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5 Legit & Easy to Ways to Convert Image to Text

Posted by Chloe G. on August 25, 2023.

You should have to seek for a perfect tool in order to make conversions from image to text. However, there are multiple solutions available around the internet that lets you extract text from existing images with zero hassle. Still, making a selection for the best picks seems like a huge daunting task. Quit worrying and start reading this context to process transformation from images to text files right now.

Humble thanks to these below-mentioned tools that lets you convert images to text with advanced OCR features for free of cost. Read on!

Remember that!

Extract and copy text from the existing handwritten notes, scanned PDF or documents, and simple images with the assistance of OCR (Optical Character Recognition). You could easily convert image to text online by visiting that lets you process free image text extraction without compromising over the quality and formatting. 


As the name clearly depicts that this program allows you to process photo to text conversion online. You can try this tool right now for recognizing, scanning, and extracting text from the existing image. Its OCR function for identifying the most characters from an image file accurately and then arranges the context within rows significantly. Besides images to text conversions, this online utility lets you process with a wide array of formats for free without any hassle. To save image as text with online-convert, you have to follow these steps:

  • Drag and drop the image file into the designated box of this online convert tool
  • Then, choice for the language from the given drop-down area according to which you want to make conversions
  • Click Start button and let this text extraction process conversion
  • Wait for a while, the newly extracted text file will be automatically downloaded to your system storage by this online converter


  • Convert image to text online & free of cost
  • Best utility for exporting scanned PDF file as Word format with this OCR-based tool
  • Supports a wide array of files conversion for image, audio, video, and more
  • Get Ad-free experience

This is one stop-solution for extracting text from any image file formats. You can now convert JPG to text, PNG to text, Gif to text, and more by using this OCR-dependent free image to text converter. Even it lets you copy text from different languages for free of cost. It is indicated as an easy to navigate online OCR scanner that recognizes and extracts text from photos while maintaining the quality. Convert image to text online with the assistance of card scanner:

  • Use any function to upload one or upto 20 images at once to convert into text
  • Rotate & Crop the uploaded images (if required) or click Convert and let this photo text converter performs conversions at once
  • Finally, Copy the extracted text with a single go or download the the text files into different export formats according to your needs


Functions with accurate and advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing

Allow convert up to 20 image files at once into text files

No registration required to process with any OCR tools

Support different export formats

Clean and intuitive interface that is quite easy to navigate



If you’re seeking for an online source that entertains you with website analysis, OCR, writing, and files management tools, then Prepostseo is the perfect source. Its image to text converter uses AI-based OCR tools for making text extraction without any distraction. However, this program only lets you export upto 3 images at once as the text files. To unlock file limit and size problems, you have to account with its Pro plan. Copy text from image using Prepostseo with these steps:

  • Open online picture to text converter by Prepostseo and hit the browse files button for adding your images at once
  • Click Submit button to process text extraction
  • Click Download button or simply copy the extracted text from clipboard and paste it on your desired location


Online OCR:

Scanning, recognizing, and extraction text is pretty simple and straight-forward with the assistance of this Online OCR program. The most auspicious part of this online tool is that it lets you extract text from images while retaining the original quality and formatting. It is indicated as an ultimate and one-stop solution for proceeding with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) conversions. Following steps helps you to convert photo to text with Online OCR:

  • Open this text extractor by Online OCR and make an instant click on Select File button to import your existing image
  • Then, make a selection for the original language for OCR and also choice for the output (converted) format
  • Click the given Convert button to process pci to text conversion
  • Download the newly text extracted file with a single go


  • Supports OCR-dependent image to text conversions on mac, Windows, iOS & ANdroid devices
  • Allow upto 15 image files conversions at once for free
  • No sign-up


Google Docs:

Google Docs is indicated as the best source that lets you extract text from the existing image file with zero hassle & even for free. You just have to process with a couple of steps to make text extraction from the existing image files. Although this is a 100% source for making text extraction, it still proceeded with a quality preservation feature. Turn image into text with Google Docs by following these steps:

  • Open Google Drive and log-in with your Google account and then make an instant click on the New button
  • Start uploading File to add your existing image file into Google Drive
  • Simply right-click on the File > “Open With” > “Google Docs”
  • You can find that Google Drive processes OCR-based conversions. Then, simply make a right click on the given File > Download > Plain Text


  • Lets you make full-fledged editing for Microsoft Word documents
  • Free and easy to process utility for text recognition from the existing photos
  • Just couple of clicks required to remove the backgrounds from the existing PDF files

Fortunately, creating text files from the existing images is pretty simple with these above-discussed tools. No matter what type of images and their texts your files have, they perform conversion to a great extent.