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How to Use Instagram Geotag to Engage With Followers Using Vietnamese Translation Services

Posted by Chloe G. on December 30, 2021.

You can’t ignore Instagram and Vietnamese translation services when entering the Vietnamese market. In Vietnam, Instagram has over 10 million users looking for high-quality content.

One of the best features of Instagram is the chance to connect with customers in Vietnam. When you post a video or photo to Instagram, it might be seen by someone from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City and anywhere in between. While that level of reach is impressive, what if you want to be more specific in who you target? This is where Instagram geotags prove helpful.

Geotags will be helpful whether you’re a Vietnamese company looking to reach out to local customers or a global brand looking to reach out to Vietnamese people. 

Furthermore, because the Instagram algorithm changed how information is displayed to consumers, your brand will need to develop new and creative strategies to reach as many people as possible. Not only that, but you also want to be sure you’re communicating with the correct people.

In this article, we’ll go over all you need to know about Instagram geotags, as well as how to use them to engage with your Vietnamese audience utilizing Vietnamese translation services.

What is a Geotag on Instagram?

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Instagram is an ideal place for you to store your Instagram content and reach more Vietnamese audiences using Vietnamese translation services. Geolocations are created from your mobile device’s physical location, allowing users to save or tag their content to those coordinates. Keep in mind that this only works if you tell Instagram to make your location public.


Geotag Features on Instagram

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Before we get into how to use Instagram geotags to engage with your Vietnamese audience, there are a few features we need to go over. Adding a geotag makes it easier to access, tag, and update location-based information.

With any campaign, there are a few Instagram geotag filters to be aware of:

  • Create the Location:

Does your store’s location have a geotag? Create one in your Facebook account by going to the “Create the Location” setting. Go to Facebook, create a new post, select “Check-In,” and type in your company’s name.

You provide information about your brand here, and once you’ve submitted it, you may search Instagram to view the results. Build content around the exact designated location as much as possible so that others will be encouraged to share as well.

  • Stickers in Stories:

Users can apply digital stickers on photographs or videos based on a geotag on Instagram Stories. You can customize it to the geolocations already around you by picking the “Location” sticker. If your geotag doesn’t appear on Instagram, remember to create a location on Facebook first.

  • Hashtag Locations:

Hashtags are another excellent approach to finding content associated with a given tag. We all know that adding famous hashtags on Instagram increases the visibility of your post. However, you can use hashtag regions such as #Hanoi or #Danang to recommend your content to others in your area.

Instagram Stories now support hashtag locations, making it simple to tag locations with a hashtag sticker.


How to Use Instagram Geotags to Engage Users

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Now that you know how an Instagram geotag works, the real question is how you can use it to engage with your Vietnamese audience, even more, using Vietnamese translation services.

It’s then up to users to decide who they want to follow and what they see in their feeds. Here are a few methods to use Instagram geotagging to improve user engagement and increase the number of Vietnamese customers who follow your content:

Offer Vietnamese content.

We all know that great content is essential for establishing an Instagram following, but how can you stay “relevant” in Vietnam?

For one thing, you must communicate in Vietnamese using high-quality Vietnamese translation services.

The Vietnamese’s ability to speak English is rated as ‘low‘ by the English Proficiency Index. Therefore, to make your Vietnamese customer understand and trust your brand, you need to offer them Vietnamese content. Vietnamese translation services are a must for your business. 

Find out where your customers are and who is geotagging you.

First and foremost, attempt to figure out where on Instagram your consumers are talking about you the most. You may run a quick search to check when and where customers mention your brand.

First, search Instagram for your brand name, branded hashtags, physical store locations, and anything else directly related to your business. This can give you an excellent overview of how far your brand has spread on the social media platform.

Find Vietnamese Influencers/ KOLs.

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Assume you’re a new business in Hanoi, and you want to publicize an upcoming event you’re organizing. 

You may use Instagram geotags to locate influential people in your region besides using Vietnamese translation services. Here’s how to do it.

To begin, open Instagram and go to the search bar. Make sure you’re on the Places tab. After that, add your current location.

The most recent posts geotagged with that specific place will appear in your search results. The most famous recent posts will appear under the “Top Posts” area.

You may then just read through all of the postings to identify which users are a good fit for your brand. Then send them a DM to see if they’re interested in collaborating. Remember that “influencer” does not always imply “famous.” If a person has a few thousand followers but is active and local, it can be worth contacting out to inform them of your event and encourage them to attend.

You can even sweeten the deal by giving them and every one they bring with them a unique discount.

Comment on Your Stores’ Posts.

It’s essential to stay on top of these geotags as much as possible if you have physical shop locations. There is a lot of content in these areas that your company can utilize to engage with users further.

Encourage people to share your location’s or hashtag’s content.

Are you having trouble getting Vietnamese people to engage with your geotags? Some people may be cautious about sharing information to your location, mainly if there isn’t much there currently. In this circumstance, the best thing is to advertise your geotag and urge users to share it with Vietnamese translation services.

Use Geotagging for your Instagram contest

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You may also hold photo contests to encourage clients to explore your site with Vietnamese translation services. Write out the rules and double-check that they accurately tag your specific place. This is an excellent approach to encourage consumers to share more geotagged content with your company’s location.


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