English to Chinese Translation Services

If you are looking for high quality translation services from English to Chinese or vice versa, GTE Localize can help you with our specific strengths and years of experiences in a wide range of expertise regarding Chinese translation services.



We offer three service levels:


Translation Only

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.

Translation + Editing

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.
  2. Review what was done in previous step by the second linguist.

Translation + Editing + Proofreading

  1. Render a text in particular language into another.
  2. Review what was done in previous step by the second linguist.
  3. Ensure error-free and smooth reading text by the third linguist.

Translation solutions







GTE’s Linguist Qualification:

Native Chinese translators and editors with Bachelor Degree in translation from top universities in China such as Guangdong University of Foreign StudiesChinese University of Hong KongFudan University, etc., and other certifications in the English language.

Minimum 5 years of professional translation experience for international brand names such as LIC China, PolyPeptide Group, Mango, Philips Healthcare, etc.

Have been familiar with various document types and technical terms in a given industry expertise.


Some of our experience with English to Chinese:


Translation Samples




About chinese language

Chinese has almost 1.3 billion native speakers in total, combined with the fact that its economy is flourishing with magnificent pace, has turned the country into a place of huge business potentials. In recent years, the number of foreign companies launching businesses in China has kept increasing steadily. This created a constantly high demand for English to Chinese translation.

  • Dating back over 3,000 years, written Chinese is the oldest system of writing in use as a living language with more than 20,000 distinct characters.
  • Chinese joins English, Arabic, French, Russian, and Spanish as one of the six official UN languages.
  • The Chinese is classified into 10 dialect groups, each of which has its own variations. Mandarin dialects are spoken by 71.5 percent of the population.

Linguistic features

Chinese uses logographic writing system (marked by a letter, symbol, or sign to represent a whole word)

Chinese is traditionally written in a vertical, columnar fashion from top to bottom and right to left. It is now also written in a horizontal, linear fashion from left to right and top to bottom, like English. Spaces are not used to separate words.

Contrary to most languages, Chinese verbs do not change according to person, tense or singular/plural.

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