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Termbase for English to Indonesian Financial Translation Services

Posted by Anne Q. on November 11, 2021.

Creating an English to Indonesian financial translation termbase is a crucial preparation step that contributes significantly to the consistency of your final translations. A well-created termbase helps you:

    • Keep your translated content consistent
    • Minimize the project’s turnaround time
    • Reduce the money you have to pay
    • Harmonize your brand voice

In today’s post, we’ll go over the concept of a translation termbase and give you a list of 84 terms for English to Indonesian financial translations. We hope you find this list useful in creating your own termbase for your upcoming financial translation projects from English to Indonesian.

Don’t Misuse the Terms Termbase and Glossary

The terms English to Indonesian financial translation termbase and English to Indonesian financial translation glossary are frequently used interchangeably. They are, in fact, two distinct translation resources for translators working on English to Indonesian financial translation projects.

An Indonesian financial translation termbase includes financial terminologies in English as well as their Indonesian translations. Meanwhile, a financial translation glossary typically contains three types of information: source terms in English, definitions or context of the terms in English, and their approved translations in Indonesian.

Let’s take an example:

    • What an English to Indonesian financial translation termbase looks like:
Term Translation (Required)
Base currency Mata uang dasar
Commission  Komisi
    • What an English to Indonesian financial translation glossary looks like:
Term  Definition (Required) Translation (Optional)
Base currency The first element of the pair which represents one unit of that currency that buys the second currency is the base currency. Mata uang dasar
Commission A commission is a fee charged by an investment broker for making trades on behalf of a trader. Komisi

We hope the example above has helped you tell the differences between a termbase and a glossary. In the scope of this post, we will talk about the termbase for English to Indonesian financial translation. If you are interested in creating a translation glossary for your English to Indonesian translation projects, take a look at our instructions here.


When to Use This English to Indonesian Financial Termbase?

The list of English to Indonesian financial termbase we mention in this post can be helpful to a wide range of financial content, including:

    • Balance sheets
    • Cash flow statements
    • Income statements
    • Statements of shareholders’ equity
    • Insurance Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Annual report
    • Investment reports
    • Insurance
    • Stock exchange releases
    • Trading website
    • Merger and acquisition documents

Financial Documents


Termbase for English to Indonesian Financial Translation Services

Below is a list of 84 terms relating to financial, trading, and forex in English and their translations in Indonesia. We hope this termbase will help you prepare better for your upcoming English to Indonesian financial translation projects.


Account monitoring – Pemantauan akun

Advanced partner – Mitra tingkat lanjut

Analytics – Analitik


Bank transfer – Transfer bank

Base currency – Mata uang dasar

Basic point – Poin dasar (bp)

Bitcoin – Bitcoin

Bonus coefficient – Koefisien bonus

Bonus ratio – Rasio bonus

English to Indonesian financial translation terms


Client Agreement – Perjanjian Klien

Client Classification Policy – Kebijakan Klasifikasi Klien

Commission – Komisi

Complaints Procedure for Clients – Prosedur Keluhan untuk Klien

Contract specifications – Spesifikasi kontrak

Correspondent bank – Bank koresponden

Cryptocurrency – Mata uang kripto

Currency converter – Konverter mata uang


Dealing center – Pusat transaksi

Deposit and withdraw funds – Deposit dan penarikan dana

Deposit and withdrawal – Deposit dan penarikan


Financial instrument – Instrumen keuangan

Fundamental analysis – Analisis fundamental


General Business Terms – Persyaratan Bisnis Umum


Hedged margin – Margin hedge

High leverage – Leverage tinggi

English to Indonesian financial translation terms-2


Instant withdrawal – Penarikan instan

Interbank market – Pasar antarbank

Internal transfer – Transfer internal

Investor Compensation Fund – Dana Kompensasi Investor

Introducing broker – Introducing broker


Lot Back – Lot Back

Liquidity providers – Penyedia likuiditas

Limit order – Limit order


Margin level – Tingkat margin

Market intermediary – Perantara pasar

Metal currency accounts – Akun mata uang logam

Market order – Order pasar

Market maker – Market maker

Market intermediary – Perantara pasar

Market execution – Eksekusi pasar


Net Deposit – Deposit Bersih

English to Indonesian financial translation terms-3


Offsetting positions – Posisi offsetting


Partner compensation – Komisi mitra

Partnership Agreement – Perjanjian Kemitraan

Profitability – Profitabilitas

Privacy Agreement – Perjanjian Privasi

Point cost – Nilai poin

Point price – Nilai poin


Quote currency – Mata uang kedua

Quotes history – Riwayat harga


Registration period – Periode pendaftaran

Risk Disclosure – Pengungkapan Risiko

Risk Disclosure and Warnings Notice – Pengungkapan Risiko dan Pemberitahuan Peringatan

Risk score – Nilai risiko

Registration period – Periode pendaftaran


Sell stop – Sell stop

Sell stop limit – Sell stop limit

Strategy provider – Penyedia strategi

Swap long – Swap long

Swap short – Swap short

Swap-free – Bebas swap

Summary of Conflicts of Interest Policy – Ringkasan Kebijakan Konflik Kepentingan

Summary Order Execution Policy – Ringkasan Kebijakan Eksekusi Order

Stop loss – Stop loss

Stop out – Stop out

English to Indonesian financial translation terms-4


Technical analysis – Analisis teknikal

To replenish account – Untuk mengisi ulang akun

Trader’s calculator – Kalkulator trader

Trading account – Akun trading

Trading server – Server trading

Trading strategy – Strategi trading

Trading conditions – Ketentuan trading

Trading terminal – Terminal trading

Trading volume – Volume trading

Trailing stop – Trailing stop

Tight spread – Spread ketat

Technical analysis – Analisis teknikal


Unlimited leverage – Leverage tanpa batas

Useable margin – Margin yang dapat digunakan


Volatility – Volatilitas

VPS hosting – Hosting VPS


Wire – Transfer bank

Widened spread – Spread melebar

Withdrawal – Penarikan

English to Indonesian financial translation terms-5


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