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If you are looking for high quality translation services from English to Indonesian or vice versa, GTE Localize can help you with our specific strengths and years of experiences in a wide range of expertise regarding Indonesian translation services.



We offer three service levels:


Translation Only

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.

Translation + Editing

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.
  2. Review what was done in previous step by the second linguist.

Translation + Editing + Proofreading

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.
  2. Review what was done in previous step by the second linguist.
  3. Ensure error-free and smooth reading text by the third linguist.

indonesian Translation solutions


Document translation

Website translation

Game translation

Technical translation

Book translation

GTE’s Linguist profile:

Native Indonesian translators and editors.

Have Bachelor Degree in the English language studies from top universities in Indonesia such as State University of Jakarta, Gadjah Mada UniversitySanata Dharma University, etc.

Minimum 5 years of professional translation experience for international brand names. such as Dupont, PT Global Sarana Sukses, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia, Leading Chinese E-commerce brand…

Have been familiar with various document types and technical terms in a given industry expertise.


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About indonesian language

  • Indonesian, or Bahasa Indonesia is the national and official language in the entire Indonesia, which has one of the world’s largest populations of nearly 240 million people, and also the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country.
  • Most of Indonesian citizens speak Indonesian fluently either as their first or second language, thus making it one of the most widely used languages in the world.
  • Indonesian vocabulary is heavy with words borrowed from a number of languages including Sanskrit, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian, and many others.

Linguistic features

  • The standard Indonesian is made up of the Latin alphabet, and is usually phonetically consistent. Indonesian still has much in common with other Malay dialects as well as the standard Malay language, the official language of Malaysia, as it is technically a dialect of Malay.
  • Punctuation Generally punctuation conventions in Indonesian are identical to those in English, except in the case of series of adjectives, which are generally punctuated with commas in English but not in Indonesian. 
  • In written and spoken Indonesian, the ordering of words is constantly moved around in order to place certain emphasis on certain words. For example:
    • “The weather was warm yesterday” – “Cuacanya hangat kemarin”“Yesterday the weather was warm” – “Kemarin cuacanya hangat”The emphasis would be on “yesterday” in the former sentence and “warm weather” in the latter.