language Portal. You can search for a wide range of IT and Software-related terminology or download Microsoft style guides for this language pair on this platform.

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XBench is a free Quality Assurance tool that helps translators check a wide range of errors such as spelling mistakes, typos, inconsistencies, etc. in their translations. You can change the settings of the tools and generate a QA report to your needs. Based on the QA report, you can easily find and edit your work.


PDFescape is a great tool that helps you handle PDF-formatted files. You can convert a PDF file into an editable format, merge or split PDF files, add images and sign forms, and more with PDFescape.


4. Translation Forums

Sometimes it is best to learn from more experienced Vietnamese translators. There are numerous communities and platforms for dedicated translators where you can connect with or seek help from your peers. There are three translation forums that you should not miss:


ProZ is the world’s biggest forum for translators. Having about 4 million visits per month, ProZ is a great platform for you to find English to Vietnamese translation jobs. You can also make use of the Kudoz forum where you can search for terminology for a wide range of industries.

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A lot of Vietnamese translators are active on this platform. If you have a question relating to CAT Tools or terminologies, simply post a question and you will receive a lot of answers from the Vietnamese translators’ community on ProZ.

Translation Directory

You can get access to the Translation Directory’s database of glossaries, dictionaries, and other resources that are significantly helpful to your English to Vietnamese translation projects. You can always ask for help from other Vietnamese translators on this platform.

In terms of job search, you can’t look for jobs on this platform. What you can do is set your profile and if clients are interested in using your English to Vietnamese translation services, they will contact you.

Translator Café

Translator Café is a smaller-scale forum for translators compared to ProZ. On this platform, you can find English to Vietnamese translation jobs, open a discussion or ask for advice from other Vietnamese translators. The page is also available in Vietnamese. As you can see, one small drawback of this platform is its old-fashion display.

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Tools for English to Vietnamese Translation Services Roundup

There are a wealth of translation tools and resources out there that can support you to improve your English to Vietnamese translation services quality as well as reduce the delivery time for your projects.

How many of the translation tools we mentioned above have you tried? And which ones will you definitely give a shot for on your upcoming projects?

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