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    We Bring Unique Values Through Our e-Learning Translation Services

    E-Learning localization has become a crucial part of education, creating opportunities for millions of people around the world to get access to high-quality education and proper training through a diversity of distance courses from top-tier universities, institutions, companies, and other online instructors.

    Although written content accounts for the largest proportion of an e-Learning localization project, solely translating them into a foreign language is not enough. e-Learning localization also involves localizing courses’ images, graphics, and formatting, optimizing user experience elements (navigation buttons), handling technical issues, and more.

    Therefore, to achieve a high-quality and cost-effective e-Learning localization project, you should consider using professional e-Localization services. With a team of experienced translators in e-Learning and education fields, GTE Localize brings you comprehensive e-Learning localization solutions, helping you distribute your online courses to global audiences or make it easier for your employees to access your company’s training courses. Talk to our localization experts and order a free test with our experienced translators!

    Pick Up The Suitable Prices For E-learning Translation Services

    As a professional E-learning translation agency, GTE Localize provides three translation plans, allowing you to always meet your cost targets or demands.

    Editing level
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Machine Translation with Post Editing
    (1 editor)
    Editing level
    Fix obvious grammar and punctuation.
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    General business materials with medium accuracy level
    HT with Editing and Proofreading
    (1 translator + 1 editor + 1 proofreader)
    Editing level
    Fix grammar accuracy, refine style, and cultural nuances.
    Accuracy to human translation
    Turnaround time
    Lifetime warranty
    Linguistic QA
    Best for
    Marketing documents, complex content, etc.

    GTE Localize - Professional e-Learning Translation Company

    With a team of talented native translators and subject-matter experts, GTE Localize brings you qualified e-Learning translation solutions.

    Leading e-Learning Translation Agency Leading e-Learning Translation Agency

    We are dedicated to the quality of our work. GTE Localize strictly adheres to the highest requirements for an effective quality management system. We aim at consistently providing superior e-Learning translation services to all customers by improving our process and training our staff as well as our team of translators constantly.

    100% Native Translators 100% Native Translators

    GTE Localize brings you the best team of native linguists who have:

    – A solid background in education and e-Learning.

    – Bachelor’s Degree in translation from leading universities and related translation certificates.

    – At least 5 years of professional experience in localizing e-Learning materials.

    Deadline Compliance Deadline Compliance

    Each member of our team, from linguistics to PMs is fully aware of the sense of urgency for delivering every project on time. We make punctuality a habit by continuous training and working our best every day. That’s why 98% of our projects are delivered on time or ahead the time. And we never wait until the last minute to deliver.

    Best Rate Guaranteed Best Rate Guaranteed

    With years of experience in the localization industry, we have a wide network of top-rated native in-house as well as freelance translators and editors. Once we receive your orders, we know exactly where to find the best linguists with long experience in e-Learning translation and subject-matter expertise yet having the most competitive rates.

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    Languages We Translate

    Having a team of top-rated and experienced native translators, GTE Localize provides you with numerous language localization services with the aim of speedily and cost-effectively meeting your demands.

    e-Learning Platforms We Support

    With a team of technical experts, we are confident to support e-Learning content for numerous platforms, including:

    Why Do You Need Professional e-Learning Localizatiom Services?

    Using professional e-Learning translation services is a key if businesses want to make a splash in the global market. Here are the reasons:
    Reach wide potential clients
    Reach wide potential clients
    According to Research and Markets, the e-Learning industry is predicted to generate $325 billion by 2025. The figure speaks for itself. E-Learning has and will continue to grow quickly and become a desirable source for education and training in the following years. Thus, having well-localized e-Learning courses helps you reach a wide potential audience globally.
    Boost your sales and revenues
    Boost your sales and revenues
    e-Learning translation has the advantage of communicating with many languages and this would enable your brand to use strategies that would be effective in specific markets. The right mode of communication can definitely ensure an increase in sales and boost revenue for your e-Learning services.
    Enhance user experience
    Enhance user experience
    Professional E-Learning translations and localization services contribute to a greater user experience as culturally-insensitive content, graphics, images, videos, and improper formatting are eliminated and function navigation and buttons are optimized. A good user experience can help you increase your client retention rate.

    Our e-Learning Localization Tools

    We work with most popular e-Learning authoring tools in the market, giving you an integrated seamlessly workflow:

    e-Learning Translation Services Q&A

    To have the exact price of a translation project, we take many factors that affect e-Learning translation costs into consideration:

    • Language pairs: The translation metric for each language varies due to the nature of the source and target languages.
    • Project volume: In most cases, we give the quotation per word or characters. The number of words/characters is the most precise indication of the effort our linguists put into the project.
    • Service required: Some e-Learning translation projects only require Translation Only (TO), while others need both Translation and Editing (TE), or Translation + Editing + Proofreading (TEP). The more steps a project needs, the higher the rate is.
    • Industry expertise: The complexity of the required domain also affects the price of the project. General topics are charged less than high-expertise content.

    Our competitive rate for an e-Learning translation project starts from $0.06/word. Please contact our team for a quotation for your project.

    It depends on the volume, content types, required services, and other project-specific factors. In general, our translator metric is 2,500 words per business day for e-Learning translation projects. In some cases, we assign an e-Learning translation task for multiple translators to handle, with a capacity of 8,000-10,000 words per day, given it’s a standard Translation and Editing job performed by one translator and one editor.

    For example, if you have a 10,000-word-English-to-Chinese project, you can expect to receive the e-Learning translation in about 1 to 1.5 business days.

    To get the exact delivery time for your e-Learning translation projects, please contact our support team.

    To assess the quality of our e-Learning translation services and experience in the industry, you can access the following resources: Order a free test.

    • At GTE Localize, we offer you a free test (around 300 words) with our translators so you can evaluate their ability to handle your project.
    • Contact us to see our previous e-Learning translation projects.
    • Check out lists of clients who have worked with us.
    • See the QA and QC process we apply for all e-Learning translation projects to guarantee the best quality in the process above.
    • Request to see our translators’ CVs. We are willing to send you the blind CVs of our translators with related experience.

    Yes, all information in your files is safely kept and only used by relevant staff. GTE Localize is open to signing NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) to guarantee the confidentiality of all files from our clients. On our end, all relevant staff and linguists must sign an NDA with GTE Localize before working on the e-learning translation and localization projects.

    We accept payment through Bank Transfer, Cash, Paypal, Visa, and Payoneer. Accepted currencies include the US Dollar, Euro, and SGD. If you want to make payments in another currency, please contact our team for a discussion.

    We offer a lifetime warranty for all of our e-Learning translation and localization services. You can submit an email to our staff to report any flaws in your e-Learning translations, and we will correct them. With a team of native translators and qualified e-Learning experts, we are confident to deliver the best e-Learning translation projects for your company.

    GTE Localize has three offices in the United States, Singapore, and Vietnam. Because of our global network of native linguists, we can cover all major languages globally. We are proud to be a trusted e-Learning translation partner of businesses in Arab Countries, China, Japan, Thailand, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other places.

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