English to Vietnamese telecommunication translation

Nowadays, many people think telecoms has reached a tipping point, yet telecommunication technology is still constantly developed and cultivated. Faster broadband, better operating systems, global wi-fi and more apps make it necessary for companies to be updated on the massive use of internet resources and modern technology. In that process, multi-linguistic capability plays a crucial part of growing new telecoms business and maintaining relationships within current markets. With proven experience in translating materials in this industry, GTE Localize can assist you in any aspect of telecommunication, whether it is translating brochures, promotional documents, training information or product material.

For English to Vietnamese telecommunication and vice versa, GTE Localize ensures the premium quality of your projects with the help of our qualified in-country linguists. We also commit to attaining confidentiality and safety of your data.

We provide quality telecommunication translation of:

  • Audio and visual materials
  • CAD drawings
  • Labels
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Product localization
  • Service and Support
  • Engineering specifications
  • Technical proposals
  • User guides
  • Safety manuals
  • Marketing and brand management
  • Patents
  • Software and hardware
  • Technical writing
  • Catalogs
  • Content management
  • E-learning
  • Websites

Helping you overcome any challenges

 At GTE Localize, we have built up a large network of native Vietnamese translators with Bachelor Degree in translation from top universities in Vietnam such as Hanoi University, University of Languages and Foreign Studies, National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, etc.

Regarding telecommunication translation, our team of qualified translators and reviewers have experience working for various domestic as well as global companies working on telecommunication such as Viettel, Gmobile, AT&T, China Mobile, etc. They have also worked on a wide range of document types concerning telecommunication translation – Cloud computing, Virtualization, SDN, NVF, Mobile Telephony, Wireless phone manuals, etc.

Based on our thorough understanding of resources, your projects will be assigned to the most appropriate linguists.

TRanslation sample in telecommunication translation english to vietnamese

Realizing Mobile relays for DEVICE-TO-DEVICE (D2D) COMMUNICATIONS

SOME OF OUR EXPERIENCE WITH telecommunication TRANSLATION English to Vietnamese

Project No. Industry Project Name End-Client Volume Language Pair Project Period
170298 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) Cloud Migration Assessment tool – Guide Microsoft 5.5k ENG – VIE 201710
170321 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) SVMS Manual N/A 23k KOR – VIE 201711
170393 Software & IT(Software, Mobile devices, Hardware,Telecommunication) Videowall System Manual N/A 3k7 KOR – VIE 201712

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