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English to Dutch Translation Services: Efficient Guides for Business

Posted by Chloe G. on February 23, 2023.

Do you plan to reach global markets? English to Dutch translation services are essential if you want to engage with Dutch clients and reach more Dutch-speaking markets. 

It is needed to understand the target audience, market, culture, demographic, and main language when translating messages from one language to another. However, English to Dutch translation services come with various challenges for businesses. Understanding all the essential aspects will help you avoid deadly mistakes and misunderstandings regarding your localization strategy.  

This article will offer several basic guidelines to help you understand more about English to Dutch translation and how to plan for your next English to Dutch translation project effectively. 

1. Dutch language facts

english to dutch translation services dutch language facts

Understanding all essential Dutch language facts will help you manage English to Dutch translation projects better. Here is some information about the Dutch language:

  • Dutch is a West Germanic language that relates to English and German language. 
  • Dutch is currently the primary language in various countries such as the Netherlands, Surinam, Belgium, Indonesia, etc. 
  • Dutch is spoken by 28 million people around the world as a first or second language.
  • Various Dutch words made it into English.
  • Dutch has various compound words.
  • Dutch was influenced by the French language heavily


2. Text expansion in English to Dutch translation services

english to dutch translation services text expansion

Text expansion often occurs during any translation process. When it comes to English to Dutch translations, text expansion can reach 35% longer, and text expansion will vary depending on the types of source materials. 

Text expansion leads to an impact on the designs and structures of websites, apps, buttons of call to action, or increases the number of text pages.  

To ensure get a perfect translation regarding text and design, you will need the help of the DTP service. With this service, the translated text will be of high quality and the design will be transformed perfectly.

A skilled linguist will ensure that the original information is kept while ensuring that the target culture is presented in the translated text. For example, if you need to get your website translated from English into Dutch, native Dutch linguists equipped with creative, marketing, and website will be suitable people for your project. They have relevant skills to adapt your website accurately and culturally appropriate. It is clear that you need to proofread your website to ensure that no words are untranslated and everything is perfect for publication.  

What should you do when faced with extremely long Dutch words? For example. Here is the longest Dutch word with 53 letters ‘Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan’ can be translated into 7 English words. In this case, only native language experts can help you deal with and use the relevant alternatives for the Dutch localization projects.


3. English to Dutch localization

English to Dutch translation will never be enough to reach our local clients effectively, you need to go further and perform English to Dutch localization. So, what is English to Dutch localization? Why is English to Dutch localization so important? Local cultures play a vital role in any translation project, each country has its own unique culture. If you target to reach any country, it is not only to translate text but also need to adapt the text to the local context and culture. 

For example: Let’s take a look at English in the UK and the US to see the differences.

UK English

US English

Colour Color
Localise Localize
Football  Soccer
Globalisation Globalization

To know more about the difference between UK English and US English, you should read our post. 

Dutch also has some differences among countries such as Netherlands or Belgium, so it is needed to choose your target market before performing the right Dutch localization into that market to avoid any confusion and misunderstanding. There may be many words that Dutch and Flemish have the same meaning, but there are various words that are not used in both dialects and many that are not interchangeable.

For example,  ‘schoonbroer’ in Flanders means my wife’s brother, while in the Netherlands, the Dutch is ‘zwager’.



4. Popular English to Dutch translation phrases

To manage the English to Dutch translation project better, you should understand these keywords. The following is the list of common English to Dutch translation phrases that you need to know:

English Dutch translation
Hello Hallo
Do you speak Dutch? (formal) Spreekt u Nederlands?
Thank you Dankjewel
Goodbye Doei
Merry Christmas! Vrolijk kerstfeest!
I love you Ik hou van jou
Good morning Goedemorgen
How are you? Hoe gaat het met je?
I miss you Ik mis je
Happy birthday! Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!
Yes / No Ja / Nee
Nice to meet you. Aangenaam (kennis te maken)
How much is it? Wat kost het?
Cheers! Proost!


5. The untranslatable

There are several words that can not be translated into other languages. How can you deal with untranslatable words for your translation project? How to choose the most suitable words in the target language? When faced with information containing locally cultural words, it is important to choose the best fit within the context of the sentence and be understandable for local users. 

Here is a list of some untranslatable Dutch words you should know:

Untranslatable Dutch words

Sometimes, there is no way to convey the same source word and the real meaning at the same time, so it is needed to give a description rather than a translation, and only professional native translators can deal with these challenges and find an alternative in the source language. 

To see the untranslatable example, here is an example of Samsung in the US and Netherlands:

english to dutch translation services samsung in us english to dutch translation services samsung


6. How much does English to Dutch translation cost?

english to dutch translation services translation costs

English to Dutch translation services cost will differ depending on various factors such as volume. image provided, service plan, and many more. Here are the details:

  • Project volume: Based on your project volume, the cost for English to Dutch translation services will vary. Translation agencies often charge per word or per page.  
  • Content complexity: Complex documents require subject-matter expertise such as legal content, technical documents, healthcare and medical information, etc. To translate and localize these types of documents, it is needed to hire a professional translator who has knowledge of relevant fields. Therefore, it will be necessary to pay more to get your files translated effectively.
  • Translation pricing plan: Translation services come with three pricing options including Translation only(TO), Translation + editing(TE), and Translation + editing + proofreading(TEP). Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose a suitable pricing option for your English to Dutch translation services. More needed translation steps will cost you more. 

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7. English to Dutch translation services: Why choose us?

Recommended by GoodFirms, GTE Localize is one of the most professional translation companies that offer various types of content such as medical and healthcare documents, business and legal information, manufacturing materials, etc. when it comes to English to Dutch translation services. Our services come with unique value that makes us stand out from other agencies on the market. The following is a list of our values:

  • Native Dutch translators only: We only hire native translators for all English to Dutch translation services. Only native Dutch translators can understand the Dutch languages, cultures, and more. Our native translators are highly professional, skilled, and qualified.
  • Quick delivery: To remain known as a professional translation company, we often deliver Dutch translation projects fast. Within the tightest turnaround time, we can manage to help you complete the translation task on time.
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  • High accuracy: We run internal checks for all of the English to Dutch translation projects to detect any possible errors and fix them, so we can give you the best translation project possible.
  • Top-quality Dutch translations: Over many years in the localization industry, we only deliver the best English to Dutch translation services for B2B clients that help them enter new markets effectively.
  • Lifetime warranty: We offer a lifetime warranty for English to Dutch translation services. We will fix any possible mistakes possible for free.

CTA english to dutch translation services

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