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Email Marketing Translation Services: Vital Things to Know

Posted by Chloe G. on October 28, 2023.

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing activities that is worth the investment. With email marketing translation services, you can reach various global customers. You can use the helpful advice in this post to launch an effective international email marketing campaign for your target audience.

The Importance Of Email Marketing Translation

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  • Effective communication: The foundation of any marketing plan is effective communication. Linguistic barriers are eliminated and your message is understood when you speak to your audience in their tongue. Establishing a profound connection with individuals through email marketing translation services promotes credibility and trust.
  • Optimized engagement: An essential indicator of the success of email marketing is engagement. Your emails are more likely to be noticed by the recipient when they are localized. Beyond language, email localization takes into account things like regional time zones and holidays, which have a big influence on open and engagement rates.
  • Follow local regulations: Email is subject to laws in many nations. For example, before sending out marketing emails, businesses must get explicit consent under the GDPR of the European Union. By making sure your communications adhere to these legal requirements, email marketing translation services can lower your risk of fines and other legal issues.
  • Global expansion: Translating your email marketing is a crucial first step if your company wants to grow internationally. It enables you to launch your company and goods into new markets in a way that appeals to regional customers. Establishing a global presence can be facilitated by effective international email marketing.


Begin With A Quality List

It’s an easy approach to provide your value to clients who have expressed interest in your principles and are curious to learn more. You could send them promotional offers and discounts along with educational materials. The best part about this is that you know your audience will love it.

However, effective email translation services won’t help if your subscribers find your messages in their spam folder. Or, if they’ve been blocked by their email provider.

Some attempt to purchase email lists to increase sales and reach out to customers when entering your target market. This is a one-way ticket to a blacklist and the spam folders of all your subscribers, in addition to being an unethical tactic that might violate local laws.

Good lists are the foundation of email marketing, so make sure the right people see your content. By prioritizing your customers’ needs, you will eventually draw in email subscribers. Let’s aim to maintain an organized, superior list. Permit users to unsubscribe, and don’t forget to purge email lists of invalid addresses and subscribers who don’t regularly open your emails. To ensure that your content reaches the right audience and to maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts, you should also use an email verifier to keep your list clean and of the highest caliber.


Segment Your Target Audience & Localize Your Content

Audience segmentation

The process of breaking your email list up into different groups according to different parameters like location, behavior, preferences, and demographics is called segmentation. It is possible to send each group relevant and customized content thanks to this segmentation. It is imperative to segment content based on language and location for global audiences.

Customizing content to each segment’s unique needs and interests makes your emails more relevant and encourages greater interaction. Moreover, as your emails connect with the recipients more deeply, a more personalized approach can result in higher conversion rates.

Email content localization

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Using email marketing translation services can help you gain more interest in the target community by offering content in the local language. According to a Common Sense Advisory survey, 72.4% of participants said they would be more like to purchase a product if the information was provided in their mother tongue.

Cultural sensitivity is crucial as companies trying to enter a new market may find it difficult to navigate the rich cultural practices of their target market. You should acquaint yourself with the native language, culture, and behavior patterns of the target market. You can also ask localization specialists with an in-depth understanding of your target market and a wealth of business experience for assistance with email marketing translation services.

Here are some key considerations for email marketing translation services:

  • Language: The most basic part of localization is converting your emails into the language of your intended recipients.
  • Cultural Relevance: To make sure your messages are appropriate for the target culture, pay attention to cultural quirks, traditions, and customs.
  • Units and Currency: Make sure that any numerical or financial information in your emails is displayed in the appropriate measurement units and local currency.
  • Time Regions: To increase email campaign open and engagement rates, schedule them to coincide with the recipient’s time zone.
  • Local Holidays: Keep in mind that regional celebrations and holidays may influence the time and subject matter of your emails.


Measure & Adapt with Email Marketing Translation Services

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After completing audience segmentation and content localization, there are additional steps to consider. Once you’ve initiated your email marketing campaigns, it’s essential to closely monitor the data and pose questions to yourself and your team regarding how to translate this data into actionable strategies.

The key metrics to track:

  • Open Rates: The number of recipients who opened your email is shown by this metric. Poor open rates could be a sign of problems with your email timing, sender name, or subject lines.
  • Click-Through Rates (CTR): The proportion of recipients who clicked on one or more links in your email is measured by CTR. Let’s examine which links and content work best in each segment.
  • Conversion Rates: Increasing conversions is the ultimate objective. You should pay special attention to the conversion rates to assess how successful your email marketing campaigns are.
  • Unsubscribe Rates: Excessive unsubscribe rates could mean that your audience isn’t getting what they want from your content.

Just as with other elements of your marketing campaign, it’s crucial to implement A/B tests, actively listen to your consumers, and remain flexible in your approach. Be prepared to learn and adapt continuously until you meet your desired expectations for email marketing translation services.


Choosing a Reliable Agency for Your Email Marketing Translation Needs 

Effectively localizing email content for this market involves more than just email marketing translation.

GTE Localize, a reputable translation agency on GoodFirms, provides comprehensive email marketing translation services that establish a stronger connection with new audiences.

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Feel free to reach out to our team of localization experts if you have any inquiries about your potential market or if you’d like to request a free quote for your email marketing translation projects.